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  1. Is it crashing to desktop? Or are you getting an error message on crash? I know when it happens, server side it just says " ets|bier[nl] disconnected " If it crashes to desktop, is your desktop screen brighter or darker than normal? Think you have a AMD graphics card if I recall. If you had a update for it, I'd roll back to previous driver for AMD card.
  2. So far I have noticed, atleast on server 3 ( nitmod) the bots have more human like movements, especially engaging in a fire fight. Better goal and objective responses. Basically just better in all aspects of previous version. The screenshot below is from nitmod server. Take note of the bots ppm now. Before the update the bots barely got above 12.0 ppm and below. Now they're way above that and some in the 23.0ppm range And here is the same map on server 1 ( silent main) before kate updated the bots in comparison to the updated bots on nitmod server 3. Quite a difference!
  3. +1 from me. Plays objectives and a team player Good luck with your application and welcome to the forums!
  4. +1 from me ( plus he's a Mike too?. So ofcourse has my vote lol ) Good seeing old ET players returning. I for one have been playing since 2006-2007ish off and on. Good luck with your application and welcome to the forums. See you on the server man!
  5. I'll go ahead and start a random meme spam section. Reply/Post as you wish for laughs 😂
  6. When you're now 40 years old and your prime ET days were in your 20's. Me these days....Lmao!
  7. Welcome to the ETS|Forums!

    See you back on the battlefield 🍻 

  8. In that case, welcome to the party tont! If kate says yes, you get my +1 for a yes
  9. I knew your ingame name looked familiar. Haven't been able to catch you in the server yet, but I'm sure we'll meet on the battlefield. But for now hangout on the forums and server so everyone can put in their votes. I'll put in mine once we meet in the battlefield etc. Good luck with your application! And welcome to the forums!
  10. May as well pick up vixda on your way there now pappy. Lol. 2 people puking makes it more interesting 😂
  11. This ! Lol, with and without you puking 😂 Enjoy and have a blast man!
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