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    Mapname : Grotli winter BSPname : grotli_winter Released: 23.11.2023 Version : Final (This is the winter edition of the original map Grotli) Map made by: o-0._.0-o Story: The Allies must blast their way through the Grotli tunnel and bring the gold back home. Objectives: Allied: Primary Objectives: 1] Destroy the main gate. 2] Destroy the tank gate and steal the tank. 3] Escort the tank to the Axis base. 4] Destroy the tank barriers. 5] Destroy the vault door. 6] Grab the gold and bring it to the Allied base. Secondary Objectives: 7] Once inside the Grotli tunnel, capture the forward spawn point. 8] Destroy the side entrance. Axis: Primary Objectives: 1] Protect the main gate. 2] Protect the tank gate and don't let them steal the tank. 3] Don't let the tank go to the Axis base. 4] Don't let the Allies destroy the tank barriers. 5] Don't let the Allies destroy the vault door. 6] Protect the gold. Secondary Objectives: 7] Don't let them use the forward spawn point inside the Grotli tunnel. 8] Protect the side entrance.
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