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  1. Today, I would like to share you the first preview of Enemy Territory - Remaster Prototype. As I say in the video, almost everything you will see is far from being representative of the visual quality you can expect for the final release. So far, everything as been made to test the game functioning in "real conditions", on a real playable map, and not for being visually impressive (not yet). I wanted to do this preview more as a teaser than as a real gameplay presentation. I'm not taking this project as a joke, I'm spending a lot of time and efforts in it, and I'm really motivated to break the "ET2 curse" by releasing a real playable game, with my vision of what should be a good "ET2", and I hope it will be appreciated by as many ETPlayers as possible. That's it for today, here is the Youtube link, so remember to check the video description, and feel free to share me your opinion about it. (In advance, I'm sorry for the poor video quality, I'm definitely not a good Youtuber)
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  2. Unreal Engine 5 experiment. It looks great. I've never seen the game have such a 'wet' and clean look to it.
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