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VS_OldBones_b1 1.0.0

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About This File

elease date: 2009-09-26
Author: VS|Monkey
Map Name: VS|OldBones(b1)
BSP Name: oldbones_b1.bsp
Gametypes: Frag, Hold the Flag
Gametime: Variable (5/15 minutes)
Omni-Bot: Waypoint file included (oldbones_b1.way)
MOD: Vietnam MOD
URL: www.ETnam.org

Map Story

Not a story... 
Just BLOOD!!! 
USA and NAM must fight to own OLD BONES. 
Frag a lot and try to capture and defend the flag for 5 minutes!
Who will be the king of OLD BONES?

Map Objectives

USA Objective Descriptions

Primary Objective:**Don't let NAM take the flag.
Primary Objective:**Touch and defend Old Bones flag.
Secondary Objective:**Don't let NAM construct a Command Post.
Secondary Objective:**Build a Command Post.

NAM Objective Descriptions

Primary Objective:**Touch and defend Old Bones flag.
Primary Objective:**Don't let USA take the flag.
Secondary Objective:**Construct a Command Post.
Secondary Objective:**Prevent the USA from constructing a Command Post.


Put the "VS_OldBones_b1.pk3" file in your "\etmain" directory. 
The mapname is "oldbones_b1.bsp" if you want to add it to any script. 

Remember that this map is built for Vietnam MOD so some map textures and texts are built to run with this MOD, and should missmatch with any other ET version.


Thanks to -VETERAN SOLDIER- clan, [sLut] clan, Borg, bucket map for gameplay idea, Splashdamage Forum for direct/indirect help.

Contact info

Name: VS|Monkey
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.ETnam.org
Server: -VIETNAM MOD-[ETnam.org] 


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