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  1. @PsychoPappy 4 she will add the script later today, then we can test it. I think most people just play the map but if someone is alone and wants to play in the cave for a bit then it will be possible. Also the script is only so you dont get kicked out right? If you die you can't go back in if dyno is planted and door is blown right?
  2. Also a yes from me, always nice playing with you. Welcome in ETS.
  3. Welcome Mike, always nice playing when you are on so yes from me.
  4. Thx didnt know George played with him, love George Duke he made many great songs. Reach out, Brazillian love affair and others.
  5. Just put Ets| in front of your name :)
  6. It's a yes from me, welcome :)
  7. Same fingers crossed it will turn out positive.
  8. Very sad news, hope all the best for your step dad, prayers to you and your family.
  9. Topcat


    Yes from me, but when you play try to play mostly on ETS if we have guys playing on server, to help keep the server alive. And if you play on other servers try to do that only when we dont have players on ETS.
  10. Haha good one, it's a great movie, seen it many times.
  11. Can't remember playing with you but welcome :)
  12. Not sure if I ever played with you but welcome :)
  13. Looks interesting, nice reflection details on the ground.
  14. You're a really good player for not having played for 10 years Welcome to ETS, frag you later :)
  15. Nice guy and nice to play with, welcome.
  16. Topcat


    I will also wait a little to see if it's safe, we just dont know if there will be any long term side effects
  17. ETS or Ets either is fine :)
  18. It's a yes from me, welcome
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