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  1. Hope all gets better, love the toppy you have!
  2. NoQuarter is your mod then! :3 i vote that bethy runs a server with noquarter aside from the other servers.
  3. my grandfather died, and i had a really really BAD anxiety crisis through the entire spring of 2017. the evening after my grandfather died was the first time i had a real panic attack, so bad it sent me to the hospital. i had dozens of anxiety attacks through the time i had the problem, from march until i was put on sertraline (zoloft) in June of that year. i was suffering miserably for 3½ months, hence 2017 is the worst year of my life so far, and i'll never forget it. i also have a bit of PTSD from it.
  4. 2020 may have been a dumpster-fire, but for me personally it's still better than 2017. not that 2020 was a good year, fuck no. it's the runner-up for worst year of my life.
  5. closures are happening to my area again, this virus and the god damned idiot politicians that run the united states need to go.
  6. thanks for the condolences and prayers guys, i will pass them along to my dad.
  7. guys, it is with a heavy heart to say that my dad's best friend bobby passed away today. he was a close family friend and he was my dad's best childhood friend when they used to live in Clifton NJ he was also very tech-savvy and had a good sense of humor, but unfortunately today his heart disease caught up with him and he had a sudden heart attack this morning. he was also the person to introduce us to Wolfenstein to my dad back in 2003, and since then the rest of us in the family learned about the game, played it and had a great time. i really feel for my dad right now, as he is about to go through hell once the reality of losing his best childhood friend sets in. he will never be forgotten.
  8. if you guys are going off-topic on computer specs, my laptop has been through several upgrades. here's what it has: Model: Satellite L755-S5355 Manufacturer: Toshiba Manufactured: September 2011 Date Purchased: December 2, 2011 Technical Specifications: OS(s): Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (x86_64) / Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (x86_64) CPU: Intel Core i7-2760QM 2.4 GHz (3.5 GHz turbo), (4 Cores, 8 Threads) GPU: Onboard Intel HD Graphics 3000 RAM: Samsung 8GB DDR3L 1600MHz (2x4GB), Dual-Channel HDD: Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SATA SSD // Upgrade History 2015 - 2016: CPU: Intel Core i5-2540m 2.6 GHz (3.3 Ghz turbo), (2 Cores, 4 Threads) 2011 - 2018: HDD: SATA 500GB 2.5" Hard Disk Drive 2011 - 2017: RAM: 4GB DDR3 1333mhz (2x2GB), Dual-Channel 2011 - 2015: CPU: Intel Pentium B950 2.1 GHz, (2 Cores) 2011 - 2015: GPU: Onboard Intel HD Graphics
  9. sorry beer, i was unable to complete teh nuek flight tis tiem. 2020-08-12-001207-river_port.dm_84 Note: stick this in your silent demos folder, replay from the main menu.
  10. set g_gravity 3000 Result: look at how eddy struggles XD
  11. you could use a 144hz 1920x1080 gaming monitor. just get one that costs around €255, cheaping out on it may give you some undesirable results. my next laptop is planned to have a 144hz 1080p monitor! :3
  12. man this site is still broken ,i can't see if anyone's online.

    my email gets spammed by "New logins" cuz i clear my cookies every day. :P

    and guests can't see the public forums, the rules page or the site index.



    1. kate


      Will look at all that as soon we will bb Wednesday or if I can tomorrow 

  13. ah, so i think i can assume that the player in question holding the pliers is me! :P
  14. as of the time i'm writing this reply, the alignment is still screwed up. and i have FLASH installed, in firefox.
  15. these videos are funny as fuck. XD
  16. LOL what kind of fucked up shit happened here!? the tank seems to have dismantled itself.
  17. yeah, and many more could have been saved if they filled the lifeboats. but unfortunately at first, many people were too timid to get onto a dark dinky creaky lifeboat in the freezing north-atlantic vs staying aboard the warm well-lit RMS Titanic. it was like that until the sinking accelerated. but also think of the brave crewmen who kept the lights on until the very end, they died heroes as the stern imploded seconds after it went under, killing anyone still inside instantly. you can hear the stern imploding at the end of the sinking video.
  18. God almighty, this is impressive! watch the final plunge to the end to see the emergency lights! and here is a tour of the ship from Demo 3:
    Love it! this map also helped me make my avatar!
  19. Setting up my profile do dahh do dahh...

    settin' up mai profiel all teh dew dahh daeyyyy.

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