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  1. It should be common knowledge, but it can never be repeated enough...!
  2. You are going to be on film Luis... :-) :


    1. Luis Enrique

      Luis Enrique

      I am much better now.

  3. Nice work Napo! That was a tough cookie! You're always welcome. Hope I didn't led you astray too much... ;-)
  4. .bat files not coupled to cmd.exe by default? C:\WINDOWS\system32/etmain ? That cannot be right... Man, what a pit of snakes!! Lets play a few maps... Reset your mind... :-)
  5. Sound good! Fingers crossed for the last step! :-)
  6. set stringedtogether="%cur_path_et% %variable% \%cur_path% %variable2% " rem \"%1\""" ""C:\Users\Ron\vanilla_stripper.bat" \"C:\Users\Ron\" "+connect" " rem \"\""" Adding the strings to stringedtogether nicely preserves the quotes... Hmm.. I cannot asses the validity of the resulting string as i dont know what happens there..
  7. I can write C:\Users\[napo]\Desktop\et.exe +set base_path "C:\Users\[napo]\Desktop\" to registry from desktop directory ----------------------------------- > no space in this part I can't write C:\Users\[napo]\Desktop\night mare\et.exe +set base_path "C:\Users\[napo]\Desktop\night mare\" ------------------------------------------------ > there is a space in this part No quotes needed here? I can't write C:\Games\Wolfenstein ET2\et.exe +set base_path "C:\Games\Wolfenstein ET2" from the ET directory -------------
  8. Ill try.. :-) We'll get there! Are you using quotes around the path/file names with spaces...?
  9. You can cut up the string in parts using the %1, %2, %3 placeholders. If it needs to get dirtier that this maybe check out this link: https://www.robvanderwoude.com/ntfortokens.php
  10. Maybe call a batchfile first which does the stripping, which then starts et...?
  11. Nice attempt though! That seems to go a lot better than trying it while in the water...
  12. Don't keep me waiting too long.... :-)
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