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  1. woow man, that is impressive, it's a good stoyry to tell my friend. I imagine that you enjoy that moment. How that happened? hahaha
  2. Youtube doesn't allow me to watch it, it says that the video is not available :/
  3. Tutox


    I've played with both, it's a yes from me. Hope to play more with both of you
  4. Hello, as my other team mates, i think i haven´t play with you (if i have it must been very few) It seems, that the ones you play with have said Yes, so i trust my teammates, and its a yes for me.
  5. Uffff amigo, que asado que te sacaste por dios. No te preocupes por lo quemado, se nota que debió estar muy sabroso todo. Hace 1 semanas atrás fui a unas parrilladas argentinas que hay cerca de donde vivo, y comí chinchulin y también UBRE de vaca, que cosa más sabrosa. Me imagino que acompañaste todo con una copa de vino o un buen fernet. Un abrazo amigo! Uffff friend, what a roast you got, my god. Do not worry about the burned, it shows that everything must have been very tasty. 1 week ago I went to some Argentine barbecue near where I live, and I ate chinchulin and also cow udder, what a tasty thing. I imagine you accompanied everything with a glass of wine or a good fernet. I send you a big hug my friend
  6. jajaja amigo cuanta verdad en tus palabras, tu sabes que la mujer sudamericana es la que manda y nosotros seguimos jajaja hahaha friend, so much true in your words, you know that the southamerican woman is the one in charge, and we just follow hahaha
  7. I played with you some time, you are a good player my friend, but i would like to play more with you, i know that the timezones are hard. It's a yes for me
  8. Take care and have a lot of fun!
  9. Wooow your job sounds awesome man, for me instead, i'm a Sociologist, and what I do is basically, make statistical reports of social projects hahaha Your job is wayyyy better
  10. It's a little late, but it is a YES for me too, we have play along and you are a great team mate.
  11. Good introduction man, nice story. I would be glad if you like to join us, and more if i can play with you, i don't know if we already play together (time zones problem)
  12. Thanks! It work just fine now, thank you very much
  13. Hi everyone, today i'm having troubles to log in to the server, theres a message that says this: "hunkusage.dat file is corrupt" Any thoughts on how can i fix it? Thanks all!
  14. Yes for me too. Welcome Doink! happy to see you here
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