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  1. Sorry, my PC was NOT bought to play games. It was used as part of my home surveillance system. I recorded 24hrs-7 days a week in High Definition color video of my home & property for 355 days before needing to overwrite previous recordings. Yes, I can burn dvd's and play any game while my PC recorded my camera's. I own over 90 Terra bytes of external storage. All Western Digital. AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X 4.5 ghz 16-core AMD X399 chipset 32GB DDR4 Quad Channel Memory Nvidia GeForce 2080RTX GDDR6 8GB Memory
  2. interesting This is is a enemy territory video demo recording of a player 2020-10-18-091521-fa_goldrush_b2.dm_84
    Initial Script & waypoints - Bot files created by: rand0m# Bot files Edited by: Native12 22.02.2017 Adapted from Mountain pass beta 3 to Mountain pass beta 4 (waypoints, moved goals....) Objective Allies must Steal axis documents, Destroy a wooden fence Gate and secure the documents on a truck stored inside the wooden fence. Christmas map, decorated with little colored lights everywhere.
    It is a good map. It has 3 flags that are crucial to winning. It is not just about capturing the flag and keeping it or not keeping the flag. It is all about the flag locations, spawning at the wrong flag or spawn at the wrong time makes you walk a long way to battle. Plus along the way the allies must steal and secure an objective on the truck. The truck must be escorted past 2 barriers and across 3 bridges to reach its final destination. I did create working bot files for this map. But they are not for public use. This is a large map with large distances between each flag spawn an
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