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  1. Change the link to point to someone else's PayPal account? -2MH
  2. Silky posted this info earlier in the thread Hellreturn has been helping us out greatly with helping figure a way to get the domain transferred and tracking down info. February site/forum costs are due. If anyone would like to help donate for February costs here's his info: Paypal id: [email protected] (for feb month - 30$ pls.) And he also covered January 19th- February 19th server costs. If anyone would like to help repay him , same PayPal info as above. ( which would be January 9th- February 9th with how reliablesite.net payment system is. I think it was also mentioned that if you donate to Paypal id: [email protected] that you make a note that the money is for ETS/Kate. -2MH
  3. I donated $50 the day we found out she passed. I imagine it's still hung up in her PayPal account... -2MH
  4. WOW! I'm floored! So So sad. My heart and thoughts go out to her family. May they find peace and comfort. As far as the server. I'll donate here in a little bit. I hope we can come together as a clan and small community to keep the place going! -2MH
  5. Hey man!! Do you still have the old PC and can plug it up and use it simultaneously with the new system? I would just try to get the specs the same on the new one as you had on the old one. You'll have to continue to tweak some until you get it where you want it. Tweaking it is half the fun and your gameplay is just fine. Don't be hard on yourself. Have Fun!!!! -2MH
  6. we were having a little fun jumping off the top of the haunted mansion and we briefly talked about the axis bots that will climb on the roof of the destroyed smaller house and I mentioned that sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing them because of axis dark uniforms and the black and gray color of the roof blending. I look for the muzzle flash. Napo was saying he has no problem seeing them. I guess it's my 50+ year old eyes! After looking at your screenshots my screen is a lot more lighter. I may grab a screenie and post to compare. -2MH
  7. Welcome! yea.. Like the others have said, just add them yourself in the limbo menu with whatever color scheme you like. -2MH
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