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  1. Well i back . for the ones that care  thay put me in the hosptial  last wed, nte. i was hurting and couldn't breath.                 so short story i got c.o.p.d and azmia... and thay found a 4milimeter cancer tumor on my uper left lung that is growing into my main airway and has done got in my blood spread to my kedneys...  i go back doc this week to see if chemo well stop it from spreading more and kill it or to just give me little more time.... luv ya'll

                                                                                                                                                   frag on                                                                                                                                                                                           Dennis "halfy"

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    2. Volchonok


      Bad to hear that,but recently that ill can be disappear from your body.
      So, I hope that treatment you doing will help you.
      And try to not take sugar,because sugar is cancer’s best food.
      Hard battle with that ill,but please win.

    3. Napoleon


      Sorry to hear that, half. Honestly at a loss for words, but I'm glad you feel comfortable enough to share that with us. You'll be on my mind and I wish you and your loved strength during the fight.

    4. gobbler


      That just sucks halfy.  Hope you get good news from the Doc this week, and let's hope you get better.  F#&k Cancer!

      Best wishes for good news!

  2. halfy

    Here kitty,kitty,kitty,,   Hi there meow.:yaquelqun:

    1. meow


      hehe hey there halfy :002:

    2. kate


      hi guys :_beer2::002:

  3. why dose my post not show the little heart at bottom?
  4. Half happy birthday friend.

  5. Merry x-mas to you Cartur..and many,many more..
  6. It all in how much you want to spend on one.. I use a cheap 27' acer, seem do ok for as long as i have had it..
  7. halfy


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