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  1. It's a yes for me too, we have play together many times, and you respect your teammates,
  2. Youtube doesn't allow me to watch it, it says that the video is not available :/
  3. Tutox


    I've played with both, it's a yes from me. Hope to play more with both of you
  4. Hello, as my other team mates, i think i haven´t play with you (if i have it must been very few) It seems, that the ones you play with have said Yes, so i trust my teammates, and its a yes for me.
  5. jajaja amigo cuanta verdad en tus palabras, tu sabes que la mujer sudamericana es la que manda y nosotros seguimos jajaja hahaha friend, so much true in your words, you know that the southamerican woman is the one in charge, and we just follow hahaha
  6. I played with you some time, you are a good player my friend, but i would like to play more with you, i know that the timezones are hard. It's a yes for me
  7. It's a little late, but it is a YES for me too, we have play along and you are a great team mate.
  8. Thanks! It work just fine now, thank you very much
  9. Hi everyone, today i'm having troubles to log in to the server, theres a message that says this: "hunkusage.dat file is corrupt" Any thoughts on how can i fix it? Thanks all!
  10. Dude, full metal alchemist (brotherhood) was a masterpiece, so good, thanks for theinfo from MAL. i will check it out
  11. Kate, its the japanese style of animation. I dont know if you ever saw Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball or Sailor Moon, those where iconic 80's 90's anime, that was aired in a lot of tv stations from arround the world
  12. I like to watch some anime in my spare time, and i was wondering if any of you like it too. If so, what animes do you like? I have watched a lot in my life, but now i think i like the ones that are more center in just comedy. Personally i recommend these: - Kimetsu no Yaiba - Konosuba - Kangoku Gakuen - Boku no Hero - Hajime no Ippo Do you have an anime that you can suggest me?
  13. Tutox

    Wolf ET at start

    Oh the memories. And now they want to make a single player out if the game, here is the video i found
  14. Thanks Cartur, i join to your comment, and just say to all, that it has been a tough year, with many bad news of all kind, and at least for me, joining here it has been so fun. Thanks for everything, and merry christmas
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