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  1. Not really, other than my arm where i got the shot being painful and feeling tired for a day, (it's almost exactly like the flu shot). the covid shot i got was the moderna vaccine, i go back on May 1st for my final shot.
  2. Thanks! I had my first covid vaccine today as well, and had a family get-together. it was everything i wanted! :D
  3. Another day in the Covidzoic Period.
  4. Version 1.0

    1 download

    Fixes the masterlist hack and redirect. Install into the root of your ET Installation, replacing ET.exe Original Source: https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/1755-et-masterlist-hacking-and-redirect-fix-for-players/
  5. my buff orpington rooster looks like this: (stock image)
  6. i didn't have any roosters at the time, i do have one today, he's a buff orpington rooster and is fairly quiet and friendly. he's the only rooster of the second group of chickens, which the two groups are now one. My flock currently stands at: 15 hens (6 barred rocks, 6 black australorps, 2 buff orpingtons, 1 white leghorn) 1 rooster (Buff Orpington) to know what they look like, here's some stock images of each breed (of hens) respectively: Barred Rock: Black Australorp: Buff Orpington: White Leghorn:
  7. 14 August 2020 One of my Chickens (this one's name is Big Mama), is eating a frog - tasty!
  8. oh apple is a bastard in many many ways, and a lot like microsoft. although apple goes one step further, restricting your ability to install older iOS versions. i wish i could run iOS 7.1.2 on my iPhone 5s again, but as long as they don't sign it it's a pipe dream.
  9. Get ready to be WREKKED! :D - welcome back man!
  10. Version 0.1.0


    duct-taped this tiny menu mod together for an instant shortcut for those unable to reach the main server while the masterlists are down. Just install into your etmain folder and thats it. start your game, click DIRECT PLAY, and start gaming. - uts zo eaczy ebban uh komplet iddiort kam due iet!
  11. Well napes, i returned that car back to the dealer, said "FUCK YOU" and started driving my old car again. in other words, i went back to Windows 7, it's just not worth the aggravation. i'll try it again another time. i didn't do much to Windows 10, i did not wrangle with the registry or those other fixer-uppers. i just turn some shit off and set the prefs to my standard liking, and it's not working right. Explorer SHOULD NOT FREEZE when trying to set my file associations. and when i tried the Windows 10 Preview build, (i did not modify it at all) when i clicked on OS Build
  12. i'm trying to get notepad++ to open .menu files, but whenever i tell windows to open it with notepad++ by default, it doesn't save the preference. and when i do it a different method, windows explorer freezes on me. i have to kill it in task manager. i also want to use 7zip to open PK3 files, and i get the same bullshit. i'm really regretting installing Windows 10, and am now having second thoughts. i'm going to try the Windows 10 21H1 preview build to see if that fixes my burdens, and if not. well... then fuck it. - back to windows 7 i go.
  13. 1 week in and Windows 10 is already making me really goddamn mad. i can't set file associations properly because windows explorer is a buggy catastrophe, i need to run it as administrator to beat it into submission. piece of shit operating system.
  14. I use OpenShell, which enables me to fully customize my start menu. the icon i used to replace the start button is this .png image: and if you want my exact settings, you can use my xml: Menu Settings.xml
  15. here's how my desktop looks now, it feels like home!
  16. thanks beer, and if windows defender gives me shit about disabling bullshit i don't want i'll disable that too. i can live without antivirus since i never visit shady sites, but malwarebytes can do what i need it to do if i feel something is questionable.
  17. well guys after six long years of being a Windows 7 holdout, i am finally giving up and i'm erasing and upgrading my windows partition to Windows 10. i really love Windows 7 and if i could i would be on it for much longer since i loathe Windows 10 to hell and beyond, but i have to endure the Windows OS because i need iTunes for managing my (and others in the family) Apple Mobile Devices (iPhones/iPads) on my computer. and because apple dropped iTunes support for Windows 7, (and other vendors are killing software support as well) it is now infeasible for me to stay on this OS. so
  18. i know about the hormones, testosterone and estrogen. like i said though, the parts that develop differently have changed functions while some parts have similar functions.
  19. i find it funny that we're comparing apples to apples here, men and women are physically and mentally similar. the main difference between the two genders is that the reproductive organs and associated parts are arranged and developed differently. but for the first 5 to 6 weeks of development, we were all female!
  20. reacting to a post is as simple as hitting that little grey heard down on the bottom-right of this here post!
  21. oh my god, another cat? - we already have Toppy as our clan cat! :P other than that, welcome!
  22. Hope all gets better, love the toppy you have!
  23. NoQuarter is your mod then! :3 i vote that bethy runs a server with noquarter aside from the other servers.
  24. Female medics? YES PLEASE!
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