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    Hi Kate, I'm sending you this message to ask you about the map change. How often is it done? I also wanted to ask if there is the possibility of adding a trick jump map for those of us who like this type of modality. Thank you very much

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  4. I use epinephrine, but never had it go missing or be unable to use it, even when i don't have level 4 medic. but there is a cooldown on using adrenaline, but i don't remember how long it is but i think its around 30ish seconds between uses.
  5. Got no friggin' idea.. I never use it.
  6. Can anyone explain me what the trigger conditions are for the availability of adrenaline? There are one or more conditions I can't see from the HUD that affect the ability to use adrenaline. I've had so many ocassions of the adrenaline not working when based on the HUD indicatators it should. So there's something I'm missing. I can't find anything online either.
  7. odd, but good. @PsychoPappy 4 Also it works now. Thanks for implementation :) @PsychoPappy 4@kate@Topcat
  8. @PsychoPappy 4 she will add the script later today, then we can test it. I think most people just play the map but if someone is alone and wants to play in the cave for a bit then it will be possible. Also the script is only so you dont get kicked out right? If you die you can't go back in if dyno is planted and door is blown right?
  9. Version 1.0.0


    HO CHI MINH TRAIL created by Thunder ****THIS IS AN ETNAM MOD MAP********** bsp name:ho_chi_minh_trail longname in server list: ho_chi_minh_trail story: Allies attempt to get a truck thru the trail with supplies, Charlie wil do anything to stop them map made in gtk radiant 1.6.4 compiled in gtk 1.6.4 64bit credits to: SD- for their prefabs ripped from original maps 2bit- for tutorial and prefabs all other who have prefabs in this map that I cant remember :D kic-for his trees (wonderful job kic) And special credits goes to: AcQu Mateos Axis Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**prevent the truck from getting thru" 2 "primary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from building bridge1 or destroy if built" 3 "primary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from building bridge2 or destroy if built" 4 "primary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from building bridge3 or destroy if built" 5 "Secondary Objective:**Establish a Command Post." 6 "secondary objective:**destroy enemy cp" 7 "secondary objective:**build barricade1 " 8 "secondary objective:**build barricade2 " Allied Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Get the truck thru the path and into base" 2 "primary Objective:**build bridge 1." 3 "primary Objective:**build bridge 2." 4 "primary Objective:**build bridge 3." 5 "destroy the enemy comandpost" 6 "Secondary Objective:**Establish a Command Post." 7 "secondary objective:**make sure to destroy barricade1 if built" 8 "secondary objective:**make sure to destroy barricade2 if built"
  10. I asked around and we will not change anything for this great map
  11. i tested it in my internal server, it only just prevents the lockout of the TJ area so it won't spawn the cave blocking and will also not teleport you out of the caves. That is literally the only change.
  12. Is only for this map. And it will modify the map just for the lockout and teleport part but I think is better to keep western like it is i don’t added all the scripts and many been made for etpro servers https://ets-clan.com/index.php?/files/category/92-luas-scripts-maps-scripts/
  13. I see you edited out the section surrounding line 813. will the pk3 accept this? I recall modifying files with smaller size or different amount of text in the map failing to start. Or is this only for map model? Did you get it to work?
  14. here's the edited script to put into mapscripts, disables the lockout and teleport when someone dynamites the gunsmiths door in western.western.script
  15. @Bier Yes this Toshiba is still going after 11¾ years, it'll be 12 years since purchase date on 2 December, 2023 Original date of purchase is 2 December 2011. Still running Windows 7 as my primary OS as well (with pirated esu's). i use BypassESU which can be downloaded directly from My Digital Life (registration required) which allows installing updates past the EOL dates up until the end of ESU support, but since Windows 7's ESU support ended back in January i now need to get updates manually from the Microsoft Update Catalog that were made for Windows Embedded Standard 7, Until next month. Then i should try to find the ESU updates for Windows Embedded POSReady 7, which would go until October 2024.
  16. Like with this one https://wolffiles.de/services/campcreator/formular.php WET-Campaign-Creator Name: Password: If you`re not registred yet, you can do it HERE Why should I register? Because the campaigns were saved, so you can edit a once created campaign later. No personal Data is needed. Just register a nick with a password and start. Update V2.00 Updated map database according to wolffiles ET maps content Download-package now includes a linklist with the direktlinks to the mapfiles needed to run the campaign Update V1.01 Corrected a error which added the last pk3-Filename instead of thee last mapname in Description If you have any question about this campaign-creator Feel free to mail me: schnoog([@])schnoog.eu
  17. https://wolffiles.de/index.php?Service ET Masterserver List Crawler (etmaster.idsoftware.com) You are interessted wether your server is listed on masterserver or not? You don`t know it because the ingame serverbrowser is not displaying the server you`re looking for? Simply try our ET Masterserver List Crawler Crawl our masterserver checkout for your server ET MASTERSERVER LIST CRAWLER
  18. Raiden: There are fates worse than death.
  19. Pappy: Hell no!, and applies the defibrillator pads...
  20. The Toshiba: Let me die in peace.
  21. I know Pappy, but I don't want to / am not allowed to run that OS anymore for insurance reasons, because it's not officially supported anymore... My position at the company demands that, so I reluctantly have to comply. Here the company liability extends to the private area because I connect to the company network from my home, and also I don't want to run the risk... Are you fckn kidding me? That Toshiba laptop is still alive??
  22. And i'm STILL USING WINDOWS 7 and i have NO ISSUES! I am still getting security updates too! downloading them manually from the Microsoft Update Catalog i download updates targetting Windows Embedded Standard 7 as that is the exact same codebase as Windows 7 and it gets support until October 2023, after that i may need to see if i can hack up updates from Windows Embedded POSReady 7 and get updates till October 2024. that should last the rest of the life of my laptop, which isn't expected to be too long as sometimes i have to try multiple times to get it to boot properly since it boots but fails to bring up the screen.
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