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  1. Lmao @Napoleon Also me ignoring all warnings like a man child.
  2. Happy birthday our ets|angel 🦋💐

  3. Server has been up all day. Maybe a masterlist fluke not showing the server? 🤷‍♂️
  4. Ip and were old game servers Ip is the New server as of February 19th. So you won't be able to connect to or as those server ip's are offline.
  5. @Napoleon So, your connection interrupted issue has been accuring since January, correct? If so, do you remember if it was when the server ip was or when it switched to in January? The switch from to was in January, around the 9th I think. @sectorm your issue is identical to napoleons issue. Has this been happening just recently, February 19th and on? Or prior, before February 19th?
  6. About time this application is submitted @Napoleon I don't think there's any other answer than a yes.
  7. I'm also going to lock this topic until donation box is back up and or make a " post here if you make a donation " topic or something. I feel this topic is taking over " in memory of Kate " topic.
  8. As of now funds are met through July 1st, 2024 for server and forums. Total Funds: $312.49 Thank you all for the support to keep the server and forum going 😀
  9. Donation Received USD: $50 Paypal fee: -$1.92 Total: $49.06 Topcat is working on the donation box. To see if we can set the goal percentage at a monthly, quarterly, or yearly amount or whatnot to display the goal amount percentage reached. Website is billed per month, so say ie: March is paid by March 1st 2024, for March 2024. And April is paid by April 1st for April 2024, respectively. Game Server would be pretty much the same as it's payment commitment is the 4th of each month. As of now funds are met through June 1st 2024 for server and forums. Total Funds: $115.65
  10. Donation Received USD: $71.21 Paypal fee: -$3.62 Total: $67.59 Transaction Id: 9G43808354102514F
  11. If we run just ONE game server off my machine this will put TOTAL costs of SERVER and WEBSITE to roughly $50 a month. I have enough IP's and storage space to run 5 servers or more if we really wanted too. For one game server I can cancel the extra IP's / ip block to get the costs of server and forums to $50 a month if we run just one game server. I'm ready to go if you all are, I just renewed the dedicated server this week. Just need to know if we're just running the main server or all 3 servers. XP and Admin levels will be transferred from current servers as I have access to the FTP for the current servers.
  12. As 2mh mentioned the info has been posted. But just so everyone knows.... Website fees are $30 a month. Napoleon covered February's website cost. Server fees were $110 for the reliablesite.net server/machine that kate was paying for. Napoleon also covered $50 of this balance. ** So a balance of $60 is still owed, out of the total of $140. ** Paypal id: [email protected] ( if you donate to cover our current balance, please put a note in with the payment for what it's for please like Ets| Server or something. (PM me or post here if you donate so we can keep track of it please) After the remainder server balance of $60 is settled the only cost would be the forums/website a month. PLEASE NOTE: Paypal id: [email protected] is just being used to cover what fees were covered by Alex aka hellreturn for us. Which was forum costs for February at $30 and January 19th - February 19th server cost at $110. So a big thanks to him for doing so. Second Note: Game Server will be moved to my dedicated server to cut down on costs as $110 a month for a machine where we will be running one server off of wont be needed. Hopefully this helps clarify our remainder balance of the fronted services provided by Alex/Hellreturn
  13. * I'm cross posting this from schnoog's topic/post over at spladderladder. Hope you don't mind schnoog * It is with sadness that I have to inform you today that macbeth (also known as ETS-Kate or Marianne ) has passed away. She put her heart and soul into helping us hour after hour and became not only the administrator but also the soul of Splatterladder. I will always remember her as a friendly, dedicated and kind-hearted grande dame of the Enemy Territory community. My thoughts are with her family. Volker
  14. Yes make sure to use this PayPal and add a note for what it's for please Paypal ID: [email protected] *** Total amount owed now is $60 of the original $140*** Thank you @Napoleon for you're awesome donation of $80 sir!
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