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Advice before going to study to Europe

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Hello everyone. I need some advices since I'll be, maybe, at France to go to study


Meme attached since I felt it was neccessary


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Again very vague, you're talking about living there not booking a trip with a travel agency. So there is a massive amount of factors at play. Where you want to live, how you live, how you move about, what other necessities you will require. It's impossible to judge, even for a French person to judge how you live. how long will you stay. Especially without a number of available monthly spending.

I'd say google cost of living indicator and check the results, amongst others: https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/

Maybe big mac index is also something to look at.

Check rent prices, where you want to live, it's one of the biggest drains.

Check minimum wage for France, this will give you an indication what their government deems necessary to make it through the month.

Check how your health insurance works abroad and what costs are involved.

Rent, food, local travel, health insurance (and potentially heating, electricity, water) will probably cover the overwhelming share of your necessary expenditure.





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Small follow up about the study itself.


Also make sure your qualifications are actually sufficient for the study. Here in the Netherlands the system is built in such a way you know fairly quick if you can study a participate in a programme, however you will usually have proof several things if you're from outside the country in question.


You might want to check the cost the study. There is usually a difference for EU citizens, price has to be the same for native students and EU students, however outside of EU price can be a lot higher. This is because the governments sometimes finance the tuition for their own population cost to keep the price down, but EU law dictates you can't discriminate for other EU citizens. However you will probably pay nominal cost for the study if you're out of the EU. So make sure the actual price is the one you saw.


To give an old (prices are like 10 years old) example for Netherlands for example this is the difference between 2k (Dutch student cost and by EU law, EU student cost)  and anywhere between 10k and 20k a year(The nominal cost without funding, applied to non EU citizens). Depends on the study how expensive it is. A book based study is a lot cheaper than one requiring consumables, such as lab experiments.


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