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  1. man this site is still broken ,i can't see if anyone's online.

    my email gets spammed by "New logins" cuz i clear my cookies every day. :P

    and guests can't see the public forums, the rules page or the site index.



    1. kate


      Will look at all that as soon we will bb Wednesday or if I can tomorrow 

  2. ah, so i think i can assume that the player in question holding the pliers is me! :P
  3. as of the time i'm writing this reply, the alignment is still screwed up. and i have FLASH installed, in firefox.
  4. these videos are funny as fuck. XD
  5. LOL what kind of fucked up shit happened here!? the tank seems to have dismantled itself.
  6. yeah, and many more could have been saved if they filled the lifeboats. but unfortunately at first, many people were too timid to get onto a dark dinky creaky lifeboat in the freezing north-atlantic vs staying aboard the warm well-lit RMS Titanic. it was like that until the sinking accelerated. but also think of the brave crewmen who kept the lights on until the very end, they died heroes as the stern imploded seconds after it went under, killing anyone still inside instantly. you can hear the stern imploding at the end of the sinking video.
  7. God almighty, this is impressive! watch the final plunge to the end to see the emergency lights! and here is a tour of the ship from Demo 3:
    Love it! this map also helped me make my avatar!
  8. Setting up my profile do dahh do dahh...

    settin' up mai profiel all teh dew dahh daeyyyy.

  9. Get this map on the server as soon as possible!!! :P
  10. Version 1.0.0-2020-06-13


    This silent folder contains the basic packages required to play on the main Ets Silent Server. select the .zip for your OS and install into your ET folder, consult the included readme for instructions.
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