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  2. Thanks, yes it was. Not at all. Using batch file was a breakthrough for an otherwise dead end
  3. Nice work Napo! That was a tough cookie! You're always welcome. Hope I didn't led you astray too much... ;-)
  4. After some sweat and frustration I managed to make browser connectivity work for vanilla ET. So for both versions you can now do: This is a work around for vanilla ET. This can also be run for ET Legacy, but I don't see the point. ET Legacy can already Instructions to make it happen: 1. Download attached file 2. Put the 2 .bat files into the same folder as the game et.exe (eg. C:/Program Files x86/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/). 3. Right click on RegkeyWriter.bat and Run as administrator 3.5 RegkeyWriter.bat can be removed if you prefer. 4. Connect th
  5. Cleaned it up and did some input sanitation. If you want to check feel free the files. Thanks for your input Bier! :) the_future_is_now.zip
  6. source ips Light/dark mode All ipsfocus themes come with a "Light/Dark mode" switch, which allows your members to easily change between two themes by clicking a light/dark toggle in the user panel. This can be helpful for switching between light/dark versions of the same theme such as Chameleon and Chameleon Dark, but it can also be used to switch between ANY two themes - such as Ortem
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Made by: oVe (also known as oveove) BSP name: Norwegian_battery_b6 Type: Multiplayer map, beta Finshed: 02 - 05 - 2014 (DD MM YYYY) Compiling machine: Windows XP - (something old) - haha! Editor: Radiant 1.3.8 version: beta 6 For the latest version: www.thewolfteam.org to leave suggessions: forums.warchest.com (I go under alias oveove there.) or www.thewolfteam.org Special thanks to: Daniel alias styxsyn (software and the entrance to W:ET) Loffy (for sounds and stuff) Thunder (for models, tips and support) and all the people at t
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Map made by [UJE]Niek 4-10-2011 The allies have to break into the airfield. Once they blow up the main entrance they can destroy the flight controls and detroy the cargo of 2 airplanes stationed there. Axis: Defend the main entrance Prevent the allies from blowing up the cargo of the planes Prevent the allies from blowing up the flight controls Alied: Destroy the main entrance Destroy both cargo's in the planes destroy the Flight controls More [UJE] maps:You can see the info about our other maps on our website [UJE]Clan site
  9. kate


    Version 1.0.0


    MLB map by Marko & Bob le Roux. Axis Objective Descriptions 1 "Secondary Objective:** Don't let axis get passed the Starbase entrance" 2 "Secondary Objective:** Don't let axis set up an advanced spawn" 3 "Secondary Objective:** Prevent axis forces from taking over the starbase supervision controls" 4 "Primary Objective:** Defend the Starbase Gravitational Processor" // Allied Objective Descriptions 1 "Secondary Objective:** Breach the Starbase entrance" 2 "Secondary Objective:** Build an advanced spawn inside the Starbase" 3 "Secondary Objective
  11. Yesterday
  12. It indeed calls the directory cmd.exe is in for its execution, this the directory that sticks. With this in mind I have rewritten a couple of things and booked preliminary success of getting it to work for C:/. testing a copy I have on a different drive and it still fails.
  13. Hmm the cmd.exe, you might be on to something there. cmd.exe proved to be somewhat problematic in the past. I ran it from the powershell. Yes, that was quite the surprise. Yeah...
  14. .bat files not coupled to cmd.exe by default? C:\WINDOWS\system32/etmain ? That cannot be right... Man, what a pit of snakes!! Lets play a few maps... Reset your mind... :-)
  15. used dps0 now, s to include shortening. It will now write to the registry. Not sure what happens if a space is very early in the directory name, but I think (fully aware assumption is the mother of all fuck ups) that most have Wolfenstein Enemy Territory as directory name for vanilla et. So the problem should be rare if it arises at all. Edit: will see if i can get it to work combined now.
  16. yeah... switching to fs0 is already promising. dp0 on stackoverflow
  17. set stringedtogether="%cur_path_et% %variable% \%cur_path% %variable2% " rem \"%1\""" ""C:\Users\Ron\vanilla_stripper.bat" \"C:\Users\Ron\" "+connect" " rem \"\""" Adding the strings to stringedtogether nicely preserves the quotes... Hmm.. I cannot asses the validity of the resulting string as i dont know what happens there..
  18. Edit1: I think the ~dp0 might have an underlying issue with spaces. I'll put my current code here: @echo off setlocal enableextensions enableDelayedExpansion set cur_path="%~dp0" set cur_path_et="%~dp0vanilla_stripper.bat" set variable0="+set" set variable1="fs_basepath" set variable2="+connect" set stringedtogether="%cur_path_et% %variable% \%cur_path% %variable2% " rem \"%1\""" echo %cur_path% echo %cur_path_et% echo %variable0% echo %variable1% reg add "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\etj" /t REG_SZ /d "URL: Enemy Territory Stripper Protocol" /f reg add "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\etj" /t REG_SZ /v
  19. I can write C:\Users\[napo]\Desktop\et.exe +set base_path "C:\Users\[napo]\Desktop\" to registry from desktop directory ----------------------------------- > no space in this part I can't write C:\Users\[napo]\Desktop\night mare\et.exe +set base_path "C:\Users\[napo]\Desktop\night mare\" ------------------------------------------------ > there is a space in this part No quotes needed here? I can't write C:\Games\Wolfenstein ET2\et.exe +set base_path "C:\Games\Wolfenstein ET2" from the ET directory -------------
  20. Yes. I can write spaces to registry without issue from a spaced directory, e.g. w ow I can write C:\Users\[napo]\Desktop\et.exe +set base_path "C:\Users\[napo]\Desktop\" to registry from desktop directory I can write w ow from "C:\Games\Wolfenstein ET2\" to registry I can't write C:\Users\[napo]\Desktop\night mare\et.exe +set base_path "C:\Users\[napo]\Desktop\night mare\" to registry from desktop directory I can't write C:\Games\Wolfenstein ET2\et.exe +set base_path "C:\Games\Wolfenstein ET2" from the ET directory Edit1: Perhaps the issue is how I write the pat
  21. Ill try.. :-) We'll get there! Are you using quotes around the path/file names with spaces...?
  22. I wondered about that. I moved the batch file into a new folder on desktop with a space in the file name. Failed. edit1: Also the reason for update 2, thats how I tested it :) By the way thanks for the input, is appreciated! :)
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