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  1. Going for the coorporate route pappy? Just giving a minor comment without any actual progress in the hopes people will forget?
  2. Wow you look a lot older than <30. And a teenage kid already. Explains why the pumpkins weren't even carved.
  3. Hope that you, and everyone who's in a similar setting, can hang in there and you can stay sane.
  4. Is this a guessing game, for all to enjoy?
  5. Thanks, yes it was. Not at all. Using batch file was a breakthrough for an otherwise dead end
  6. After some sweat and frustration I managed to make browser connectivity work for vanilla ET. So for both versions you can now do: This is a work around for vanilla ET. This can also be run for ET Legacy, but I don't see the point. ET Legacy can already Instructions to make it happen: 1. Download attached file 2. Put the 2 .bat files into the same folder as the game et.exe (eg. C:/Program Files x86/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/). 3. Right click on RegkeyWriter.bat and Run as administrator 3.5 RegkeyWriter.bat can be removed if you prefer. 4. Connect th
  7. Cleaned it up and did some input sanitation. If you want to check feel free the files. Thanks for your input Bier! :) the_future_is_now.zip
  9. It indeed calls the directory cmd.exe is in for its execution, this the directory that sticks. With this in mind I have rewritten a couple of things and booked preliminary success of getting it to work for C:/. testing a copy I have on a different drive and it still fails.
  10. Hmm the cmd.exe, you might be on to something there. cmd.exe proved to be somewhat problematic in the past. I ran it from the powershell. Yes, that was quite the surprise. Yeah...
  11. Unfortunately peanut butter. Though its a new problem.
  12. used dps0 now, s to include shortening. It will now write to the registry. Not sure what happens if a space is very early in the directory name, but I think (fully aware assumption is the mother of all fuck ups) that most have Wolfenstein Enemy Territory as directory name for vanilla et. So the problem should be rare if it arises at all. Edit: will see if i can get it to work combined now.
  13. yeah... switching to fs0 is already promising. dp0 on stackoverflow
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