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the_moskeeb1 1.0.0

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cause crash with that messages MAX_GAMESTATE CHARS exceeded

By Masterkiller(QC)

Very special thanks to the following people.  Without them this would still just be a bad idea in my head.

Lead-Mapper    -    i just pretend to map    -    masterkiller(QC)
Testing/Ideas    -    tons of bugs/ideas    -    CED and his Brother,Tony,fred, tipou and more friend. (thanks guys)
Help - pakalatak and psylopat (from easymapping)
The goldrush source

web ressource:  
Any suggestions/bugs/thoughts/for the final version can be done in this topic


Axis Objective Descriptions
1    "Primary Objective:**Stop the Allies from blowing the Axis Tank Door Garage."
2    "Primary Objective:**Disable or obstruct the Allied Tank to prevent it reaching the Bank Courtyard."
3    "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from using the Tank to blow open the Back Moskee Doors."
4    "Primary Objective:**Stop the Allies from stealing the Gold Bars from the Moskee Vault."
5    "Primary Objective:**Stop the Allies from escaping with the Gold via a Boat in the sub_bunker."
6    "Secondary Objective:**Set up a Command Post inside the sub_bunker to gain a respawn point. DONT BUILD IT TO FAST BECAUSE YOU WILL LOST THE TANK DEPOT RESPAWN!!!"
7    "Secondary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from establishing a Command Post and build your from fortifying your position with a Command Post."

// Allied Objective Descriptions
1    "Primary Objective:**Blow The Tank Door to steal a Tank from the Axis garage."
2    "Primary Objective:**Protect the Tank and escort it to the Moskee valley, clearing any obstructions along the route."
3    "Primary Objective:**Escort the Tank into position to blow the Moskee Back Doors open to reach the 2 goldcrates."
4    "Primary Objective:**Steal two crates of Gold from the Moskee Vault and escort it to the boat."
5    "Primary Objective:**Escape with the crates of Gold using the Boat in the sub_bunker."
6    "Secondary Objective:**Prevent the Axis from fortifying their position with a Command Post inside the sub_bunker ."
7    "Secondary Objective:**Establish a Command Post at foward garage door."



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