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supergoldrush_final 1.0.0

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map crashing server >> message gamechars exceeded


goldrush made by SplashDamage/ID Software/Activision and only MODIFIED by NullZilla. I take no credit for making this map I have only modified some of it for FuN play!!
 Email = [email protected]
All new (non ET) textures/shaders (except the goldbar texture) I have made. If you want to use them just give me credit and you can.
What's new in this version (SuperGoldrush_Final, the prettier version):

• The starting time limit is now 8 minutes. When the Allies steal the tank, the time limit will be extended to 20 minutes. When the tank gets past the first barrier, the time will be extended to 25 minutes. When the tank gets into the bank courtyard, the time limit will be extended to 30 minutes.  This makes it for the Allies have to steal the tank quickly, but once they get it in the courtyard they have much more time to get the gold.
• Tons of things are now buttons you can press, and something (funny) will happen. See something that is by itself, or something that catches the eye? Try going up to it and pressing activate. Something might happen!
• Allies can flood the bank by pressing a button in the "Control Room". They can only press this button every 2 minutes. Flooding the bank will kill most people inside. Although this will kill people inside, while the bank is flooding no one can get into the bank. So use it when the time is right. Only Allies can press this button.
• Allies OR Axis can kill people in the bank entrance by pressing a button in the "Control Room". This will make a few spikes drop down from the ceiling killing anyone in their path. This button can only be pressed every 60 seconds.
• Improved lighting
• New textures in a few places
• You can now plant landmines on the bridge.
• There is now a room up high I now dub "the control room". Inside is a table and when you press a button a few special things will spawn on the table. There is also monitors there showing different parts of the bank. Also there are now buttons there that activate traps in the bank and you can see the traps in the monitors. (Great Fun!!)
• Most chicks taken out due to request by a few servers that wanted to run the map. In place of them are either new passages or new pictures.
• Easier to get inside the bridge
• MG nest by the 2nd tank barrier has been re-made
• A few buildings taken out
• Even MORE rooms and paths
• All bugs fixed (I Hope, since this if the final version and I won't be able to fix any after this)
• Tons of  useless "decorative" structures removed to speed up compile time and to better FPS.
• Tons of stuff now caulked, even more caulk then the original goldrush so FPS *should* be better.
• Almost every clip (prevents people from walking or flying somewhere) removed; except for ones that are nessesary, like on stairs. This will allow you to go almost anywhere you desire but the downside is if you go up too high you will see much of the map invisible due to caulking.
• I included the .map file in the pk3 if you want to see how anything is done. I thought, well if the original goldrush is going to be open source then why not SuperGoldrush? Feel free to use anything I made in it as long as you give me credit in your readme (like I am giving credit to people).

Known Bugs:

• There are a few spots in which the FPS rate drops low. I have tried everything possible and no matter what I do this is not fixed.  
• In one of the hidden underground tunnels, there is a spot that has a hall-of-mirrors effect. I have no clue what the heck is causing it. There is nothing there at all except what should be there.
• When the bank is flooding, if you are behind the bank and look up you can see the water rising into the air. LOL.
• When you flood the bank the announcer says the bank is flooding TWICE. Don't know why it does this it should only play once.

What was new in the previous version (SuperGoldrush2, the funner version):

• That middle tower thing is now hollow on the inside and you can climb up it.
• New spiral stairs in the bank
• New air vent in bank
• More tunnels with a few surprises ;)
• A teleporter somewhere in the caves in a hard to get to spot that teleports your right behind the bank.
• Many more rooms and paths
• A few bugs fixed
• New Lights in some of the darker rooms
• An even more efficient map which will give you lower FPS then even the original goldrush :D
• Better lighting even more then the original goldrush :)
• Slightly more efficient scripting here and there
• More realistic placing of the ambient music in the map (pvs)
• Allies can dynamite a "back door" in the bank to get the crates and escape easier.
• After truck reaches final spot game waits a few more seconds then normal before ending.
• New sniping spots
• You can get INSIDE the bridge and shoot from there.
• Random decor here and there.
• New underground tunnels
• Even more stuff I can't think of right now :(

What was new in the first version (SuperGoldrush, the fun version):

• More rooms than original goldrush
• Some clips removed
• Better lighting
• Some fun things like "you are an idiot."
• New paths
• Underground tunnels.

Hints, Tips Tricks, and more:

• The "Back Door" in the bank can be dynamited from the inside by allies. And the bank can be flooded by allies by pushing a button.

• People say Oh great just what goldrush needs, more MGs for axis. This map maker is a moron. But little does this idiot know, the allies can use these MGs as well ;).  Infact the new MG near the original axis spawn is useful for raping the axis as they come out of their spawn. Also to stop axis from getting to the tank allowing allies to repair it.

• Second balcony on bank does make getting the gold harder. This is why I made a back door the allies can dynamite to get the gold easier and escaping easier. Though some may argue dynamiting this door will even be harder then just grabbing the gold and running, what it does do is distracts the axis's attention from the gold. While they are disarming the dynamite, grab the gold, and vice versa.

• The new up-high sniping ledges are there for a reason. Use them.

• Crouch and get into a window and shoot from there. Chances are the enemy won't see you, and even if they do it will be too late.

• Somewhere in the tunnels there is a teleporter that will teleport you right behind the bank. Though this does come at a cost as getting to that teleporter you will be injured. So Guess what, there is health and ammo cabinets right by the bank. Use them.

• Explore the map before playing seriously. There are so many new camping spots like in the tall tower. It's there for a reason, use it!

• MGs can be damaged with bullets and even a knife. Is that second MG making getting to the tank hard Shoot it (with the tank's turret) and make 'er smoke!



Q Why did you make a SuperGoldrush map

A Well I'm a big goldrush fan. I like the map. I really hated how you couldn't get on the second floor of the bank, and the  dev's putting clip brushes in dumb spots like on the middle tower thing. So I thought, hmm why not expand a few things.  Like more rooms, a few more MGs, more health cabinets where I think they are needed, and more. Originally this map was just a private map for my clan for us to play on (hence those posters in a few rooms which have members' names on them). I never expected it to be leaked to the public and submitted to various map sites!

Q I really like the shaking effect your screen does in **EDITED** spot. How was this accomplished

A With a  target_rumble. I included the .map file in the pk3 if you want to see how anything is done. .maps open with gtkradiant/qeradiant

Thanks to

• Drakir.tk for the healthammo cabinet prefab. Not that I couldn't make one myself, it's just much quicker to load a prefab rather then creating multiple trigger brushes and models ;)

• Hummer for the gold bars prefab. Again not that it is hard to make square objects colored gold, it's just so much quicker with a few clicks of the mouse to load a prefab up. I really liked hummer's gold texture anyway. ;)

• Bubba for the  Shiva (which I heavily modified)

• SplashDamage/ID Software/Activision for the original goldrush in which I only modified and take no credit for.



What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


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