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  1. It was copied from the page, but i do not remember that scene or weapon in Quake 2 regular or rtx version. Portal is also one of the RTX games also. I have never played portal. But RTX is shiny and pretty.
  2. Performance is not bad - If your PC have enough resources and you set up your new fancy video card correctly to play Enemy Territory, ROFL - turn off alot of NEW shit and change many default settings for the game Enemy territory specifically. You want all the new fancy stuff on your video card for all New games BUT not Enemy Territory or DOOM's, RTCW's, Duke nukem, etc I own them all. Each has its own setting requirements, they are not the same for every RTCW or doom, etc.
  3. I run windows 11 and i did have the same question you had about the performance in games. Bad performance in anything should not be possible on my pc. The link is to download Microsoft process explorer included in the Sysinternals Suite FROM MICROSOFT. It shows what is running or loaded on the PC and much much much more. Get Sysinternals Suite - Microsoft Store I do not remember everything I did, but turn off x-box crap, turn off talk to PC crap. Windows 10-11 has too much background crap running or loaded into memory. Try to figure out what is not needed and remove it or set it not to start or load with windows. To run windows 10 or 11, I would recommend a Minimum of : : 8G mem and 4 cpu's and a 128G solid state drive to install windows on. Windows 10-11 are VERY cpu & memory intensive. I installed and have windows 10 running on 3 different duel core laptops each with min 4G mem but they do not have the required PHYSICAL hardware to install windows 11. They run windows 10 but slow and sluggish. But they do stream HBOMAX very well. LOL
  4. Helpful windows 10 information, To get a DOS PROMPT in windows 10 => press the "windows" key + the "R" key, Then in the box type "cmd" => Then press enter. You are NOW at the DOS PROMPT I use this to send the directory listings to a text file INSTEAD of displaying the list on the computer screen. PROMPTVIEW: C:\users\cyber TYPETHIS: dir D:\mapz > D:\listmapz.txt This creates a text file named listmapz.txt and sends the list of files in the mapz directory to the text file named listmapz.txt which is located at D:\
    Initial Script & waypoints - Bot files created by: rand0m# Bot files Edited by: Native12 22.02.2017 Adapted from Mountain pass beta 3 to Mountain pass beta 4 (waypoints, moved goals....) Objective Allies must Steal axis documents, Destroy a wooden fence Gate and secure the documents on a truck stored inside the wooden fence. Christmas map, decorated with little colored lights everywhere.
    It is a good map. It has 3 flags that are crucial to winning. It is not just about capturing the flag and keeping it or not keeping the flag. It is all about the flag locations, spawning at the wrong flag or spawn at the wrong time makes you walk a long way to battle. Plus along the way the allies must steal and secure an objective on the truck. The truck must be escorted past 2 barriers and across 3 bridges to reach its final destination. I did create working bot files for this map. But they are not for public use. This is a large map with large distances between each flag spawn and the first spawns. There are only 3 flags so The team that has none or only 1 flag will spawn at their first spawn back at the beginning of the map.
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