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  1. I know that Windows 10 has Retrocompatibility with previous Windows systems, but I recognize if Windows 11 has it, but it is possible that if you have it.
  2. World of Tanks I would like it to be realistic with everything and a crew on each tank. Warzone, can you be more specific, there are many games with that name?
  3. Hell, it's almost perfect for a tank simulator or a series as old as BattleZone. PS: BattleZone is older than Wolfenstein.
  4. Happy birthday Halfy.

  5. Bier, is there a way to play the maps alone or view them?
  6. Is it from the tank that has to destroy two doors so that the allies have to retrieve and use a key card and then steal a wooden box with gold that is in the bank? If so, I forgot the name. I was reminded of another one where we have to bust the fuel tanks. There are two maps that meet the conditions of the environment presented. But I don't remember the names.
  7. Happy birthday ic. I hope you have a nice day with your friends and family.

  8. It reminds me more of YouTube poop. I suggest LSD: Dream Emulator or Total Distortion.
  9. Perfect for some grilled tacos with friends.
  10. He's aggressive but ironically he's comical.
  11. It reminded me of the Mortyr 2093-1944 video game floor. The floor is so clean that I am going to force everyone to eat directly on it.
  12. Two nuns left the convent to sell cookies. One was the Mathematical Sister (M) and the other the Logic Sister (L). M - Night is beginning to fall and we are still very far from the convent. L - Sister, have you noticed that a man was following us half an hour ago? Y-Yes, and what does he want? L - It is logical. He will want to rape us. M - My God! I estimate that if we keep walking at this rate, he will catch up with us in 15 minutes. What can we do? L - The only logical thing we can do is walk faster !!! M - It's not working !!! L - Of course not! She did the only logical thing she could do: walk faster! M - And now, what are we going to do? He will catch up with us in a minute !!! L - The only logical thing we can do is separate. You go that way and I go this other. He won't be able to follow us both! So the man decided to follow Sister Logic. Sister Mathematics arrived at the convent, worried about what might have happened to Sister Logic. After a while, Sister Logic arrived. M - Sister Logic! Thank God you made it. Tell me what happened. S-she The logical thing happened. The man couldn't follow both of them, so he decided to follow me. M - And what happened next? L - The logical thing! I started running as fast as I could, and so did he. M - And? L - Again the logical thing. He reached me. M - My God! and what did you do? L - I did the logical thing. I quit the habit! M - My God, sister !!! And what did the man do? He-he also did the logical thing. He dropped his pants !!! M - Oh no! What happened after? L - Isn't it obvious, sister? A nun with a raised habit runs much faster than a man with his pants down ..!
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