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    Welcome to ETS Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  2. Welcome to ETS Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  3. kate


    Version 1.0.0


    Tides of War This map was created by FrostyChilli, FrostyMixi, Jens-Stefan in 31/01/2010. It was completed and polished in 12/12/2014. Inspiration for map layout came from a map called LNA 1v1. Work was started in 2009, first version completed in 2010. Then it was not published but stalled for 4 years. Until I decided to pick up the map again and finish it. It is the second map in my coming Campaign scenario, with the first one being finished and polished as well(2014/11). Thank you for Rayban for foliage models and textures. Also thanks to people from SplashDamage forums for great help! Thank you for developers of Enemy Territory for making such a great game! Cheers, Jens! __________________ // Axis Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Don't let Allied forces destroy the Generator." 2 "Primary Objective:**Defend the Secret Entrance in the basement!" 3 "Secondary Objective:**Prevent Allies from constructing the net!" 4 "Secondary Objective:**Construct the net!" 5 "Secondary Objective:**Construct the Command Post!" 6 "Secondary Objective:**Prevent Allies from destroying the sewer entrance!" // Allied Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Destroy the Generator!" 2 "Primary Objective:**Destroy the Secret Entrance!" 3 "Secondary Objective:**Construct the net!" 4 "Secondary Objective:**Prevent Axis from constructing the net!" 5 "Secondary Objective:**Construct the Command Post!" 6 "Secondary Objective:**Destroy the sewer entrance!"
  4. Welcome to ETS Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  5. Version 1.0.0


    dual map Keep flag in middle building for long than 5 minutes to win.
  6. kate


    Version 1.0.0


    dual map Axis Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Eliminate the Allied force." Allied Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Eliminate the Axis force."
  7. Welcome to ETS Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  8. translation randonnées en montagnes: we did a lot here also in the hautes Alpes
  9. i am still not sure but thanks a lot to post all these beautiful fotos
  10. i let you deal with all that now ha a question. how many dollars to buy the tee-shirts and the graphics works ? i will sent you money for that.
  11. been so long and dont remember at all with wich mod we used and how to use it ... but been a lot of fun panzer_big.cfg panzer_block.cfg panzer_cross.cfg panzer_normal.cfg
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    Version 1.0.0

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    BANG BOOM BANG SOUNDPACK für RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN: ENEMY TERRITORY V 1 Dies ist mein erstes Soundpack für Enemy Territory. Ich hoffe ihr habt viel Spaß damit. Die Idee kam mir, als ich den Film nach langer Zeit mal wieder gesehen habe ;-) Außerdem habe ich noch die Axis Sounds vom Halflife-MOD Day of Defeat, aus einem anderen Soundpack genommern. Vielen Dank für die vorarbeit, wer immer das auch gemacht hat. Obihoernchen Versionsangaben V 1: - alle sounds wurden von der Lautstärke her angepasst beta2: - fix: alle sounds funktionieren, leider funktionierten zwei sounds nicht beta1: - erster interner release
  13. Version 1.0.0

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    little soundspack
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Band of Brothers Sound Pack: Read Me Hi there! Thanks for downloading my sound pack. THIS SOUND PACK CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. Starting Date: Mid August, 2003 Finishing Date: October 23, 2003 This Sound Pack contains sounds from the movie "Band of Brothers". All sounds and music are edited and made by Konigstiger. A total of 224 sounds are replaced, which are: - 81 Allied Voice Chat Commands - Covert Ops. Switch Clothes Sound - Health Pick up - Rank up Music - Skill up Music - Ammo Pick up - New Door Sounds (8 Sounds Total) - Allies Winning Music - Axis Winning Music - Main Menu Music - Gib Sound (Original Sound but Altered) - Fall Down Hurt Sound - 20 Foot Step Sounds (Grass, Snow, Stone, and Wood) - 7 Tank Sounds (Sherman Tank) - 6 Allied HQ Chat Commands - 5 Air Strike Sounds (P-51) - 7 Artillery Sounds - 30 .cal - Colt (5 Total) - Dynamite - FG-42 - M1 Garand (8 Total) - Grenade (3 Total) - 15 Impact Sounds - K43 - Knife Hit Wall Sound (Original Sound but Altered) - Landmine (4 Total) - Luger (5 Total) - MG-42 (3 Total) - Change Weapon Sounds - Dry Fire Sound - Mortar (6 Total) - Mp-40 - Panzerfaust (4 Total) - Satchel - Thompson (4 Total) - 6 New World sounds, Including New War Sounds. All guns come with new distance sounds. Some Guns also have new Reload Sounds. This Sound pack will also change the Ranks and Helmets: - Ranks from Pfc to Sgt. will no longer show on the helmet - Ranks from Lt. to Col. have smaller insignia symbols on their helmets - Engineers and Field Ops. for the Allies have no Symbols on the side of their helmets - Engineers and Field Ops. for the Axis have no Symbols on the side of their helmets - Axis Soldiers now have regular helmets - Allied Field Ops. now have regular helmets. ============== How To Install ============== Place the "s_Konigstigers_BOB_Sound_Pack" in the "etmain" folder Default location is: C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain ***DO NOT RE-NAME THIS FILE*** ***DO NOT MIX SOUND PACKS, ONLY ONE ALLOWED*** ================ How to Uninstall ================ Simply delete the file ============================================ How to Play With the Band of Brothers Sounds ============================================ Unfortunately you'll be hearing the original ET sounds un-till server hosts also have the sound pack or allow it to be used. I have played on servers before that allow custom pk3. files to run so its basically a matter of searching for a server. They are known as un-pure servers. Replay's will also use the Band of Brother sounds, even if it was recorded with the original sounds. ========== Known Bugs ========== If you Disconnect from a server or are kicked from a server, the Band of Brothers Sound Pack might be deactivated. But still can work during game play. Please report any bugs to Konigstiger. ============== Special Thanks ============== Alpha testers - [DP] Clan Beta testers - [DP] Clan Support - =T4= Clan, [DP] Clan, WolfProject, the Public =================== Very Special Thanks =================== Steven Spielberg Tom Hanks Michael Kamen The Band of Brothers Sound Department The MOH:AA Sound Department for the "War" background sounds ================ To Servers Hosts ================ It would be easier for the public if the servers are labeled as a host for this sound pack. So, if you host a server and plan to use this sound pack, please label it for the public. Also, please post your IP address and the name of the server on the forums/message boards. ===== Links ===== [DP] Clan - www.dpguild.net =T4= Clan - www.etgamers.com WolfProject - www.wolfproject.net ======= Contact ======= Sound Pack made by: Konigstiger www.etgamers.com/konigstiger [email protected] and Enjoy!
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    Version 1.0.0

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    Age of empire bye Shagileo Table of Contents 1. About 2. Content 3. Copyright 1. About ------------- This Funsoundpack includes all of the taunts of the Age of Empires I game. It was created to add some extra AOE fun atmosphere in the game. 2. Content --------------- This soundpack includes 25 extra voicecommands for the game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. It was taken from the game Age of Empires (expansion) game pack. It's a small filesize that can be used on every server. It does not affect the other standard voicecommands, it just adds 2 extra menus. 3. Copyright ------------------ This soundpack was taken from Age of Empires, an epic game of empire building and conquest, (c) & (p) 1997 - 1998 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed by Ensemble Studios Corp. for Microsoft Corporation. And the Age of Empires , The Rise of Rome Expansion, (c) & (p) 1997 - 1998 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed by Ensemble Studios Corp. for Microsoft Corporation. It is NOT allowed to distribute this Soundpack in any form (digitally or via floppy, USB or disc) without this ReadMe file included. It is not allowed to Edit/Change/Delete certain files from this SoundPack without the WRITTEN permission by the author (shagileo). Age of Empires Soundpack by Shagileo, a SLUT Mapping Bunker product (SMB (c) ), a company of SLUT Clan (c) and SLUT Graphics Studios (SGS (c) ), All Rights Reserved 2008 (c) Last changes: 08/11/2008
    Splashdamage sources Its time for the the Allies to save the world, to fight back evil Axis troops messing in the occult… with full cast of caves, crypts, an old Abbey, and a dastardly occult ceremony… its time to toll the WARBELL Story: Axis are trying to mess in the occult again, and do real nasty things. Allied special forces took over the occult site in a raid. Now the Axis attack to get back control over the old Abbey and finally raise the evil Wargod. Allies are on the mission to save the world from this of course. Core facts: Axis attacking 18 mins timelimit spawntimes are 15s Axis, 20s Allies multiple access routes to all objectives gameplay honed towards fast and intense battle gametypes: single map objective/ campaign, very suitable for stopwatch too map design… check out the pictures below loads of special effects framerates will be constant 76 FPS everywhere for average computer systems (1.2GHz CPU/ 512mb RAM/ Ge4 TI4600 128mb gets at least 50 FPS in the bad areas) nighttime setting but bright enough to see and kill the opponents First stage: gain access to the Guardhouse (2 access routes: caves and road) maybe slip through the teamdoors with stolen uniforms capture the flag or destroy the Guardhouse Gate (secures forward spawn) Second stage: use dynomite to gain access to the Hidden Room take the Book of Death from it’s glass case and deliver it to the Altar in the sacrifice room of the Abbey destroy the gates in the Abbey for faster access (2 dynamitable, 1 satchelable and one teamdoor, none of them rebuildable) repair the Bell Mechanism in the Abbey ring the Warbell (after you built the mechanism AND after you delivered the objective) sacrifice three axis players to the Wargod in the Inner Sanctum optional: forward spawn at a neutral command post Gameplay and playerloads: In 7 Playtests we had with up to 26 players Warbell provided us with an amazingly captivating gameflow, and real fun games. The stages are defendable, but with a balance that allows attackers to overcome the defense in some waves. Its plays very good with 10-18 players, and becomes happy large-scale fraggin with 20 and more players. No idea what the maximum playerloads are but at some point it will be just one massive frag fest. I think there is one question every mapper asks himself when starting a new project: Why another map? Simple answer: 2 maps to learn mapping, the third to have fun. Warbell originated from the idea to create a map that s not just a map, but an impressive piece of map Artwork combining intense, captivating gameplay, nice atmosphere and a good laugh. It is also an hommage to the RtCW single player, and the custom SP mission timegate for RtCW. But look for yourself… here come the pictures! The Caves that lead towards the Guardhouse and from the Guardhouse to the Graveyard Guardhouse and Guardhouse stairs - either get up here for the flag, or destroy the Guardhouse Gate and Hidden Room in the Guardhouse View at the Belltower with the Warbell (thx EB!), you can see the Warbell Mechanism at the platform Abbey Main Hall looking towards the entrance room of the Inner Sanctum In the crypts… here be MONSTERS (no kidding) (and they eat players too) Abbey Church where the monks prayed that guarded the evil site for centuries Inner Sanctum and Bellrope on the first level - go here to toll the Warbell: Inner Sanctum and Altar - Axis need to put the Book of Death here to open the Sacrifice Portals: Inner Sanctum and Sacrifice Portals - the Wargood is already awaiting a Sacrifice (orange portal) and Allies try to keep Axis away from the portal: Inner Sanctum and Sacrifices - one Axis player just made it into the portal sacrificing himself to the Wargod: General info, Credits, Thanks >>> About the map Map: Warbell pk3: warbell.pk3 mapped by ]UBC[ McNite & ]UBC[ Kach–> first day of mapping: sometime in the fall of 2005 All credits for leveldesign and objectives go to ]UBC[ McNite! day of release: July 18th 2006 >>> credit for models excellent Book of Death and Warbell model by EB awesome DT Opelblitz model by Detoeni >>> credit for paintings 2 original paintings in the map by ]UBC[ Kach–> (more paintings viewable at www.warrenkachmar.ca) wb_p/wb_rubens1 // Pieter Paul Rubens (1619) Christ on the Cross between 2 Thieves wb_p/wb_rubens2 // Pieter Paul Rubens (1632) Last Supper wb_sfx/prayinghint // Albrecht Dürer: praying hands wb_p/wb_stmartin // unknown Hungarian master, app. 1490: St Martin and the Beggar St. Martin is the Saint for the soldiers. Find more info about him here. 2 >>> credit for waterworks & shaders real cool watershaders and river created by carnage initial help with alphablend shaders by: Der’Saidin >>> credit for textures and sounds wb_z: all textures from RtCW except cryptwall_01a.jpg, cathedrale_c06dm_wb.jpg wb_sfx/c_flameX.tga: from RtCW wb_b/window4: all versions are reworks of a RtCW window wb_sfx: g1 - g13, glow, bd1 - 13 by EB (they are all used on the open book) for detailed credits on the sounds check the warbellsounds.txt >>> Thanks McNite: my clan for tons of good times playing ET and TheRiverIIRedux Kach–> for mapping with me $taTiK for feedback on gameplay and design whenever i needed some Kach–>: McNite for teaching me about mapping and allowing me to participate in the process Everyone that took the time and energy to help test and provide feedback during development of Warbell >>> Help with mapping and the whole mess: Der’Saidin for lots of discussion on gameplay and objectives all the helpful ppl that answered my posts here at SD forum
  16. yes but it is maybe a lil modern for this old game
  17. maybe something like that ? with + around since 2004
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    Version 1.0.0

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    Title Tiger! File name tiger_110.pk3 Map name tiger Version 1.1.0 (Created August 2006) Author 2Bit (www.tibetclan.com) Other 2Bit maps Breakout Glider Assault TankBuster British Bulldog 6Flags 110 Factory 2Tanks Ludendorff Bridge - available from www.tibetclan.com or www.pythononline.co.uk/et Nbr of players Recommended 6-20 per team Installation Put the pk3 file into the etmain folder. Scenario Late June 1944, France. An Allied convoy must pass through a small french town as part of the push east. Their route takes them within range of ace tank commander SS-Obersturmfuehrer Michael Wittman in his Tiger tank. Allied infantry must attempt to neutralize the Tiger as the vehicles pass though the town. Axis infantry must support the Tiger as it tries to destroy the Allied motorized convoy. Allied Victory Allies win if they escort 3 of the 5 convoy trucks to safety. Axis Victory Axis win if the Tiger destroys 3 of the 5 convoy trucks. Gameplay The Allies must escort their convoy, one truck at a time, safely through the village to safety. The Tiger will not hunt for a truck until it first moves from the allied spawn. Only engineers can escort a truck (including Axis engineers, to prevent allies from playing a holdup game and letting the timer expire without bringing out the next truck). The Tiger tank moves independently, without player escort, and actively hunts the trucks. It is much stronger than normal tanks, and can fire its main cannon at allied soldiers if the opportunity arises. If the Tiger gets line of sight to a truck, is not at point-blank range and not prevented from firing (see below) it will fire at and destroy the truck. The Tiger cannot fire behind it. A truck may find safety at a corner because the Tiger may come across it at point-blank range and be forced to withhold fire and pass it by. Allied Field Ops can send false radio signals to the Tiger ordering it not to fire at trucks. Axis Field Ops can countermand the false radio signals. Allies can destroy the radio mast. The Tiger will return to base and no further orders can be issued to it until the mast is repaired. So it is an important allied tactic to first send the false orders. Axis can deploy fuel into depressions in the road in the path of the trucks. Once ignited this forms a temporary fire barrier to the trucks. But if they deliver the fuel too early to the roadside, the allies may ignite it so that it burns out harmlessly. When the truck advances sufficiently, an allied forward spawn flag becomes available. It is removed again when the truck escapes or is destroyed. Also at this time, for 30 seconds, fast routes are available for the allied players to get them back to the spawn (without having to self kill) ready for the next truck. Each truck picks the route to follow (one of two) which is furthest from the tank's current position. Gamemodes Objective, Stopwatch. Thanks to Splash Damage and Activision for everything. Detoeni, Drakir and Iffy for their excellent models. The textures were drawn from many sources, so I'd like to thank the following for their invaluable contribution: LeMog, DaveGH, BerneyBoy, Uchronic, Blushing Bride, Chavo One, Massive and StormShadow. Anyone else whose texture I may have inadvertently used. TibeT Clan and associates for testing and feedback.
  19. Version 1.0.0

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    Axis Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from constructing and reinforcing a Bridge over the frozen river." 2 "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Allied Tank from destroying the Tunnel Doors." 3 "Primary Objective:**Disable the Allied Tank before it can blow open the Depot Gates." 4 "Primary Objective:**Defend the Depot Fuel Dump." 5 "Secondary Objective:**Defend the damaged Side Wall." 6 "Secondary Objective:**Build your Command Post for improved charge times." 7 "Secondary Objective:**Stop the Allies from constructing a Command Post." // Allied Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Construct and reinforce a Bridge over the frozen river." 2 "Primary Objective:**Escort the Tank over the Bridge to destroy the Tunnel Doors." 3 "Primary Objective:**Cover the Tank as it destroys the Axis Depot Gates." 4 "Primary Objective:**Dynamite the Axis Fuel Dump." 5 "Secondary Objective:**Escort the Tank to destroy the Side Wall to the rear of the Depot." 6 "Secondary Objective:**Stop the Axis from constructing a Command Post." 7 "Secondary Objective:**Build a Command Post for faster charge times."
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    Version 1.0.0


    Axis Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Steal a uniform**and open this door in disguise**Inside the room push the button" 2 "Secondary Objective:**Build the commandpost, **defend the commandpost. **Destroy enemies commandpost" 3 "Primary Objective:**Destroy the gate." 4 "Primary Objective:**Steal a uniform**and open this door in disguise**Inside the room push the button" 5 "Primary Objective:**Steal the keycard and bring it to the fault." 6 "Primary Objective:**Bring the gold to the truck." 7 "Primary Objective:**Truck." // Allied Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Defend the room**" 2 "Secondary Objective:**Build the commandpost, **defend the commandpost. **Destroy enemies commandpost" 3 "Primary Objective:**Defend the gate." 4 "Primary Objective:**Defend the room." 5 "Primary Objective:**Defend the keycard." 6 "Primary Objective:**Defend the gold." 7 "Primary Objective:**Defend the truck."
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    Version 1.0.0


    UrbanTerritory SINGLE VERSION Little map , 4 vs 4 / or / 5 vs 5 for Enemy Territory Skill & Frag Single Compilation light -fast -sample 2 -filter -bounce 8 Credits & infos First & noob experience mapping / http://www.splashdamage.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3212 ( thanks all people to support ) Special thanks Marko for great help & tutorials [RW]Tiger for help to translating french/english briefing Surface website for very good tutorials Remedy entertainment for free download of Max Payne textures pack ( big size ) Rockstars Games for sample use to "The club" , radio Fever - GTA Vice City PC Games Install Unzip UrbanTerritory.zip & copy UrbanTerritory.pk3 in your .../Etmain/ folder. http://arobeuze.free.fr/maps/ sorry for big size file ... Urban Territory Debug info < Final Release > The main game script has been debugged by Nocturne. Bug Fix details: The map had a serious bug, when Axis won the game the screen said that Allies had won. This bug is fixed, all compliments go to Arobeuze for creating this kickass map. A great motivation on debugging this cool map. I e-mailed Arobeuze the debugged script, he didn't respond to that mail, so I am realsing this awesome map. Hope you enjoy this map. Nocturne [email protected] Debugged: 01-20-2005 File version: 1.1 debugged Final Release
  22. Welcome to ETS Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  23. Welcome to ETS Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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