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point_xmas_b2 1.0.0

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About This File

!The map has 2 different BSP files!

 Mapname : Point Xmas B2    OR    Point Xmas TDM B2
 BSPname : point        OR    point_tdm
Released: December 2016
 Version : Beta 2 // 5th version

 Map made by: -SSF-Sage from SM-Mapping

Contact Sage          : ssf.sage at gmail dot com      //-SSF-Sage @ splashdamage.com/forums (prefered)
SM-Mapping site:  http://www.hot.ee/smmapping/
Please contact us for any feedback, suggestions, constructive critisism, bug report etc.


It is the Point Break! Steal the enemy flag or kill them! Honor shall be given to the team that hoard the most points!

!!The map comes with 3 version!!!



            1] Steal the Red Flags.
            2] Protect Blue Flags.
            2] Establish a Command Post inside the Central House.
            3] Prevent the Axis from fortifying their position with a Command Post inside the Central House.
            ***Bonus: Collect stars

            1] Steal the Blue Flags.
            2] Protect Red Flags.
            3] Prevent the Allies from establishing a Command Post inside the Central House.
            4] Set up a Command Post inside the Central House.
            ***Bonus: Collect stars


            1] Steal the Red Flag for 2 points or kill the enemy team for 1 point.

            1] Steal the Blue Flag for 2 points or kill the enemy team for 1 point.

point.bsp / LMS version


            1] Survive!
            2] Construct Command Post.


    Put the pk3 file into your Etmain folder.


    Delete the pk3 file from your Etmain folder.

How to play:
    g_gametypes  2=objective, 3=stopwatch, 4=campaign

    /callvote map point

 Team Deathmatch:

    g_gametypes  2=objective, 3=stopwatch, 4=campaign

    /callvote map point_tdm


    g_gametypes  5=LMS

    /callvote map point
    /callvote map point_tdm

    We can not be held responsible for anything.

One or more textures on this map have been created with images from Textures.com. These images may not be redistributed by default. Please visit www.textures.com for more information.

    Big amount of textures, models and prefabs etc. are made by Pegazus and SM-mapping

    Xmas themed prefabs, horse model

Loffy, Drakir and 2bit
    Xmas themed prefabs

Map testing:

Big thanks to testing
We owe you guys for all the help, testing and feedback!

Members and players from:
 UJE Clan

 Ets| Community

 Bunker Community

 {WeB} Clan

Special thanks to:

 Niek        from     [UJE]  Clan

 Kate        from     Ets|   Community

 o-0._.0-o   from     |>B<|  Community

 GANG$TA     from     {WeB}  Clan

point_tdm.bsp B1/B2:

No changes

point.bsp B1:

 -Snowmen give ammo
 -Command post for charge speeds
 -Turned bases into houses
 -Move flags out of bases
 -More cover at bases
 -Bouncepad for collecting 3 stars

point.bsp B2:

 -Stars appear faster, every 20-35 seconds
 -Fixed bouncepad
 -Added following Star rewards:
   1st Star: Gain Mine free zone near enemy flag!
   2nd Star: Gain Attack Bouncepad!
   3rd Star: Gain Health and Ammo Cabinets!
   4th Star: Gain Extra Sleigh rides!
   5th Star: Gain Escape Bouncepad!
   After 5 Stars: Clear Landmines around enemy flag!


et scenario information
allied "Don't let the bad guys live!"
axis "Release the horror by killing your opponents!"
neutral "Fight till the last man!"
neutral "Fight till the last man!"


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