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  1. @Bier Just PM them to me in a .zip or .7z, that works.

    but my soundpack is designed to be used with the vsay menu (accessed through the v key), filling the shrubbot up with sound commands is a bit messy. but feel free to extract the sound files from the pk3.

  2. I have created this topic because i was asked about getting the soundpack i made a while back restored to the server.


    personally i am in favor of restoring the soundpack because me and everyone else loves it.

    i do know that a few idiots abuse vsays to annoy people, but i am not allergic to taping their mouths shut with !mute whether temporarily or permanently.

    but 99.9% of the time, everyone loves having a soundpack to grab a good vsay, that's my two cents.


    But what does everyone else think, and should we bring it back?

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  3. 23 hours ago, DirkPitt said:

    My only issue was when playing along with Nap on Capuzzo today ... as soon as the dyno exploded at the first barrier (standing next to it mind you) my screen blacked out and found myself having to reconnect to the game. One and only time something like this has happened. I have been playing and get kicked out, but not like this.

    Silent Mod's instability... i know it all too well...

  4. Hey guys, i'm writing about changing the main page server info links from GameTracker to Trackbase (or Splatterladder), as TB and SL are much better than GT since they show the name colors and also show more info about the servers.

    Trackbase is a stronger recommendation since it's more reliable than Splatterladder with being online, since there were some times the site was down for an extended period of time.


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  5. This is..... very heartbreaking...

    I'm deeply sorry to hear about her passing, please pass along my sincerest condolences to her husband and family.


    And @kate if you can read this in heaven, this is from me to you:



    Rest in Peace bethy... we will miss you so much.

    Thank you for the 17 years we shared together on your servers!

    We will never forget you. 🌹 


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  6. Usually if xp, class promotions or admin levels are reset, you can't restore them. and even though your admin level can be quickly re-issued, your xp and class promotions are gone and need to be re-earned.

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  7. @Bier Well, it is just one computer after all. :p

    i'll reluctantly depart Windows 7 as my main OS when i get a new computer, which may happen soon.

    if i had to however, i'll be good on security patches until October 2024, for both Windows 7 and Firefox.

    Firefox ended feature support for Windows 7 through 8.1 with version 115 so i'm now on the ESR Channel, which 115.x esr will be supported until September 2024.

    As time goes on though, living on Windows 7 will get harder and harder, and harder as software stops supporting it.

  8. @Luis Enrique You got better english than whoever made the concept, yes that works.

    But Windows doesn't actually take long to install, at most about 15 minutes, averaging around 7-10mins.

    the part that takes the longest in setting up windows is the Windows Updates and Device Drivers (not including uninstalling bloatware).

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