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santas_grotto_v1_2 1.0.0

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About This File

Santas Grotto by Xenon and Dr. Medic
Map version 1.2
See Carbonated Mapping for more information (carbon.rtcwfiles.com)

NOTE: To veiw this file, turn word wrap on.

 >>> Contents

    1 Breifing
    2 How to play
    3 Hints and Strategy
    4 Installing
    5 Credits
    6 Bug Reporting
    7 Bug Lists
    8 Legal/Permissions

 > 1 > Breifing

Axis have stolen santas sack! They are threatening to dump it in Acid if Allies do not turn over 1000 of their prisoners. Allies have been sent in to get the sack back. They have to go through 3 gates. Blow the first one, open the second one with the key and fix the third gate's fuse box! Axis must NOT be alowed to ruin Christmas and New Year!

 > 2 > How to play


At the start of the map Allies start in the Lancaster, restock and jump into the water below, get out quickly and don't stay on the bottom too long or the cold will get to you. You can climb and skate along the ice blocks that have formed in the bitter cold weather. Go past the Axis guards and plant dynomite next to the gate, this will allow you access to the Elf's Village. You will also get to spawn in the old fishing house (now just ruins) run around and you have 2 options, you can go into the sewers and go along them to the end. Or go straight down the main path, the main path will be coverd by landmines, machineguns and the sorts, the sewers will not be as closeley guarded, but are narrow, so any enemy down there will be able to do serious damage to you. Either way, you need to grab the key from the log cabin in the village and take it to the second gate to open it, that will make Axis spawn at the North Pole and Allies will spawn at the garage. Run in and try to capture the North Pole flag, once done, attempt to fix the fuse box to the third and final gate. Once this is done the North Pole flag will be permanantly owned by Allies. From here, go into the factory avoid enemy fire and get the sack from the acid chamber. Take it directly to the grotto or onto the sleigh, the sleigh is operated by climbing onto it, 3 seconds later it will take off.You can build the command post on the way. Once the sack is placed in the second floor of the grotto, the map is won by Allies and the game is over.


Allies will be jumping down into the water infront of you, they will be attempting to destroy the first gate. If that happens you will be spawning in one of the elfs huts in the Elf's Village. Allies will come through 3 places, the sewer house, the main path and the caved in pipe. They will be attempting to steal the key to the second gate and take it to the second gate's control panel. If Allies do that then you will be defending 2 objectives, the third gate's fuse box and the North Pole flag. If the flag is taken allies spawn there and you will spawn at the factory where the sack is being kept. If the fuse box is repaired then the flag is permenantly given to Allies. Allies will go for the sack from there, they can get to the grotto by either going directly up the path or going onto the sleigh, the sleigh is worked by walking onto it, it will take off 3 seconds later, works by any team. If the sack is taken you will spawn further back. When it is returned you will spawn at the factory. No need to screw around over spawn points. If Allies manage to get the sack to the second floor of the grotto, the game is over and they win.

 > 3 > Hints and Strategy

There are none yet, e-mail some to [email protected]

 > 4 > Installing

To install this map, simply place the santas_grotto_1.1.pk3 file inside the \etmain folder. The map will be accesible from the UI menu. If downloading from a server in Enemy Territory, you won't need to do anything.

 > 5 > Credits

Made as a project from Carbonated Mapping (http://carbon.rtcwfiles.com)

Those who have helped create this:

Map made: Xenon and Dr. Medic
Command map: Dr. Medic
Additional textures: Xenon
Map idea from Langstas.com
Command Post prefab: Ifurita/Splash Damage/Seven_DC (http://www.planetwolfenstein.com/4newbies) (www.splashdamage.com)
Other prefabs: Drakir (www.drakir.tk)
Help support and testing: Mcbeth (www.rarclan.com) and |RaR| Clan
Helping to keep our sanity: Entar (http://entar.quakedev.com)
Music: Avid Merrion - Propper Crimbo (Bo selecta - http://www.channel4.com/entertainment/tv/microsites/B/bo_selecta/)
Models and Command Map icons: Higgins (www.league-of-lunatics.co.uk - [email protected])

Those who have indirectly helped:

Marko: Taught me to map on his forums
=SWAT=Kenny: Never banned me from aforementioned forums. :P
Splash Damage: For making such an awesome free game!
ETpro/pub team: For making improvements to aforementioned free game!
Lowlife: General help when I was mapping.
Sonic: Got me into gaming.
Half-Life: Got me into FPS gaming.
id software: For making such an awesome engine.

 > 6 > Bug Reporting

If you spot a bug in this map, take a screenshot or demo and send it to Xenon:
[email protected]

 > 7 > Bug Lists

[ ] Nothing Done
[*] Fixed
[R] Removed
[A] Added
[T] Extra Testing Required

Bugs found in 1.1

[*] North Pole spawn would stay Axis if not captured before the 3rd gate was opened.
[*] Command post area was a bit boring. Created a bunker and placed in it.
[*] Bugged lighting in cirtain areas.
[*] Lancaster spawn coverd the flag to the Old Fishing House
[*] Log cabin with key was also boring, added some beds and stuff.
[A] Propoganda for the map.

Bugs found in 1.0

[*] Entity overflow causing firing to be disabled and possible server crashes <CRITICAL>
[*] Light Bug in Factory Office
[*] Brush error with sides of ice rink
[R] Useless spawn entities, no spawn needs more than 32 points.
[*] Fog clouds missing in water
[*] Sleigh path too bumpy.

Bugs found in 0.9 Beta

[*] Windows sides flicker
[*] Command Map doesn't work
[*] Sack model doesn't show
[*] Lighting in the control panels
[*] Light and button textures don't work
[*] Light at the back of the factory
[R] Ladder on Lancaster plane
[*] Improve Ice Rink
[*] Textures in grotto out of line
[*] Extend Fog to sea
[*] Improve west sewer exit
[*] Block tunnel when third gate is still closed
[*] Replace magic teleporter with sleigh
[*] Get stealable objectives to show on a command map
[*] Update .arena file
[A] Add Music

 > 8 > Legal/Permissions

Santas Grotto is a custom level made by many people for Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory.

As a player:

You can distribute the .pk3 through any way you want, but you must always include this help/readme file with the .pk3 file. Never may you steal credit from those who have helped to make this possible either by editing the credits or claiming to of made something in this level unless you actually have. Stealing is wrong.

As a developer:

You may decompile the .bsp and take parts from it, you may also take bits of script from the .script file and shaders. You can basicly take anything you want, but make sure to give propper credit to those who have made it, lots of peole helped to make this level so check the credits to make sure you don't rip them off!


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