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  2. Yes, lots of the European cartoon productions of the 80s and 90s were outsourced to the Japanese. (Like the Moomins, was a collaboration with Dutch people :D. ) Subsequently a lot of these are dubbed in various languages across Europe. Good era for cartoons, the whole 3D animations from 00s always felt off. Not sure based on your reaction if you already came across the french dubbed Moomins, but that also exists.
  3. I'll search for them and it doesn't matter if they're cartoons for kids, animations like the japanese one for the moomins were directed to kids and were great
  4. I will give you something from my era. It is all aimed at kids, but it also means the bar is a bit lower. They usually exist in multiple european languages: I'd recommend the human body one, il etait une fois la vie, best intro. If only to listen to intro. It does seems to have good subtitles since they are native and not auto translated as is the case for the rest. about human body etc
  5. When I was learning French, I wanted to watch French animation to improve my understanding of the language, and also I watched anime with French subtitles. Recommend me some French animation to continue my improvement in French. (The ones I know are Code Lyoko and Miraculous Ladybug)

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