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  6. Small follow up about the study itself. Eligibility Also make sure your qualifications are actually sufficient for the study. Here in the Netherlands the system is built in such a way you know fairly quick if you can study a participate in a programme, however you will usually have proof several things if you're from outside the country in question. Cost You might want to check the cost the study. There is usually a difference for EU citizens, price has to be the same for native students and EU students, however outside of EU price can be a lot higher. This is because the governments sometimes finance the tuition for their own population cost to keep the price down, but EU law dictates you can't discriminate for other EU citizens. However you will probably pay nominal cost for the study if you're out of the EU. So make sure the actual price is the one you saw. https://www.study.eu/country/france To give an old (prices are like 10 years old) example for Netherlands for example this is the difference between 2k (Dutch student cost and by EU law, EU student cost) and anywhere between 10k and 20k a year(The nominal cost without funding, applied to non EU citizens). Depends on the study how expensive it is. A book based study is a lot cheaper than one requiring consumables, such as lab experiments.
  7. Again very vague, you're talking about living there not booking a trip with a travel agency. So there is a massive amount of factors at play. Where you want to live, how you live, how you move about, what other necessities you will require. It's impossible to judge, even for a French person to judge how you live. how long will you stay. Especially without a number of available monthly spending. I'd say google cost of living indicator and check the results, amongst others: https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/ Maybe big mac index is also something to look at. Check rent prices, where you want to live, it's one of the biggest drains. Check minimum wage for France, this will give you an indication what their government deems necessary to make it through the month. Check how your health insurance works abroad and what costs are involved. Rent, food, local travel, health insurance (and potentially heating, electricity, water) will probably cover the overwhelming share of your necessary expenditure.
  8. Well it's just a probability, but I'm more or less concerned about the costs of living
  9. Bed i upload this for you...Enjoy my friend:_cool_dance:

  10. Should supply some information.... ;-D
  11. It seems you are already aware by the flood of migrants in Europe given your meme. Seems you're fulled prepared.
  12. Hello everyone. I need some advices since I'll be, maybe, at France to go to study Meme attached since I felt it was neccessary
  13. Sorry to hear that, hope you can find a way to fix it.
  14. Really sorry to hear that, hope they can find out what is wrong and help you feel better.
  15. 3 week with tinnitus, no hearing loss and the ENT told me that probably is tmj (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction ) this week I had an appointment to see if that's the problem but idk. Sometimes the tone comes worse and other times is soft and is almost not existent
  16. It seems a week's gone by, have you seen your ENT? Any news?
  17. i had ear ringing before, sometimes randomly and other times after extended exposure to loud sounds. (e.g. lawnmower). if yours is chronic probably best to see your doctor.
  18. I have an appointment with my ENT week, hopefully I'll find the cause of the tinnitus because I'm getting tired of it
  19. I had an appointment with the audiologist. They didn't find anything different, my hearing is still the same but the tinnitus still continues. I haven't sleep well recently
  20. I have suffered Ménière's disease for more than 20 years now. It is like Tinnitus but 2 or 3 levels up, and yes you get used to it, you HAVE to. I have a buzz and a ring in my right ear 24/7. I am dizzy all the time but sometimes it gets worse and you go to an episode. I will suggest you to check it before it gets worse. We tend, when young, to think things will fix by themselves and this does not work all the time. So please go and check your ears. Trust me, you will avoid some suffering. Mav
  21. i have it for years... ues to come and go but now al time..like rico said you get use't to it but times it makes hard to hear some one talk.. thay say hearing aids help with it if you got it all time
  22. i have heard from friends it comes and goes but like alot of things you kinda get used to it . but when it first happens its more scary.
  23. It started since a week ago, just in the right ear. The only antecedent was that w week ago, I had an ear irrigation since my ears had too much wax but apart from that, nothing more. Idk, at first it stressed me a lot and right now I'm waiting the appointment with the othorhino
  24. I have had one time after using my airpods, one time I was testing a movie and watched maybe 10-15 mins, I was testing the spacial sound that creates a surround like sound, I dont know maybe I played to loud or the sounds from the action movie was causing it. Luckily it went away after a couple of weeks. Today I had slight high frequency sound on my right ear, but seems a little better now. It can come and go. I dont know if you use airpods or something like that, if you do be aware how loud you have the volume.
  25. Sorry to hear that @BEDARIUS, that sounds rough. @Vixda I know it exists, after a quick read up there seems no known treatment for this, but the causes of tinnitus can vary like Bedarius said. So it's hard to say where the problem is rooted. Tinnitus in itself is a very annoying problem, but it won't affect your health much aside from having to deal with annoying ringing. Seconding Bedarius, consult a doctor if it persists if you can. I vaguely recall, but not sure from where, that people with tinnitus like to sleep with a recording of something else to drown out the annoying noise if it affects your sleep. So that might be something in the meantime if you're suffering from it.
  26. I often had tinnitus due to post-traumatic stress and panic attacks... I hope that's not your case. something else it could be pressure... or you listen to music too loud... the sound of your work environment after several years of work. I hope this answers your question. age also could be the case. It is best to consult your doctor if it persists. good luck.. in general it doesn't matter
  27. Have anyone here ever suffered from Tinnitus? (Ear ringing)
  28. Version 1.0.0


    Story: In the hidden recesses of an ancient temple lay an extraordinary secret - an ancient anti-gravity generator. Crafted by a civilization long forgotten, the Axis use this device to create a dangerous weapon. ======================================================= Objectives: Allied: Primary Objectives: 1] Destroy the main gate. 2] Grab the tank fuel and steal the tank. 3] Escort the tank to the temple. 4] Destroy the tank barriers. 5] Grab the key and open the secret door inside the temple. 6] Destroy the ancient anti-gravity generator. Secondary Objectives: 7] Once at the old city, capture the forward spawn point. 8] Destroy the side entrance. Axis: Primary Objectives: 1] Protect the main gate. 2] Protect the tank fuel and don't let them steal the tank. 3] Don't let the tank go to the temple. 4] Don't let the Allies destroy the tank barriers. 5] Protect the key. 6] Protect the ancient anti-gravity generator. Secondary Objectives: 7] Don't let them use the forward spawn point at the old city. 8] Protect the side entrance. ======================================================= Mapname : Oasi BSPname : oasi Released: 04.04.2024 Version : final Map made by: o-0._.0-o Website: www.bunker4fun.com Thanks to Pegazus for making a cactus model. ======================================================= oasi_final_waypointsV2.zip
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