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frost2_final 1.0.0

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About This File

Mapname: frost2_final
Status: final
Mapper: CyburK
released: 18.06.2010
contact: [email protected]
website: www.cyburk.net


The Allies must steal 2 Radar Prototypes out of an Axis Castle and Escape with a Truck.
To get to them they have to blow the Walls of the North and South Tower.
In the first Castle Yard there is a Room with the Door Controls for the Yard Doors. To
get better access to the Objectives Allies have to destroy them by Satchel or Dynmamite.


put the frost2_final.pk3 in your Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/etmain folder and play.

If you have a ton of maps in your etmain folder its possible you cant run the map with the
ingame "host-game" option. In this case open the console and type "/g_gametype 2"
hit enter and then type "/map frost2_final" hit enter again and check it out.

***Mission Objectives for the Allies***

-Destroy the village Door for better access to the Castle and its Towers.

-Destroy both Castle Towers to enable the forward Spawn Locations in the Towers.

-Destroy the Generator to open the Yard Doors

-Destroy the side Gate for better Access to the Radar Prototypes

-Steal the Radar Prototypes and secure them on the Truck

-Open the Castle Gate with the Switch in the South Tower

-Destroy the Truck Barrier

-Escort the Truck back to Village

-Build the Command Post


***Mission Objectives for the Axis***

-Defend the village Door

-Defend the Castle Towers

-Defend or rebuild the Generator

-Defend or rebuild the Side Gate

-Defend the Radar Prototypes

-Build and defend the Truck Barrier

-Dont let the Allies escort the Truck back to the Village

-Build the Command Post


beta5 Changes

- Name Change from "fr_summer" to "frost2"

- Snow Theme

- Axis Spawn instantly in the Village again when the Allies secure the second Radar Prototype.

- No more extra Time for the Allies when the Truck has passed the Bridge.

- The Truck Barrier is now at the End of the Bridge.

- Nearly the whole Village has been rebuild!

- Allies have to Destroy the village Door first.

- Another way for the Allies to get to the Radar Parts. The side Gate. It can be rebuild by the Axis.

- More Cover in the open Space at the Bridge.

- Command Map Markers for the Radar Prototypes now Appear and Disappear when they are stolen or returned. (fix)

- Allies dont Spawn in the Castle when they destroy two Towers even if the Truck has passed the Bridge. (fix)

- Clipped several Buildings so you cant get out of the Map with Doublejump. (fix)

- Small fixes in the Script that may have caused some errors.

Why frost2?

Me and other People where not satisfied with the former name fr_summer_b4. To make it not
more confusing than it already is ;) i decided to switch the Theme back to Winter, as it is
Christmas Time anyway, and changed the name back to frost.
A lot of improvements and fixes come with this Version. I hope in can finish this map
soon as the Christmas Time will allow me finally to end this Project. This map has seen way
to many Versions for my taste but after all i can say every Version was an improvement.
Sorry for that and thanks to everyone who helped.

***Merry Christmas*** :)

Thanks and Greetings to

ken 'kat' beyer for the kuebelwagen model
Berzerker @ wolfmap.de
sonyfan @ Extreme Warhammer
www.consolex.de / everthing for your x-box
www.stocket.biz / clothing for da fresh player

ID software, Splash Damage, Activision


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