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Sniper server

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So ive been banging around in the sniper server and had a couple questions. The first is can the ammo cabinets respawn ammo a bit faster:wolf18:? Im find that towards the middle/end of the maps its very very hard to find any with the bots and their FG42 usage:2guns: 

Another question i had was about the xp levels in there and how to achieve them. Like the prestige ranks ive been able to level my medic, field ops, and covert ops but cant seem to hit a prestige level

One last one. Theres a map "UJE Prison" very kool map but its more for rocket battles and i cant figure out how to equip one yet! The soldier class is locked for me always in the sniper server and i cant seem to pick other class weapons up

(if im being to pushy for someone who just plays in your servers please let me know wont hurt my feelings)




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with ETL the xps is not saved 

but myself i like a lot this mod

i will look for the  etl settings for the weapons but for a snipers servers usually you can have only fo, medics and co

will add more snipers maps tomorrow

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Awesome on more sniper maps!! just learning theres a couple maps you can transition to the enemies side! 

 xp is not  saved but there is prestige levels that have saved for me. They want you to level the basic things to hit prestige but it seems impossible if you cant use soldier or engineer. 

Being a strictly sniper server its hard to hash out all this mod has to offer( i was always a fan of n!tmod myself)

Thanks for the prompt reply!!!


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