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  1. I use epinephrine, but never had it go missing or be unable to use it, even when i don't have level 4 medic. but there is a cooldown on using adrenaline, but i don't remember how long it is but i think its around 30ish seconds between uses.
  2. i tested it in my internal server, it only just prevents the lockout of the TJ area so it won't spawn the cave blocking and will also not teleport you out of the caves. That is literally the only change.
  3. here's the edited script to put into mapscripts, disables the lockout and teleport when someone dynamites the gunsmiths door in western.western.script
  4. @Bier Yes this Toshiba is still going after 11¾ years, it'll be 12 years since purchase date on 2 December, 2023 Original date of purchase is 2 December 2011. Still running Windows 7 as my primary OS as well (with pirated esu's). i use BypassESU which can be downloaded directly from My Digital Life (registration required) which allows installing updates past the EOL dates up until the end of ESU support, but since Windows 7's ESU support ended back in January i now need to get updates manually from the Microsoft Update Catalog that were made for Windows Embedded Standard 7, Until next month. Then i should try to find the ESU updates for Windows Embedded POSReady 7, which would go until October 2024.
  5. And i'm STILL USING WINDOWS 7 and i have NO ISSUES! I am still getting security updates too! downloading them manually from the Microsoft Update Catalog i download updates targetting Windows Embedded Standard 7 as that is the exact same codebase as Windows 7 and it gets support until October 2023, after that i may need to see if i can hack up updates from Windows Embedded POSReady 7 and get updates till October 2024. that should last the rest of the life of my laptop, which isn't expected to be too long as sometimes i have to try multiple times to get it to boot properly since it boots but fails to bring up the screen.
  6. at least i still have some way to go until i reach 30.
  7. you have no rush at all, we'll still be here whenever you return. :)
  8. Here's an update, mom suggested delaying the trip to next week as finances are a bit constrained this week. so i haven't gone yet, but i really gotta stress to her that it's the final weekend next week. if i don't go by the end of next week, the trip's sunk. Hotel costs ~$250-300 (for 3 days), Fast Lane Plus is ~$280 (if the park is busy af) not to mention ~$150 in fuel, it's challenging.
  9. Hi guys, on wednesday i'm finally taking a vacation to Sandusky, Ohio. My goal there is to visit Cedar Point and ride every single rollercoaster (that is operating) in this amusement park. I will get to ride some seriously insane (and demonic) rollercoasters, like Millennium Force, among other spectacular-looking coasters. i can't wait to puke my guts out, its gonna be awesome! Plan breakdown: Wednesday Evening: Drive the 7 hour long journey to Sandusky and rest overnight. Thursday Evening: Cedar Point Day 1 Friday: Cedar Point Day 2 Saturday, anything else i want to do while out west before coming back home by midnight. I wanted to do this for at least 8 years, so yeah... :P i may or may not be on the server during this time, but man... i'll try to send pics! - but i hope the forecast stays the way it is now. UPDATE: Cancelled, the reason is because my entire household got COVID-19. so this trip is postponed until spring next year. i'm so pissed...
  10. without hesitation, you get a big YES from me!
  11. Hey there, here's an update. His infection was MRSA, which is an antibiotic resistant disease. it was caused by a sore on his foot that didn't heal right since he is a diabetic. but fortunately he has survived sepsis and has returned home. we are keeping a close eye on him. as he may be terminally ill, the odds of him surviving another year is not so great as he has a pancreatic mass that appears to be growing. so we'll be doing everything we can to keep him comfortable. there is also a chance that he may get another septic infection at some point. i have no idea how things will turn out. but i hope for the best.
  12. Hey everyone, things aren't going so well right now. My step dad is admitted to the hospital with SEPSIS. his blood pressure has tanked lately and my mom is with him. he is likely to die. i'm hoping for the best, but am being prepared for the worst. i just got back home from my (real) dad's house and am right now on standby. i won't be on ET for some time, things are way too crazy right now. but i always think about you guys, just know i will return. - please pray for us.
  13. I would check that harddrive out, use CrystalDiskInfo to do that. another thing i would do is set the etkey and silent.dat files as read-only.
  14. you can get the masterlist patch here if you are using vanilla et 2.60b:
  15. All versions of Windows after Windows 7 are just UTTER GARBAGE (Except Windows 8.1). i'm still holding out on Windows 7, and i managed to hack the updates to get ESU until next January. but as long as i am still using this toshiba laptop, it's sticking to Windows 7. Windows 10 and 11 will have shit performance on ET because the OS is made to run modern programs, ET was made for Windows NT4/98/ME/2000/XP so obviously it won't run that well on the current Windows versions so you'd probably be better off with ET Legacy. if you are dedicated with vanilla et, you can still get better performance by installing it into "C:\Games\WolfET" instead of the default directories, no "Run as administrator" necessary! also make sure your ET is patched to 2.60b with the Masterlist patch. you can get a pre-patched 2.60b ET here: https://www.splashdamage.com/games/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/ and the masterlist patch here: but there isn't much you can do with improving vanilla performance, it's just the way it is.
  16. many of this guy's episodes are funny as fuck: and here's a compilation of rages:
  17. My idea of new years fun is to have explosive headshots. :P failing that, i want cortex, glider and/or nfl_b2.
  18. it better have realistic maiming, disembowelment, lots of blood and especially the guts, that characteristic splat sound is critical too. if not, i'm not interested.
  19. I don't know you very well, but i am taking everyone else's word for it. looking forward to seeing you on the server!
  20. i don't think i've seen you on yet, but i'll take everyone else's word for it. ✔
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