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  2. Lighthouse is also an older map
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  4. Why are we removing great maps like lighthouse and keeping old maps like wurzburg radar and siwa? It gets really boring playing the really old maps but the new maps are alot of fun! Can we please put the newer maps back on in lieu of the really old maps? it would be a good idea to have a vote among ETS before removing newly added maps
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  6. Mr.Nick it a big yes and helloo from me..halfy
  7. I'm being approached by a few people who want me to help them with their personal need. They have businesses. This is mostly Real Estate and finance related matters which, is REALLY boring stuff to most folks so, I will just leave it at that. Anyway, I've got their back -always- and will be in and out for now until the paths are clear. Just letting you know what is going on. Hope to see you soon. Thanks, Centrifuge
  8. life is hard for almost of us in the world healthies problems , when we are married also is hard to live together also sorry you had this problem Nick but at ets we are here a friendly clan and we try to help the others when problems so dont hesitate to communicate and we will do our best
  9. Hi Nick . Sorry to hear you lost your love afhter 40 years . Hope playing helps you a bit in this difficult time . Enjoy the clan
  10. I had a divorce which felt like the same thing, and had to go through that adjustment too. Hang in there. It can be done!
  11. Last week
  12. Sorry to hear that Nick. when I am very heavy they tell me: go play and if I have something to do they tell me: always playing
  13. Lamento escuchar eso Nick. a mi cuando estoy muy pesado me dicen: anda a jugar y si tengo algo que hacer me dicen: simpre jugando
  14. I had a POLOLA for 40 years, who passed on last November.... I am widower now and am adjusting to life alone. Lets play!!!!!
  15. jajaja amigo cuanta verdad en tus palabras, tu sabes que la mujer sudamericana es la que manda y nosotros seguimos jajaja hahaha friend, so much true in your words, you know that the southamerican woman is the one in charge, and we just follow hahaha
  16. That sounds and looks heavenly mate! And that chicken with lemon is on my list for next summer! ¡Eso suena y parece celestial compañero! ¡Y ese pollo con limón está en mi lista para el próximo verano!
  17. No problem for me! Nick played a decent amount of hours already on our server, so let's do this!
  18. Of course not, but 99% yes I imagine that the ip is from the VPN but the mac address ???? You can also change but maybe you don't know how to do it Whoever it is, can't he kick it out at the moment ??? Does it hurt the CLAN? People who don't like cheats would be grateful, a single player with cheat knocks you down the map NYU is now playing on a server in germany
  19. @Mig try to translate please here we almost speak english
  20. Sea quien sea no se lo puede echar en el momento??? perJudica al CLAN ?? La gente que no le gusta los tramposos estarian agradecidos, un solo jugador con cheat te tira abajo el mapa
  21. Me imagino que el ip es del VPN pero el mac address ???? Tambien se puede cambiar pero a lo mejor no lo sabe hacer
  22. ASADO DIA DE LA MADRE 17/10/2021 NEGRO: POLLO esta quemado si jajaja pero la piel, se colocan rodajas de limon entre la piel y la carne, se lo pone de ese lado hasta que se quema la piel luego se lo da vuelta y en 5 minutos ya se puede comer ROJO: MORZILLA Este alimento se elabora principalmente con sangre de cerdo y con una gran variedad de ingredientes accesorios, siendo especialmente comunes el arroz y la cebolla. NARANJA:CHINCHULINES La palabra chinchulín proviene del quechua (ch'unchu, “intestino” o “tripas”), que es la forma para referirse al intestino delgado del ganado vacuno, se atan sus puntas para que no salga su contenido se le corta la grasa, se le deja un poco , se trenza y se deja una hora en un recipiente con jugo de 3 limones y ajo picado antes de cocinarlos AMARILLO: PECHITO DE CERDO VERDE: CHORIZO DE CERDO VIOLETA: RIÑON DE VACA BLANCO: ASADO DE VACA la costilla MARRON: CHORIZO DE VACA TURQUEZA: VACIO DE VACA El vacío de res es un corte que proviene de la parte lateral de la res. Se extrae de entre las costillas y los huecos de la cadera y por lo general es una carne jugosa MOTHER'S DAY ROAST 10/17/2021 BLACK: CHICKEN is burned if hahaha but the skin, lemon slices are placed between the skin and the meat, it is put on that side until the skin burns then it is turned over and in 5 minutes it can be eaten RED: MORZILLA This food is made mainly with pig's blood and with a great variety of accessory ingredients, rice and onion being especially common. ORANGE: CHINCHULINES The word chinchulín comes from Quechua (ch'unchu, “intestine” or “tripas”), which is the way to refer to the small intestine of cattle, their ends are tied so that their content does not come out, the fat, leave it a little, braid and leave an hour in a container with the juice of 3 lemons and minced garlic before cooking YELLOW: PORK BREAST GREEN: PORK SAUSAGE VIOLET: COW KIDNEY WHITE: COW ROAST the rib BROWN: COW CHORIZO TURQUEZA: COW VACUUM The beef vacuum is a cut that comes from the side of the beef. It is extracted from between the ribs and the hollows of the hip and is usually a juicy meat CORTES ARGENTINOS Espero que les halla gustado, seguramente TUTOX ya esta encendiendo el fuego I hope you liked it, surely TUTOX is already lighting the fire
  23. you cant be sure at all bout all that..
  24. please about cheaters can you post in the right section :d thanks
  25. is exactly what i told to the guys all these accusations bout Doink are going to nerd me more and more
  26. El problema eres tu que vienes a jugar cuando tu POLOLA no esta o te deja un rato. jajajajajaaa amigo vecino Ningun problema con Sgt Nick un jugador leal bienvenido No problem with Sgt Nick a loyal player welcome
  27. NYU es KNOX, RAINBOW,MEOW y otros nombres que ya ni recuerdo. el ping es el mismo y sobre todo la forma de jugar , hay algo que nunca se puede cambiar es el MODISMO, lo unico que aprendio es a no contestarme cuando lo increpo, antes lo delataba mas rapido. LOIRA es de BRASIL el ping de LOIRA 140 - 150 TIPICO DE SUDAMERICA. y tambien le gusta ese color. NYU is KNOX, RAINBOW, MEOW, and other names I can't even remember. the ping is the same and especially the way of playing, there is something that can never be changed is MODISM, the only thing that he learned is not to answer me when I increase him, before he gave it away faster. LOIRA is from BRAZIL the ping of LOIRA 140 - 150 TYPICAL OF SOUTH AMERICA. and she also she likes that color. sorry GOOGLE TRANSLATOR
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