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  3. Lmao @Napoleon Also me ignoring all warnings like a man child.
  4. You were not alone @-Silky.
  5. I‘m very sad to hear this. I don’t know anyone who is/was so dedicated to this game as Kate. Although not playing anymore since many years, I always tried to support this community with my maps. And kate was an integral part that played an essential role in communicating what folks want (or don’t want) to have in the maps I made. Her passing leaves a gap that can’t be filled. My deepest condolences to all who knew her. I have no words….
  6. Earlier
  7. Good one Nap...lol
  8. hey been haveing lagg and conn, problems last few times been on and now the site is alll wakked...???
  9. Happy birthday our ets|angel 🦋💐

  10. Server has been up all day. Maybe a masterlist fluke not showing the server? 🤷‍♂️
  11. Maybe a fluke on your end or very short. Im currently on the server. Seems alive and well
  12. Words are difficult to let go ... along with you all, I am of course deeply saddened with Kate's passing. She was a genuinely nice person and I wish I had spent more time with her ... makes me regret having been away for quite a while. At first I came for the server and its XP save ... but I (and my buddy Bouliche) stayed for Kate. I'd talk to her in French and even knowing I was also French, she would reply in English for some weird reason haha, but that's the way it was. Repose en paix Marianne, tu seras regrettée, mais jamais oubliée...
  13. Ip and were old game servers Ip is the New server as of February 19th. So you won't be able to connect to or as those server ip's are offline.
  14. No good with the manual attempt to connect with the new server
  15. The connection is that's the only server I can connect to at this time. I sure the problem started prior to Feb 19. I really have no idea what server connection I was connecting to at that time. I can tell you that if I try to connect to ANY different server I wait while it gives me a message to the effect of "waiting to connect" or "waiting for server".....something like that and it never connects . The above noted server I CAN connect to seems to be the default server when I start up. I simply cannot change it. I see now that the server everyone ( I'm assuming) is using is: ? I will try to manually connect to that one on my next log on. Thanks for getting back to me on this. If this works, how do I make the NEW server the default connection?
  16. @-Silky. Yes, has been like that since January. It's hard to pin down when exactly. I'm pretty sure that it started after the move In January to the 172.- one.
  17. This is very sad news. I haven't played for a couple years, but she was so welcoming to me when I revisited ET after many years gone. I've wanted to jump back on, and it was specifically because I remembered how nice and helpful Kate was to me. My condolences to her family, both IRL and on this server and the ET community. Tim
  18. @Napoleon So, your connection interrupted issue has been accuring since January, correct? If so, do you remember if it was when the server ip was or when it switched to in January? The switch from to was in January, around the 9th I think. @sectorm your issue is identical to napoleons issue. Has this been happening just recently, February 19th and on? Or prior, before February 19th?
  19. hmmmm. .. my reply seems to have disappeared .....well I'll start with the basics. HP desktop, circa 2015. Win 10, ETS version 2.81.1 When the game starts the connection is that's the only server I can connect to, If i try a manual connection it does not connect . I see the new server is I see when I'm having trouble in the game; with the freeze and message being "Connection Interrupted" the ping is 999. That's what i got! and I Ain't got no more....lol....thanks if you can help -sectorm- (Mike)
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