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  1. I've been waiting for this for years.
  2. Welcome aboard Napoleon.
  3. Welcome it's good to see new faces. PS, I also use a translator.
  4. Thanks you, Pappy. The user must choose what software to install, not the companies.
  5. Hey Pappy, does this work too? Just sit back and relax, this will take a while.
  6. Raiden: There are fates worse than death.
  7. Ron, do you install the updates manually or automatically?
  8. Have you already tried using compatibility mode?
  9. 1984, Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World along with other dystopias will come true in the future.
  10. If Google wants to shoot themselves, let them do it. There are other alternatives like FireFox.
  11. I see the Internet Archive as a museum and therefore there is no place for garbage, do not put garbage. Facebook is a hole full of shit, get out of there I tell you from personal experience. YouTube went to shit for a long time really since it was bought by Google. If I have been able to notice errors during the searches.
  12. Sorry for not answering but I was playing with a controller.

    My keyboard doesn't work.

  13. I understand you perfectly. By the way, do you know any software to design 3D shelves?
  14. Experimental Rock I love at that time all the bands were experimental, they all varied in genres even in the same song. But I had no knowledge of Frank Zappa usually when it comes to that era they always talk about the British invasion and its importance in the music scene. But where do I start, what song or album do you recommend? Bedarius you are a man of many interesting things.
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