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  1. @kate My brightness setting is a lot higher when plalying the game. Apparently screenshots don't take brightness setting into account and applies default brightness when taking a screenshot. I tried with different software. See picture below, this is roughly how I see it. I had to use software to brighten the picture, to match reality. And to show my earlier point @Two Minutes Hate You can see a blob that is a bot next to the center tree. Capturing moving stuff from this game is apprently very hard (for my hardware).
  2. Let me provide some context... (which I could have done better), I mentioned to @Two Minutes Hate on the server that i could see the enemy below wheras he could see it only when they fired. I wanted to show that the enemy is visible for me from the finger with these screenshots. After posting I wanted to doublecheck that the screenshots are useful, but they are garbage ...
  3. apparently the screenshots dont look like what i see on my screeen. it doesnt really support my point of being able to see axis without flash... i can't remove the thread? so leaving that to someone else...
  4. This is what i saw from finger of statue. @Two Minutes Hate
  5. Differs from time to time, but I think below is a fair division in general. I generally don't care for the lyrics or the meaning of those lyrics... but more the beat. English Pop/Rock from 60s to recent ~80% I mean this is so broad... but i'll give a random example from a Dutch artist Disco from 70s to recent 5-10% Kate's example is decent enough J-pop mostly from 10s onwards (opening/closign them from various animes :) ) <5% J-rock mostly from 10s (opening/closign them from various animes :) ) <5% Dutch <5% from 70s to recent It's(Disproportionate amount of examples, because most of you haven't heard Dutch. )some random examples, which i hope are distinct enough. Generally speaking, this decently covers what is popular on average in NL: Metal, classic, country, german pop/rock ~1% Just something I recently heard on the radio, so here you go.
  6. Can anyone explain me what the trigger conditions are for the availability of adrenaline? There are one or more conditions I can't see from the HUD that affect the ability to use adrenaline. I've had so many ocassions of the adrenaline not working when based on the HUD indicatators it should. So there's something I'm missing. I can't find anything online either.
  7. odd, but good. @PsychoPappy 4 Also it works now. Thanks for implementation :) @PsychoPappy 4@kate@Topcat
  8. I see you edited out the section surrounding line 813. will the pk3 accept this? I recall modifying files with smaller size or different amount of text in the map failing to start. Or is this only for map model? Did you get it to work?
  9. Yes, lots of the European cartoon productions of the 80s and 90s were outsourced to the Japanese. (Like the Moomins, was a collaboration with Dutch people :D. ) Subsequently a lot of these are dubbed in various languages across Europe. Good era for cartoons, the whole 3D animations from 00s always felt off. Not sure based on your reaction if you already came across the french dubbed Moomins, but that also exists.
  10. I will give you something from my era. It is all aimed at kids, but it also means the bar is a bit lower. They usually exist in multiple european languages: I'd recommend the human body one, il etait une fois la vie, best intro. If only to listen to intro. It does seems to have good subtitles since they are native and not auto translated as is the case for the rest. about human body etc
  11. Sorry to hear that, Pappy. I wish you and your family a lot of strength.
  12. You will have to reword your question. So I understand you want to pusblish a map that you made, so thats your first sentence. whats your question about alphabetical order ? Which download (folder) the one from windows or ET? To better help you its also best if we can understand why you want this.
  13. No, not really. Just geolocked really not style or anything, wiki: "Anime is hand-drawn and computer animation originating from Japan. In Japan and in Japanese, anime describes all animated works, regardless of style or origin.However, outside of Japan and in English, anime is colloquial for Japanese animation and refers specifically to animation produced in Japan. Animation produced outside of Japan with similar style to Japanese animation is referred to as anime-influenced animation "
  14. Yes Dragon ball is also anime. Even moomin(s) is anime, I mention moomins because it was broadcast throughout Europe in the 90s. Just any cartoon produced in Japan is called anime, but in general it refers more to their animation style. It should be noted that anime can have much more adult themes and is also targeted towards older audiences, not just kids. It enjoys a higher standing than cartoons do here. Yeah anime fan here. Your list doesn't seem to have a trend in it. Only comedy recommendation (check out: Gintama) maybe that is to your liking. General recommendation would be: Space brothers Planetes full metal alchemist (brotherhood) The first two are two animes about space, I picked these because they have very little anime tropes in there. Perhaps therefore more accessible to first time anime viewers. The third is just a very good anime. Check out MAL (myanimelist.net) for currently airing anime: https://myanimelist.net/anime/season and all time rankings: https://myanimelist.net/topanime.php?limit=0 Will definitely help you find new anime. The way I judge the grades: below 5,5 probably very poor, you should defintely really like the premise. 5,5-7 you should like the premise and it can be nice 7-8 very nice worth checking premise and in doubt might be worth checking >8 if premise is really not to your liking probably not worth watching. Otherwise it's probably great
  15. Likewise Cartur and happy holidays to the lot of you too :)
  16. Yesterday they(Dutch government) launched a new lockdown going into full effect tomorrow. -non essential shop/service closing -closing education institutions -work from home similar to march -urged to limit travels -max of 3 visitors/day In what stage is your country now?
  17. I did not know that. I looked stuff up but its just too much to figure it out. :( What was new for me is that some vaccines are apparently so-called adjuvunated, additives that should enhance the performance.
  18. Thanks, yes it was. Not at all. Using batch file was a breakthrough for an otherwise dead end
  19. Cleaned it up and did some input sanitation. If you want to check feel free the files. Thanks for your input Bier! :) the_future_is_now.zip
  21. It indeed calls the directory cmd.exe is in for its execution, this the directory that sticks. With this in mind I have rewritten a couple of things and booked preliminary success of getting it to work for C:/. testing a copy I have on a different drive and it still fails.
  22. Hmm the cmd.exe, you might be on to something there. cmd.exe proved to be somewhat problematic in the past. I ran it from the powershell. Yes, that was quite the surprise. Yeah...
  23. used dps0 now, s to include shortening. It will now write to the registry. Not sure what happens if a space is very early in the directory name, but I think (fully aware assumption is the mother of all fuck ups) that most have Wolfenstein Enemy Territory as directory name for vanilla et. So the problem should be rare if it arises at all. Edit: will see if i can get it to work combined now.
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