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ETLegacy allows you to play Enemy Territory OFFLINE

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 if your PC has enough power you can run a private ETL BOT server that you can play OFFLINE.

If you choose, you can get fancy. You can configure the server and add maps and the Omnibot navigation files for all the maps you choose to play not just stock the maps.

I play maps that require a higher hunkmegs setting than most people have like the map Dingenskirchen B9.

Obviously this does not allow for interaction with other Humans.

Visit the ETS Silent Server at for fun and Human interaction.

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That is how I have been making Omnibot navigation files and testing them for 18 years. But vanilla Omnibot is not and was never designed to run as a stand alone except when using the creation mod used to make navigation files. other mods can be loaded with the omnibot creation mod. For testing purposes you can play during this. But It is not recommended due to very bad graphics & performance issues. The benefit of using ETLegacy (NOT THE MOD) IS  great performance with 33 bots and that IT IS designed to stand alone and run Omnibot that is why it comes all set up and configured automatically you do not need knowledge of how to configure anything. From having the true experience of attempting to play ET In the Omnibot Creation mod and Not the proper way playing by connecting to a dedicated server running Omnibot. The Omnibot creation mod and the Server mod are 2 completely different Mods. The server mod can only be used a a dedicated server mod, You normally do not create navigation files on the dedicated server, (If a custom setup is done the Navigation files can be created and edited on the dedicated Omnibot server that has the creation mod setup and configured for remote creation. (there is more configuring required do this but Yes, I have created and used my Omnibot remote creation server. But the server mod will not work as a listen server mod or a creation mod. Both mods are required on the server to do this and the client is required to have the creation mod and then connect to the server.

The omnibot creation mod is a listen server mod so you can play on it but with horrible performance because its for creating, not playing.

The Official Omnibot Documentation explains this.

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