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mml_minastirith_fp3 + scripts 1.0.0

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About This File

Installation instructions:

First you should delete any other version of MML_MINASTIRITH in your
ETMAIN/ directory.
Then place MML_MINASTIRITH_FP3.PK3 in your Enemy Territory's
ETMAIN/ directory.

The Axis forces, in their desperate search for power to stop the
inevitable Allied onslaught, have been working on the ability to
travel in time.

The Allies, learning of these plans, create a force to storm and
capture the Axis laboratories where the research is being done.

Unfortunately, the Allies attack during a crucial experiment, and
the resulting fighting causes an uncontrollable surge in the
equipment, throwing everyone in the immediate area back in time!

Appearing six thousand years ago, in a history that was only
thought to be mythical, both sides now have a new battleground to
continue their war in.

Allies must defend Minas Tirith and prevent Axis from stealing
the Palantir, a device they could use to communicate with the
remnants of the Great Evil that onces plagued this land.

Level info:

This map is in FIRST PLAYABLE mode.
It is unfinished, the map layout and objectives are all

Objectives are not marked properly in the limbo text, but Axis
must fight their way to the top of the city, then steal the
Palantir from the Tombs behind the city, and deliver it to the
entrance of the Great Hall.

To give me feedback, post at:



1) Fight your way up the city, and take the Palantir to the Great


1) Prevent Axis taking over the city and capturing the Palantir.

Change log:

First playable 3:

- Level 1 detail fleshed out
- Level 2 gate area fleshed out
- Certain choke points elsewhere have more cover / alternative
- Allies can no longer get outside the city via dropping down the
    turrets. To make up for this...
- The main City Gate starts open. This allows Allies to rush
    outside but only for the first few respawns - after this the
    gate closes. It should NOT be possible for Axis to run straight
    to the gate and run inside while it's still open - I have timed
    it to ensure this is not possible
- More detail in the odd spot here and there (eg newer White Tower).

First playable 2:

- Allied spawn cock-up on start of round fixed. Sorry!
- Level 5 gate is now satchelable.
- Level 4 ammo / health racks moved further around.
- Final objective changed to be delivering the Palantir.
- Whenever Axis blows a gate, Allies get an immediate respawn at
    their next spawn locations, except for the City Gates - when
    this is blown, Allies get a single instant respawn in level
    1. This is to make sure Axis does meet some resistance in the
    first half of each level, and to make more of each level see

First playable:

- No changes, first public release.

Playing instructions:

To join a server playing this map:

1) Join as normal - ET will load the map up automatically
    (assuming you have installed it correctly).

To set up a server:

1) Load up ET in MP mode.
2) Choose 'Host Game'.
3) Find MML MINASTIRITH (FP3) in the list of SW / MP maps.
4) Set server options according to how you wish them to be.
5) Choose 'Accept'.

Level technical info:

Type:        MP / SW
Stage:        First playable
Revision:    3
Time taken:    16 months
Compile:    BSP -meta, -vis, -light -fast -samples 2

Author info:

Author:        [MML]Gerbil / zero.Gerbil
Real name:    Barry Swan
Wolf WWW:   http://theburrow.neohosted.co.uk
Clan WWW:   http://www.zerogaming.co.uk
E-mail:        [email protected]

Special thanks:

- Detoeni - who stepped in with a rather quick Palantir model for me.
- Everyone at my forums - for bearing with me on the long slow journey!
- Zum and SiliconSlick - for hosting my server and helping (along with
    their forum members) to bugfix.


Consider everything in this file copyright - you may NOT use
any of it without express permission from myself.


Scripts Author: 2Bit 

I changed the minas tirith script to make the game faster moving, and reduced the map time from 60 to 30 mins.

Some script changes made to speed up the gameplay"
Game starts with Axis inside the Main Gate"
Map time limit reduced to 30 mins"
All gate objectives changed from dynamite to satchel"
Spawn times reduced by 5 secs"

I've put the script file here for you: 


You will of course need the original _fp3.pk3 version of the map too.

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.


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