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  1. Dude, full metal alchemist (brotherhood) was a masterpiece, so good, thanks for theinfo from MAL. i will check it out
  2. Kate, its the japanese style of animation. I dont know if you ever saw Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball or Sailor Moon, those where iconic 80's 90's anime, that was aired in a lot of tv stations from arround the world
  3. I like to watch some anime in my spare time, and i was wondering if any of you like it too. If so, what animes do you like? I have watched a lot in my life, but now i think i like the ones that are more center in just comedy. Personally i recommend these: - Kimetsu no Yaiba - Konosuba - Kangoku Gakuen - Boku no Hero - Hajime no Ippo Do you have an anime that you can suggest me?
  4. I think im the worst ever, happy birthday man!!! i hope that you got a nice day with your loved ones. PS: I'm being out for a couple of weeks because i was having some issues with me and my life, having some troubles to wake up and feeling down, i hope i can play more now.
  5. Tutox

    Covid 19

    Guys, i'm concerned that not all think that this pandemic is real, and that every decicion we make leads to a positive or negative scenario. Today my father called me, very worried and scared, because in Chile we are having a second wave, worst thant the first one. And when i hear him, i recall all the deaths and the sick people we have, come on guys, millions of people are dead because of this. When i read what Rico said about that not all deaths are because of this, sure, maybe not the direct cause, but covid-19 make you body weak, to the point that you can die very easily. Rico, and al
  6. Tutox

    Covid 19

    Here in Chile the vaccination process has been very fast and efficient, You get the first vaccine, and then you have to wait 2 weeks for the second one. The calendar that the goverment has schedule, goes from the older people to the younger ones, so i still have to wait a few more months to get the vaccine.
  7. Tutox

    Wolf ET at start

    Oh the memories. And now they want to make a single player out if the game, here is the video i found
  8. To embrace the blood of the ones he take in the game hahaha lol You have all my support EA-MIG, its fun to play with you
  9. Welcome back! Hope to see you on the server
  10. Hello Mezmerize, im glad to play with you if we have the chance. Welcome back i guess hahaha
  11. hahaha thanks guys, now i have it. It wasn´t a big problem, but i was crazy trying to find it, thank you both
  12. yeah, i press it, but it only open a window with the users that "react" with the post, it doesn't let me "react". Am i too noob in the internet? hahaha For example, what i see in your comment before, is this. As you can see theres no button to click now:
  13. Where do i press to "react" to a comment?? I swear i really don't know and at this point i'm becoming mad searching fot the button to press on any post i would like to This is what i see on a random post:
  14. Thanks Cartur, i join to your comment, and just say to all, that it has been a tough year, with many bad news of all kind, and at least for me, joining here it has been so fun. Thanks for everything, and merry christmas
  15. wow thats amazing. Cyber the job you maked is really impressive
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