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  1. Thanks Cartur, i join to your comment, and just say to all, that it has been a tough year, with many bad news of all kind, and at least for me, joining here it has been so fun. Thanks for everything, and merry christmas
  2. wow thats amazing. Cyber the job you maked is really impressive
  3. Welcome! i hope to play with you and have fun
  4. I'm sorry for your lost, hope you, your dad and your relatives get better,
  5. Tutox


    I'm going to wait, i don't know if it will be safe.
  6. I used to have this problem on other notebook, but with the one that i have now, this message don´t appear at least. Thanks for the info
  7. hahahaha nice video, Robot Chicken is awesome
  8. It´s a yes for me too =)
  9. Tutox

    Covid 19

    Thanks! It has been a little bit difficult, especially not being able to visit more often, your family, just calling them, but it´s not the same
  10. Tutox

    Covid 19

    I've been working from home since march. I'm going to work some times, but not much. Covid-19 is just making everything harder for most of us
  11. Tutox


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