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first preview of Enemy Territory - Remaster Prototype.

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Today, I would like to share you the first preview of Enemy Territory - Remaster Prototype. As I say in the video, almost everything you will see is far from being representative of the visual quality you can expect for the final release. So far, everything as been made to test the game functioning in "real conditions", on a real playable map, and not for being visually impressive (not yet). I wanted to do this preview more as a teaser than as a real gameplay presentation. I'm not taking this project as a joke, I'm spending a lot of time and efforts in it, and I'm really motivated to break the "ET2 curse" by releasing a real playable game, with my vision of what should be a good "ET2", and I hope it will be appreciated by as many ETPlayers as possible. That's it for today, here is the Youtube link, so remember to check the video description, and feel free to share me your opinion about it. (In advance, I'm sorry for the poor video quality, I'm definitely not a good Youtuber)


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An old friend and fellow ex dP:! clan member posted this link today


Additional info here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/et

It was originally posted to YouTube 11/19/2021 (last Friday to be exact). Will I buy the PC version of the disc? Yes. Yes I will and with an extra copy or two kept in the package for collecting. Pappy has a great point about UE-5 that carries over into this 'new' release IMO (see my links above) because, if I can't snipe the way that I am used to then, that would be a huge drawback for me. Still, there may be features that would help me to overlook that aspect. We shall see.  

The first thing that came to my mind while watching this NEW trailer was this post of Kate's about the UE-5 project and how much better the UE-5 graphics in her video looked when compared to those of this video for the 11 30 2021 release. That's just my personal perspective. There's a remarkable difference when I compare the two and to me, I found that to be a bit odd. 

The UE-5 graphics look so good that they should, at the very least, also make a QUALITY UE-5 ET Movie Maker Tool (a DM_84 Demo tool to be exact). A tool like that c/o UE-5 would make demos look wayyyyyy better. 

UE-5 Movie Making Tool with: 
> Various "click and choose" graphics scripts plus features that improve video output quality. 
> Provide ease of playback and better viewing controls and options. 
> Options to rip various demo segments just by adding time start ??:?? | time end ??|?? (pop fresh cuts/clips off, on the fly, into a new folder)
> Burn/Transfer clips, on the spot, in various formats outside of AVI to a new master file.

Now I wonder if the UE-5 and this new release can be merged for even better graphics?

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prolly they will for better graphics and cross the fngers than this new ET will be soon realized

Centri it is for rtcw the video not ?

📋 Return to Castle Wolfenstein mod. Released 11.19.2021 for RTCW/iortcw (Windows, Mac and Linux), RealRTCW (Windows), RTCW4A (Android), RTCW-Touch (Android), vitaRTCW (PlayStation Vita) and RTCWQuest (Oculus Quest), and coming 11.30.2021 for RTCWCoop (Windows, Mac and

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