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  1. If varies a little, usually the week days around midnight or 01:00 am european time, not sure for the weekend but might be the same. So will probably be around 6-8 your time. But also earlier sometimes.
  2. Welcome back, you are still as good as I remember you from back in the days, see you on server :)
  3. It's been nice seeing you back to play :)
  4. @Tutox Check again the heart icon should be there for you now so you can react, something was missing for your profile, it should be fixed now, I just checked. So please try again :)
  5. Yes seems there is something missing for you, there should be a heart icon where you can select between a few things. But it seems to be missing for you.
  6. Cute cat hope all is going better
  7. Sounds like a nice map, and cool idea. Can't wait to test it :)
  8. Very sorry for your loss, my condolences for you and your family.
  9. Topcat


    I will also wait a little to see if it's safe, we just dont know if there will be any long term side effects
  10. ETS or Ets either is fine :)
  11. It's a yes from me, welcome
  12. Topcat

    Covid 19

    Yes very sad, damn covid
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