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  1. I understand you perfectly. By the way, do you know any software to design 3D shelves?
  2. Experimental Rock I love at that time all the bands were experimental, they all varied in genres even in the same song. But I had no knowledge of Frank Zappa usually when it comes to that era they always talk about the British invasion and its importance in the music scene. But where do I start, what song or album do you recommend? Bedarius you are a man of many interesting things.
  3. I'm sure spiders are arachnids not insects. A dead bug is a good bug. Starship Troopers
  4. I didn't have to look up pictures of him, he looks terrible. Hope everything goes well.
  5. I know that Windows 10 has Retrocompatibility with previous Windows systems, but I recognize if Windows 11 has it, but it is possible that if you have it.
  6. World of Tanks I would like it to be realistic with everything and a crew on each tank. Warzone, can you be more specific, there are many games with that name?
  7. Hell, it's almost perfect for a tank simulator or a series as old as BattleZone. PS: BattleZone is older than Wolfenstein.
  8. Happy birthday Halfy.

  9. Happy birthday ic. I hope you have a nice day with your friends and family.

  10. It reminds me more of YouTube poop. I suggest LSD: Dream Emulator or Total Distortion.
  11. Perfect for some grilled tacos with friends.
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