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  1. Two nuns left the convent to sell cookies. One was the Mathematical Sister (M) and the other the Logic Sister (L). M - Night is beginning to fall and we are still very far from the convent. L - Sister, have you noticed that a man was following us half an hour ago? Y-Yes, and what does he want? L - It is logical. He will want to rape us. M - My God! I estimate that if we keep walking at this rate, he will catch up with us in 15 minutes. What can we do? L - The only logical thing we can do is walk faster !!! M - It's not working !!! L - Of course not! She did the only logical thi
  2. A group of nuns passes in front of San Pedro to enter heaven. So he asks the first one, - Sister Veronica, have you ever touched a male member? She says yes, but that she only touched him with one finger. - Well sister, wash your finger here in the holy water and then enter. He asked the second nun the same question, and she answered yes, but only with her hand. - So ... Sister Gertrudis, wash your hands with holy water and enter. " He suddenly comes running and pushing sister Maripuri and stands at the front of the line. - Why so much trouble, my daughter? ", Asks San Pedro. A
  3. Hey, what is your favorite dish and why? Well, the deep one, because there is room for more food ... What is a photographer's favorite car? The Ford Focus
  4. I don't understand anything because I use a translator or they are very bad jokes, but thanks for the jokes.
  5. I wish they released the following operating system, but I would like them to include 3D Pinball Space Cadet.
  6. Pappy, you just needed more patience. I felt like you were close to finishing, but you decided to give up at the end of the road.
  7. I remember the Japanese series Transformers Victory. In fact, my favorite autobot is Star Saber. Saw this Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, and Grendizer. Now I am watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  8. Happy birthday Pappy. I hope you enjoy your day even with a pandemic.
  9. Very good work Napoleon. I don't think he's the only one to disagree with Rico.
  10. What childish behavior. It is a good idea to ignore it.
  11. Kate happy birthday my captain general.

  12. Ok, this goes straight to my collection of the stupidest things I've ever read.
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