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fa_oasis_b3 1.0.0

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// Axis Objective Descriptions

1     "Primary Objective:**Protect the North Pak 75mm Gun in the Axis Garrison."

2     "Primary Objective:**Protect the South Pak 75mm Gun in the Axis Garrison."

3     "Primary Objective:**Defend the Old City Wall from being breached."

4     "Secondary Objective:**Defend the Old City."

5     "Secondary Objective:**Keep the Caves between the Oasis and the Old City flooded by preventing the repair of the Oasis Water Pump."

6     "Secondary Objective:**Keep the Caves between the Old City and the Axis Garrison flooded by preventing the repair of the Old City Water Pump."

7     "Secondary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from establishing a Command Post at the Oasis."

8     "Secondary Objective:**Set up a Command Post inside the Upper Garrison."


// Allied Objective Descriptions

1     "Primary Objective:**Destroy the North Pak 75mm Gun in the Axis Garrison."

2     "Primary Objective:**Destroy the South Pak 75mm Gun in the Axis Garrison."

3     "Primary Objective:**Breach the Old City Wall."

4     "Secondary Objective:**Capture the Old City."

5     "Secondary Objective:**Repair the Oasis Water Pump and drain the water out of the Caves leading to the Old City."

6     "Secondary Objective:**Repair the Old City Water Pump and drain the water out of the Caves leading to the Axis Garrison."

7     "Secondary Objective:**Establish a forward Command Post at the Oasis."

8     "Secondary Objective:**Prevent the Axis from fortifying their position with a Command Post in the Upper Garrison."


- Changed lighting.
- Changed skybox.
- Retextured garrison.
- Retextured various brushes.
- Added tons of clipping to smoothen movement.
- Closed hole in wooden floor.
- Added wooden planks for easier access near patched up wooden floor.
- Removed wall West of flag to minimize blocking.
- Removed various entities.
- Added side gate at last stage.
- Removed MG near flag.
- Removed MG at garrison.
- Moved boxes around near flag.
- Removed and adjusted numerous brushes to smoothen movement.
- Smoothened terrain when comming out of cave.
- Fixed weapon clips for canopies.
- Raised floor of cave to stop water from hindering movement.
- Changed spawn positions Axis Garrison.
- Added forward spawn for allies connected to CP.
- Removed various clip brushes to allow access to new spots.
- Added an Allied Cave Entrance spawn to allow faster route through caves.
- Moved first Allied spawn closer to "the action".
- Opened up room near new Axis Garrison spawn with health and ammo cabinets.
- Added hatch under turret arches.
- Added boxes to make window in little room next to City Wall useable.
- Added ropes to climb to new area near first allied spawn.


- Fixed gap between 2 brushes near cave exit. (Ty, @EL)
- Adjusted a brush that made outside of cave visible.
- Adjusted some clip brushes on top of room adjacant to Old City Wall.
- Further optimization.
- Fixed texture alignment.
- Trickplant on both of the AT Guns have now been fixed.
- Widened doors at Forward CP.
- Tightened up weapon clips around trees. (Ty, @Swix)
- Textured piece of a wall that hadn't been textured.
- Added a constructible Side Fence after the Side Gate is destroyed.
- Added voice queues to objectives.    
- Replaced barrel models with better looking ones.
- More detailing.
- Updated command map to show new buildings / routes.
- Changed angle of a wall near first CP.
- Other minor changes.

Thank you,

@Kemon - Helping with various map related questions I had.
@Dynasty - Giving input on retexturing garrison.
@Cheep - Moral Support, giving input on lighting and many other things.

Many others helping with playtesting the maps!


 -meta -mv 1024 -mi 6144 "
 -vis -saveprt
 -light -fast -samples 2 -filter -exposure 200 -gamma .8 -bounce 8 -external -lightmapsize 256

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