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  1. That does not sound as a bad solution mate... Personally I would break it over my knee. Must be something fishy going on with you silent.dat file or your profile or something like that. Might want to check your disks...
  2. I'll ride out Windows 10 as long as possible. Got it under control now so I will sit it out till 11 has reached the same stability, and there is a fix for being forced to create a Microsoft account.
  3. My keyboards never live to get that old... They usually die after a involuntary beer, tea or milk bath. Experience has thought me I have around 2 days to buy a new keyboard until the keys start to stick, fail or stink. ;-)
  4. Pappy checking his looks before going on the catwalk... :classic_cool:


  5. Sure... When you are spectator you can fly all over the map. Just follow some player with left or right mouse button and press Spacebar.
  6. Nice try. Luis, but we need name and location....
  7. Which map is this? Name the map and approximate the coordinates!
  8. That's great! I know the band of course but am not really familiar with them, but millions of others do. So I can imagine it feels nice to have been a part of something like this.
  9. This is quite a piece of work indeed! Very trippy indeed, but in an undefinable way. Brings me back to my mdma days. Would have worked quite well with that too! :-D Come to think of it. I have some still lying around from 15 years ago. Nice opportunity to check if it's still potent after all that time! It's all that you said it was. This one's staying on my playlist!
  10. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    The popular chicken sound in .mp3 format....
  11. Sweet! Sounds heavenly! Welcome back!
  12. That sounds and looks heavenly mate! And that chicken with lemon is on my list for next summer! ¡Eso suena y parece celestial compañero! ¡Y ese pollo con limón está en mi lista para el próximo verano!
  13. He told me a few weeks ago he had busy times coming up, due to a lot of his reptiles were going to hatch...
  14. I think the memes are way better that the real thing!
  15. That sounds quite enjoyable.. Get a good rest mate!
  16. 0011 1100 1010 1101 1111 0000

    #3CADF0 ??
    Should I search for something or is it just random  :default_bs_quesexclaim:


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    3. Ets icpower

      Ets icpower

      no it is E.T code 

    4. Bier


      That doesn't clear things up... :-)


      3 12 10 13 15 0

      not ASCII...



  17. Yeah... It started with W95, then W98, then WME, WXP, W7 etc... Average 3 years apart... I did hear them say once W10 would be the last Windows version. Only updates from now on and no new versions anymore.
  18. Yeah Luis, these are quite bad too... :-)
  19. Also handy: When I need Administrator rights on my DOS prompt I do: Press: windows key -> type: cmd -> press: ctrl-shift-enter Presto! Instant admin prompt.
  20. Dragon Ball Z.... That one I remember, on MTV during the '90... Goku, Vegeta come to mind. All else I forgot.... Beavis and Butthead were also on MTV during that period. Does that count as a form of American anime? Because it was brilliant...! (Is there a finer definition of Anime?)
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