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  1. That's great! I know the band of course but am not really familiar with them, but millions of others do. So I can imagine it feels nice to have been a part of something like this.
  2. This is quite a piece of work indeed! Very trippy indeed, but in an undefinable way. Brings me back to my mdma days. Would have worked quite well with that too! :-D Come to think of it. I have some still lying around from 15 years ago. Nice opportunity to check if it's still potent after all that time! It's all that you said it was. This one's staying on my playlist!
  3. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    The popular chicken sound in .mp3 format....
  4. Sweet! Sounds heavenly! Welcome back!
  5. Can't say anything else than at Popotte's application. Yes!
  6. Bier


    Played with you a few times only, but that's enough for me. Great decent and skilled player, so oui, yes, and si from me!
  7. I had a divorce which felt like the same thing, and had to go through that adjustment too. Hang in there. It can be done!
  8. That sounds and looks heavenly mate! And that chicken with lemon is on my list for next summer! ¡Eso suena y parece celestial compañero! ¡Y ese pollo con limón está en mi lista para el próximo verano!
  9. No problem for me! Nick played a decent amount of hours already on our server, so let's do this!
  10. Damn Centrifuge, it's like i'm talking to myself,,, This all agrees with a lot of highpoints I have with Zappa myself, but your Water Melon in Easter Hay remark was quite bizarre... It's recorded in my will that that piece will be played at my funeral. In the right (or wrong) mood, it always brings tears to my eyes, even after 40 years. (if other readers don't know what i'm talking about check this and see of you are vulnerable... ) And OMG dude... Stevie's Spanking! Are you bloody reading my mind? Hands down one of the best collab solo's of those two! Zappa steamrolling and Steve on stunt guitar! Wow! It was well known he demanded a lot of his band members. His sometimes bizarre style and focus on precision was not for all musicians but if you survived Zappa, people knew you were good at something... (Ike Willis, Scott Tunis, Bobby Martin, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Ruth and so on and on and on...) I have every album he ever published (and the slew of bootlegs too) stored safely away. It's been with me all my life, but still sad he had to pass away so early...
  11. Same here! As a youngster I bought Joe's Garage Act I, II and III on a whim, and became a fan right away! He was (and still is) very popular over here in Europe. I even been to one of his performances in Rotterdam, 1988. Totally awesome show where the crowd cheered him back on the podium 3 times, like he was never going to quit!! One of my best memories!
  12. Centrifuge, Your door busting prosaic posts are quite insightful and entertaining. You really want to work your way into this clan, not? :-) I can only appreciate it! We already had our coming out's in the past, but these posts are sadly lost during a server migration in the past, but I'll recap mine a bit reflecting yours: I am 54 years old, 55 to be in December... I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands I have a G.E.D. (Good Enough Diploma, Autodidact) And music is a big part of my life too, Listening to it, to be exactly (Old school rocker, Zappa, ACDC, SOAD. Iron Maiden, Dio, Rammstein, Die Antwoord) Nice to see you have made such a career out of it.. I had some ambitions when I was young, wanting to play the guitar and shred the world to pieces, but then electronics and computers crossed my path in the early '80 and that is where I stayed up to now... In the mean time I got married, raised and launched 2 fantastic boys (which both play guitar ;-) ), got divorced, met another woman, lost her again, and am now living life on my own which, unexpectedly, seems to work out quite well... So, I'm also just trying to relax and live a happy, humble life before God calls me home. Stay safe, and I hope that foot heals soon, Bier! P.S. Positive vote from me!
  13. He told me a few weeks ago he had busy times coming up, due to a lot of his reptiles were going to hatch...
  14. I think the memes are way better that the real thing!
  15. It's clear that metal manufacturing make up a great deal of our industries, and it's always fun to see where it pops up. Like PryD being deeply into heat treatment, who would expected that! The most interesting process I have seen to date was explosion welding. One of our clients uses it to weld copper to steel in an explosion bonding process, and produces jet engine outer casings (the front inlet ring) in an explosion forming process. It's insanely brutal, but quite satisfying to witness. Sometimes it takes me too nice places too. Another of our clients specializes in copper welding, maintaining the conductors that drive a *huge* electric arc furnace. These conductors carry 1000's of amps and are hollow so they can be cooled from within. Seeing such an furnace in action is a quite humbling experience... But again, i'm not there for my knowledge of metals, but being a trained programmer I am usually always involved programming the equipment when WPS's come in play. And when it comes to music, I'm also a big metal fan...! :D
  16. That sounds quite enjoyable.. Get a good rest mate!
  17. The company I work for is also in the metal business. We import/export welding wires, rods, ceramics and safety items for the metal processing industry like builders, shipyards, manufacurers, etc... We also offer some annealing equipment for rental, resistance and induction based. It's a very important process for some manufacturing steps, and with the new high-tech base materials it gets even more important so your future is bright! ;-) But do I know anything more about metal? No! I run the IT department there.... Hahaha! And damn! Working for F1! That would look great on my CV too!
  18. Wow! How's that for an introduction! A+! Great story from the golden years... Good to see our server is luring you into returning to the game! :-) Already played quite a few maps with you, and you seem to blend in well, so if you are fishing for something, like say an ETS tag, I invite you to apply. Kate will love it! ;-)
  19. Not very long around, but quite often.. (week or 2?)! Good shooter, balancer and not afraid to chat. Think I seen enough, so yes from me!
  20. 0011 1100 1010 1101 1111 0000

    #3CADF0 ??
    Should I search for something or is it just random  :default_bs_quesexclaim:


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    3. Ets icpower

      Ets icpower

      no it is E.T code 

    4. Bier


      That doesn't clear things up... :-)


      3 12 10 13 15 0

      not ASCII...



  21. Like Topcat said, you are around for just a few days. Lets have some courtship first... ;-)
  22. Hey Lethal, Always great to hear our servers get some praise! And you're not so bad either... Great aim and already social. Hope to see you soon and often! Need to adjust to your style.. :-) Bier.
  23. I love Chorizo mate! I will try it next weekend with FCC!! :-)
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