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  1. Hey MoeDawg, Nice to see you blending in! :-)
  2. Yeah Luis, these are quite bad too... :-)
  3. Also handy: When I need Administrator rights on my DOS prompt I do: Press: windows key -> type: cmd -> press: ctrl-shift-enter Presto! Instant admin prompt.
  4. Dragon Ball Z.... That one I remember, on MTV during the '90... Goku, Vegeta come to mind. All else I forgot.... Beavis and Butthead were also on MTV during that period. Does that count as a form of American anime? Because it was brilliant...! (Is there a finer definition of Anime?)
  5. Hey Pappy, Happy bierthday to you my friend, and that you may have many many more!!
  6. Bier

    Covid 19

    Great Kate, thats one worry less!
  7. Bier

    Covid 19

    Guys, Shit is already polarized enough as it is. Let's not draw the outside world misery into our fantasy ET world. There is debate enough going on in real life, so please add your contribution there. I bet you have much better reach! :-)
  8. Ha! That frog is (on) toast! Looks a bit savage how they have to get it into little pieces, but it's hilarious indeed! That looks like a nice and colorful flock, Pappy. Very nice indeed!
  9. Yes Wreck, that always the problem with these timezones.. Me, Kate and Top are usually around 5-6 hours ahead in time compared to you, so after you had dinner, we are really thinking about our beds... (except Topcat, who seems to need no sleep at all... ;-) ) Problem for me sometimes is that I have to leave just when the fun starts, When all you guys go online in the evening I'm already way over my top, battling 10Ton eyelids...
  10. Same here... No problemo at all. I changed it by going to the properties of a .menu test file, and change the Open With property on this first page.
  11. Bier


  12. I have no problem with that... What in hell are you trying to do then? Piece of shit indeed, but it's not that bad. Kinda somewhere in between shit and downwind a decaying large animal's corpse...
  13. The W10 version sucks balls, so everything is better! I will give it a try soon Pappy!
  14. Nice W7 style Start Menu replacement! Which one is it?
  15. Then also check out the new Windows 10 Sandbox you'll be getting with it (need separate installation). Great for all shady stuff you want to test. W10 is not all bad... Just takes some (no, a lot of) tweaking and getting used too.
  16. I feel your pain Pappy... Had to do it myself to about 8 months ago also due to Windows 7 support ending for my favorite tools.. I can recommend you the following blog by Chris Titus, to clean out your Windows 10 install of all unwanted components (telemetry/spy/commercial): https://christitus.com/ultimate-windows-setup-guide/#what-this-script-does Here he explains it in a video: Just FYI! :-)
  17. YES from me! Didn't I say that already?? :-)


    On 2/7/2021 at 4:15 AM, Bier said:

    You really need to update mate!
    Or free some memory.... :-)

    I really feel really bad lately.

    I hope it's nothing serious.



    Sorry I tried to do funny about this, but I did not know is was serious.

    Your words do not sound positive, amigo.
    Please take good care of yourself...


    1. Luis Enrique

      Luis Enrique

      Don't worry, I'll be fine.

  19. Don't count out the hormones Pappy... ;-)
  20. Thanks Carlos! I have absolutely nothing to add...
  21. My deepest condolences Pappy. It's hard to loose a dear friend like this...
  22. Bier


    I'm not going to be the first in line for sure. We had something like this in 2009 with the Mexican Flu/Swine Flu epidemic. The vaccine they then whipped up in a short time was later connected to many cases of Narcolepsy with kids. We did not have ourselves and our kids vaccinated then because it just didn't feel right, which seemed the better choice later on... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcolepsy (H1N1 vaccine part)
  23. It should be common knowledge, but it can never be repeated enough...!
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