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omnibots new version


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we  installed the new omnibots version

silky for the etlegacy/nitmod server and i did for our silent servers

all feed back will be welcomed

there are subtle changes to waypoints. and alot seem alot smaller in file size? plausibly because of new format?( IE 0.9 file for 1944_cherbourg2.way file size: 29.4kb. File i Have on server 3 for same map file size: 120kb.)  Goals and Gm files seem to have been updated some as well.

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0.9 ET Change Log

=== BOT ===
Added functions Wp.CheckBlockable, Wp.Disconnect
Changed new waypoint format (0.9 waypoints are incompatible with previous omni-bot versions !)
Changed config file omni-bot.cfg is saved to fs_homepath if omnibot_path is read-only
Changed logs are disabled if cvar omnibot_logsize is 0
Changed LookAround priority is VeryLow
Improved Wp.SetWaypointFlag affects all waypoints having the same name and can set multiple navigation flags
Improved the shortest path depends on sneak,crouch,prone waypoint flags
Fixed covertops don't go through infiltrator waypoints after losing disguise
Fixed DeleteTriggerRegion calls OnExit
Fixed MapGoal.GetMatrix
Fixed error message is printed to the console if cgame module was not found
Removed deprecated navigation flags (snipe, cappoint, ammo etc.)

=== MOD ===
Fixed spectator can view map
Fixed crash by weaponbank 10

=== GOALS ===
Added OnExit function in paththrough navigation
Changed MOBILEMG42 and MOBILEMORTAR priority to 0.89 so that soldiers can pick up ammo
Changed medics can revive in shallow water
Improved roles are assigned according to crucialClass and spawnpt
Fixed "connecting" bots are kicked in order to not block server slots
Fixed medics don't kill for revive covertops while they are detonating satchels
Fixed soldiers don't crawl towards MOBILEMG42 goal position
Fixed dismount of MOUNTMG42 or MOUNT if a goal is aborted immediately after mount
Fixed bots don't press switch again after ExitConditions in paththrough useswitch
Fixed fire team formation command

=== WEAPONS ===
Fixed FG42 can be reloaded if not on SNIPE goal

=== COMMANDS ===
Improved ShowEntityInfo prints coordinates of TraceLine hit point
Fixed CheckVehiclePath error message

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So far I have noticed, atleast on server 3 ( nitmod) the bots have more human like movements, especially engaging in a fire fight. Better goal and objective responses. Basically just better in all aspects of previous version.

The screenshot below is from nitmod server. Take note of the bots ppm now. Before the update the bots barely got above 12.0 ppm and below. Now they're way above that and some in the 23.0ppm range


And here is the same map on server 1 ( silent main) before kate updated the bots in comparison to the updated bots on nitmod server 3. Quite a difference!Screenshot_20230901_073948_Chrome.jpg.439d901b5dbec7a218c29fc1bc0b6a84.jpg

Edited by -Silky.
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