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  1. I appreciate all of the help. I'm sad to say I might be keeping my old (11 year old) PC around and I guess just replug when I want to play ET, and replug when I play COD. Kinda dumb, but I can't get the stuttering out of ET on win11 and really don't like starting over on legacy. I turned all of the bull sh*t off on win 11. Changed compatibility modes.....running admin...I give up. You guys are right, new games run pretty sweet...... or do they? I still got my win7 disc......Just didn't install a CD drive, lol. Hope you guys are enjoying the influx from steam. I wish this would have happened years ago, but !cheers to new life!
  2. Thank you for the help. I am very curious to see what Sysinternals Suite reveals.
  3. Built a new PC. I love it. I've used windows 7 for as long as I possibly could. Even though I've copy and pasted my config and now I have a much better cpu and gpu; The game play seems more jittery or laggy. I'm on the same isp and it's good, I don't understand why in game it seems stuttery even though i have steady FPS and better processor, grafix card, etc. I don't understand how it can feel so different. Is there any Window 11 users who had same issues?
  4. It's always tough to lose someone so close. It's the things you do in life that bring memories of that person back that are always treasured. It takes time to mourn. Any time I can get a dream of my best friend or do something that makes me wish my buddy was around to witness it I am happy.
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