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  1. So thats the clip you talked about on server :)
  2. Thx didnt know George played with him, love George Duke he made many great songs. Reach out, Brazillian love affair and others.
  3. Happy birthday hope you have a great day
  4. Same fingers crossed it will turn out positive.
  5. Very sad news, hope all the best for your step dad, prayers to you and your family.
  6. Haha good one, it's a great movie, seen it many times.
  7. Looks interesting, nice reflection details on the ground.
  8. Hope to see you on server when you feel better, take care.
  9. Gongrats Pappy hope you have a great day
  10. @Tutox Check again the heart icon should be there for you now so you can react, something was missing for your profile, it should be fixed now, I just checked. So please try again :)
  11. Yes seems there is something missing for you, there should be a heart icon where you can select between a few things. But it seems to be missing for you.
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