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  1. I would check that harddrive out, use CrystalDiskInfo to do that. another thing i would do is set the etkey and silent.dat files as read-only.
  2. you can get the masterlist patch here if you are using vanilla et 2.60b:
  3. All versions of Windows after Windows 7 are just UTTER GARBAGE (Except Windows 8.1). i'm still holding out on Windows 7, and i managed to hack the updates to get ESU until next January. but as long as i am still using this toshiba laptop, it's sticking to Windows 7. Windows 10 and 11 will have shit performance on ET because the OS is made to run modern programs, ET was made for Windows NT4/98/ME/2000/XP so obviously it won't run that well on the current Windows versions so you'd probably be better off with ET Legacy. if you are dedicated with vanilla et, you can still get better performance by installing it into "C:\Games\WolfET" instead of the default directories, no "Run as administrator" necessary! also make sure your ET is patched to 2.60b with the Masterlist patch. you can get a pre-patched 2.60b ET here: https://www.splashdamage.com/games/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/ and the masterlist patch here: but there isn't much you can do with improving vanilla performance, it's just the way it is.
  4. many of this guy's episodes are funny as fuck: and here's a compilation of rages:
  5. My Laptop's keys are still quite good, but they do get more glossy with use.
  6. i bet, it must have had its guts removed against its will. like many domestic animals do. :P
  7. Pappy checking his looks before going on the catwalk... :classic_cool:


  8. You probably remember this video from the days of the early internet.
  9. My idea of new years fun is to have explosive headshots. :P failing that, i want cortex, glider and/or nfl_b2.
  10. it better have realistic maiming, disembowelment, lots of blood and especially the guts, that characteristic splat sound is critical too. if not, i'm not interested.
  12. have a high-velocity vacation velocity!
  13. are your chickens on the cover photos?

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