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  1. Sorry for the loss of such a close and long time friend. Rough days ahead, but hopefully, you can enjoy the great memories too.
  2. gobbler


    1. Healthcare workers 2. Elderly in nursing homes or long term care facilities 3. Essential workers (I'm here, but probably not high on the list) Although I go into the office every day, I don't get exposed to many people. Well, other than the co-worker that came in during the window of possible incubation. :/
  3. gobbler


    I'll get the vaccine. However, I'm behind so many other priority groups that it will take many months before I can receive it. At least I'll be able to see if there are any issues. I'm taking a COVID test tomorrow because I may have been exposed. :/
  4. Just read this one, thanks. It mentions that they tried one of them on Terminal Insanity back in 2003. Funny, but TI was the clan I joined back then. :) We then started another clan called Team Enigma. Those were the days.
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