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  2. invitation from: Bier In-game name: **Nyny** Previous gaming aliases: None Previous clans: None Age: 39 What country are you from?: México What languages do you speak?: Spanish, English (can read, write and understand but very poor speaking) Do you use a translator to post in English?: usually not but in some times How did you find our community?: in the list of servers when start to Play ET Do you have any admin experience?: No Will you be able to help in recruiting new members?: I try Do you have any special expertise (coding, modding, Photoshop, etc.)?: Expertise no, but I had notions of programing Tell us about yourself (optional): Well, I had a degree in pharmaceutical, married with two Kids, one 7 years and other 2 years Playing regulary on our server and collected at least ~100k XP Do you agree with the rules : Yes
  3. Bier

    Hola Amigo,

    Nice to see you on the forum.
    You have been a great teamplayer on the ETS server and we appreciate that!
    Please click on the 'Joining ETS' post below if you want to apply for the ETS tag.
    If you run into any problems, just ask me or Kate or Topcat,

    Shoot you later!


  4. kate

    Welcome to ETS Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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