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  1. Got no friggin' idea.. I never use it.
  2. Pappy: Hell no!, and applies the defibrillator pads...
  3. I know Pappy, but I don't want to / am not allowed to run that OS anymore for insurance reasons, because it's not officially supported anymore... My position at the company demands that, so I reluctantly have to comply. Here the company liability extends to the private area because I connect to the company network from my home, and also I don't want to run the risk... Are you fckn kidding me? That Toshiba laptop is still alive??
  4. Been stable all weekend after the swap. RX 420 upgrade to RX 460... Lol! Still old! But i'm convinced I had some local problem only I had. Case closed!
  5. My ET also never crashed like this. I tried everything I can think of... I'll swap my graphics card coming weekend. See if that helps. It's old...
  6. Aaaand, it's not. It crashed again. More digging to do...
  7. Automatically.. Usually that's not a problem.
  8. The game just freezes up, and I get my normal desktop mouse cursor. I then have to close the game by hand to get my desktop back. Indeed I have an AMD graphics card, but no update was installed lately. I seem to have some success now by removing Windows Update KB5028951, which was installed a week ago. Up to now the game is stable again. Fingers crossed...
  9. Since a few days and out of the blue, ET is crashing on me constantly. 6, 7, 8 times per session, and it sucks balls! It suspect some Windows update is ruining the fun again... Anyone running vanilla ET on Windows 10 has the same experience?
  10. Yes for me too for sure! Great player to have on the team!! And congrats with your newborn son! I have 2 sons myself, and the last one is on the verge of leaving the nest to take on the world by himself, so if you ever need a peptalk... :-))
  11. Oh yes! Nice addition to the clan for sure! I say, Welcome Mike!
  12. Bier

    Ets| Meme House

    Let me recall this old thread... We had some fon in the past already! :-) Looking at the Spam section I didn't realize whe accumulated a lot of funny shit already. Most of them I already forgot about...
  13. Good luck with that!! Is that your new view? :-)
  14. Awww... That's a bummer man! I hope you have better luck next week..!
  15. Looks like weather permits, so I guess pappy is packing now! Have a safe trip, and a safer stay at Cedar Point mate. And remember, splatting there is for real...
  16. Have fun Pappy and stay in one piece! Imagine the irony if you would gutsify yourself... :-) And yeah... Pics or it didn't happen!
  17. This behaviour is only logical if you take into account what an incredible force Google is on the internet, and in real life... They are already big enough and have enough resources to their disposal to put up a fight with anyone or anything standing in their way, be it another company, disruptor or government. And when it suits their need they'll use legal pressure, illegal pressure (all the fines that they got during the years everywhere around the world), or just dirty tricks (like in Chrome), and this is only scratching the surface... Imo they are already acting like a corporate government on many aspects of life, smeared out over half the globe. If this goes on like this they will have infiltrated almost everything and everywhere in all aspects of life which controls our daily existence... As it stands now we still have some choices we can make, but you have to be willing to pay for the services one uses and be able to install/configure/maintain these, because they will not be all so integrated like Google does it and usually not for free, but it's a price I'm willing to pay... And there the biggest problem pops up. Even if one wants to pay for services to be independent, only a few percent of people (in my circle) have the skills to handle that for themself and if you take this into account then maybe 5 or 10 percent of the internet population is in a position to do this. For me that leads to the sickening conclusion that we are totally fucked, and the only strategy left is keeping these moguls under control with rules and legislation. Until Google buys a country. Then they can make their own laws too... Sweet dreams!
  18. To add to the ads discussion, Google is planning for Chrome to ban all adblockers in the near future, so there wont be any escape at all anymore when using that browser. Due to this FireFox is getting more and more popular again (which it totally deserves!). So, be prepared to make a choice soon... Hanging on the leash of Google, who is doing now what Microsoft did with Internet Explorer 6 ages ago, or step over to a privacy centered browser which keeps you in control. Choose wisely...
  19. Epic piece mate, and it reflects my thoughts about Google exactly! The irony is that when google started I was a real fan of it and advertised it to anyone who wanted to hear about it. The only more-or-less usable search engine in those days was AltaVista, and at the end Alta Vista was so laden with ads and shit that you had to actively search for the box to type in your search request. When Google entered the internet their search page was completely empty with only the search prompt in the middle, which was a godsend! Googles search page is still like is was when it started, so I give them credits for continuity. But it also made users not associate Google with ads.... Boy, do we know now... Alternatives for Google: For their services there almost no alternatives. At least no alternatives that are also free to use. You would also have to use many separate services from all kinds of providers for which you usually have to pay, or take all kinds of restricted functionality for granted. The best thing you can do imho, is running your own cloud server with OwnCloud, FreeNas, Synology or something equivalent (there are a lot out there), but then you need to be technically savvy to make this work just as easy as Google does and don't forget installing, maintaining, updating and backing up... For their search engine, I switched to duckduckgo a few years ago. I only use google when duckduck does not give me satisfying results which, to be honest, happens some time. For Youtube, I use that in my FireFox browser which has the uBlock plugin installed. This combination gets rid of all the ads Youtube puts in front and in the middle of their videos... Facebook I have never used, nor any other kind or form of social media... They and their users all seem to be not so 'social' as they pretend.
  20. That was an old post.. I never heard anything about it anymore. Looked like it had some potential, but those shiny floors..... Ugh!
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