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  1. I have a friend who composes music on PC, on ableton and reason, and this setup is great for composing too. as reason simulates real instrument racks, having a screen in the "width" position allows you to have more racks visible and avoid constantly scrolling
  2. me on my old Mad Catz V.7 u can configure where the colors goes
  3. nope sorry i didn't use skype or others
  4. yes , it's for this i'm warning about vaccine , it's not for all people and im' not anti-vaccine be sure of that ... health problem can be dramatic with this kind of vaccine , in fact ARN seringue was not a vaccine . i think moderna is little less dangerous than the others ( it's my opinion)
  5. covid splits people ... lethality is not worth a vaccine ... I have the instructions for use of pfizzer ... it is stipulated that people under 17 should not be injected, epileptics , diabetics, heart failure should not take it either ... my father who is in 3 of these 4 cases had the vaccine and his heart stopped 30 min (just few hours after the second injection) ... atm he has been in hospital for 1 month and a half ... I just wanted to say it because all is not rosy or white in life a lot of people shouldn't have to take it. take care of U
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