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resurrection_final + skins + script 1.0.0

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About This File

Operation Resurrection (Final/Fixed)

Made by peyote

A fixed version of the map, the original contains buggy shader script, which can corrupt other maps and itself.

A Skinpack changing Axis to Zombies, only in this map.


Place the *.script into mapscripts folder on the server; and the *.pk3 into the mod folder.

Works with, NoQuarter, Jaymod, Etpub, Etpro, and any other mod which supports etpro mapscripts.



Please read IMPORTANT - Special instructions, Other instructions and :::note::: below to avoid problems
Title                   : Resurrection            
Date                    : 1:35 PM 9/19/2003                                
pk3 name        : resurrection.pk3
Filename        : resurrection.bsp
Author                  : Dan "RivrStyx" Dorn
Email Address           : mailto:[email protected]
Web            : http://www.planetquake.com/pur3maps
Description             : MP or SW play for ET


Additional Credits to   : id software and Splash Damage

Beta testing:  Team-Resurrection ( http://www.team-resurrection.net)..... ND80 (http://www.nd80usa.net)
    Servers: The Resurrection and check out ND80s servers at above url

Additional sounds: DetPak http://detpak.tripod.com

Skins: RivrStyx


========Campaign cycles added===========
resurrectioncycle.cfg or choose in menu - (its just a 6 map resurrection campaign) /exec resurrectioncycle.cfg
resurrectionfullcycle.cfg or choose in menu - (6 original maps with Resurrection being the final conflict to stop the axis soldiers before they become invincible) /exec resurrectionfullcycle.cfg

*****Also it's recommended playing this map with 32bit color depth for visual effects if your system can handle it but not necessary. Will just look a whole lot better with less visual weirdness.
Can set these in the menu:
1. when game starts hit esc key...choose system
2. Go down the list change COLOR DEPTH to 32bit and LIGHTING to lightmap(high), can leave TEXTURE QUALITY to 16bit as this only kills framerate and won't see much of a difference. Depending on video card you may not see any change in frame rate using lightmap and 32 bit color depth.
3. choose accept (video will restart and will only take a sec til back in the game)

@@@@@@@@@ Other Instructions on file placement...etc @@@@@@@
Unzip the mp_resurrection.zip file to your Return to EnemyTerritory/ETMain directory

Zip files contain the normal map file called mp_resurrection.pk3 and also a skin pk3 called z_resurrectionskins.pk3.
The z_resurrectionskins.pk3 will make the axis look like axis zombies/demons to add to the maps contents and atmosphere. The only fallback is they will still look this way on other maps because of the way RTCW is made. [If your on a server that doesn't have this file you won't have to worry about it as you will default to the regular axis skins]
-----If the skins do show up on other maps and you want the regular skins back or have problems with them on map changes just remove z_resurrectionskins.pk3 file from your Return to castle Enemy Territory/ETmain derectory (or wherever you installed it) or move it to a seperate directory to save.----- Thats it but i recommend at least trying them for this map :)

******** Play Description ***********
Operation: Resurrection

The Nazi's as we have heard are doing human experiments to create super soldiers. Recently however, its been discovered the Nazi's are using the occult to further their mission for world dominance by performing passages from the book of the resurrection. Rituals if you will.
A small allied force lead by LT. Joe Johnson was sent to gather more information on one, Alfred Kreiger, who is a Nazi Sympathizer and linked to practices in the occult. Information we received from Johnson has confirmed our suspicions. Kreiger has performed satanic rituals and has succeeded in resurrecting dead Nazi soldiers that feel no pain, no emotion, and have no mercy. They are the perfect killing machines. Kreiger has recently crossed over to the other side, suicide by his own creations. According to the book, Kreiger's death will allow him to move between realms and help make the transformation of the soldiers complete. They can be destroyed at this time, but one passage from the book is left that will make them invincible and must be done when certain circumstances are present. Unfortunately we don't know this information as we've lost contact with Johnson and his men.
This was Johnson's last transmission:

<Begin Transmission> "…We have entered the belly of the beast where life and death are one… The book holds the power … The last passage needs to be performed for the gates of hell to be opened permanently… God help us… It must be performed when…" <End transmission>

No one from the group has been heard from since, but we do know from Johnson's last message that the book is the key.  Time is of the essence and you will be deployed immediately.
--I know your thinking this can't be real. It seems unbelievable but in Johnson's words. "God help us"  if it's true. --

    To infiltrate Kreiger mansion by raft and make way through front gate or other means available before the axis zombie soldiers become invincible. Extract "The Book of the Resurrection" that's located in the mausoleum on the rear mansion grounds. Exit through the main house back to front gate to raft.

 *Primary Objectives -  1. Destroy Main Gate power to gain access to Kreiger.
            2. Steal Book of the Resurrection from Kreiger Mansion and make way to raft and escape to caves.
 *Secondary Objectives - 1. Capture flag in mansion room to advance.
             2. Destroy secondary door for access into lower mansion. "This is a secondary entrance but cannot use to exit."
             3. Destroy catacomb door for access into book room.

Thx to Detpak for the some of the cool sounds in resurrection. http://detpak.tripod.com

Some custom textures from Evil Lair http://www.planetquake.com/hfx/textures.html

- Construction -

Base                    : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used          : Q3Radiant
Known Bugs              : None.

- Copyright / Permissions -

This level is (c) 2003 Dan Dorn.
You may not include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial product without
permission from the author.  You may not mass distribute this level via any
non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks.
You may not Redo/reproduce/update this map in any way without permission from the author.


thx to:http://forums.jolt.co.uk/archive/index.php/t-195173.html
here a copy of the page:

jolt.co.uk public forums > game forums > return to castle wolfenstein > Mapping / Mods / Skins > Mapping > MP Forum B1 (download + comments here)

View Full Version : MP Forum B1 (download + comments here)
10-10-2003, 10:03 PM
chavo one
10-10-2003, 10:58 PM
oops! This is in the mp_forum_b1 readme:
Place MML_CHURCH_ET_V1.PK3 in your Enemy Territory's ETMAIN/ directory.
10-10-2003, 11:04 PM
Oops, does it show where I nicked the README format from? :D
12-10-2003, 2:06 AM
Downloading to have a look right now :)

Fantastic map Gerbil and team !

Some great textures incorporated and great design .

Water wheel brilliant.
12-10-2003, 8:48 PM
OI SCDS_reyalP, remember the FPS bloke in the forum thread on SD? What are your thoughts on this?

TBH I think he's bullshitting - just wanted to make people think I was incompetant regarding framerates after my rant against slow maps - I noted he's a fan of transmitter, so probably took it personally that I think it runs slower than a flick-book.

But on the 1% chance he's not actually a pre-pubescent 'trouble-maker', any thoughts on what might cause framerate issues 'outside'? Yeah I know it's too general, he's obviously full of cack.

On the downside, the file's at rtcwfiles.com, but dragonfly chose two of the most boring screenshots he could find - I wonder how much that'll affect the download rate? :( Much as I appreciate the effort RTCWFiles has gone to in the past, they've messed up my last few map hostings, so this was a bit of a bummer...
12-10-2003, 8:49 PM
Oh and I'll be running the map on our clanserver as often as I can (IE when none of the rest of the clan is looking ;)).

Uber1337.co.uk- GroundZero Public Server -
ratty redemption
12-10-2003, 10:27 PM
Gerbil, even if there are some areas with low fr found in the mp_forum map, isn`t the point that you`d try n fix them, where some other mappers wouldn`t bother as they`d possibly moved onto newer projects?

its clear from your posts in the past that like me, you believe in quality and aren`t lazy in your work.

so even if some player or other mapper was trying to discredit you, if they point out bugs you guys weren`t previously aware of, in the end they are inadvertently helping you improve your work ;)
13-10-2003, 12:39 AM
Originally posted by Gerbil
OI SCDS_reyalP, remember the FPS bloke in the forum thread on SD? What are your thoughts on this?

I don't know. I get solid 76 FPS everywhere, on a athlon XP 1.4 with a 64meg GF2TI. OTOH, I have my settings turned way down so I stay over 30FPS on the official maps. 800x600x16.

I would prod him for something more specific before dismissing him completely.

I did find a couple more minor issues. Standing at the far end of dottys section, I get massive z-fighting on the stained glass window. You are free to say '16 bit is unsupported, so feck off' but it shouldn't be hard to make it stick out a bit more, or get rid of some the texture behind it.

Also this:

in my bit. Those used to be textures that seamlessly blended together. Now they are not. I suggest making it all one texture.
14-10-2003, 7:20 PM
Bugger bugger bugger - sorry about the 16bit stuff, I'll change my settings and go through the map and fix 'em all - the window is an easy one - decals here we come (I lurve decals at the moment!).

As for your section, I still need to get the sparkly fixes in for final, so I'll be sure to catch that too.

As for the guy complaining about FPS - no-one else has complained, and extra bitdepth / detail etc wouldn't make any difference since according to him the common feature is 'outside'. Well, the sky is by no means more complicated than any other (skybox + 1 cloud layer). I did recall reading that some cards didn't support certain blend modes well at all, but the one I'm using is yer bog standard alpha one.

Without more info I can't really say anything else on it - the fact he's not replied again kinda just makes me think he's bullshitting - certainly everyone after him has had nothing but glowing reports of the framerate, and indeed the map in general, although people get lost easily - which is kinda odd to me since it's a pretty basic grid-work pattern. Having said that of course, it has taken me over half a year to learn Chavo's bit properly, so maybe I shouldn't be too quick to judge, and I can still be left scratching me head in your (reyalP's) section on occasion too!
14-10-2003, 9:15 PM

cant connect to the clan server

it sez it or me is running an incompatable version (press update if it appears on main menu)
ive got autoupdate on :(

is there any way i can revert back to the old version without a reinstall (gessing no)


are u updating the clan server soon ??

gonna rename an reinstall cant wait to play ;)


ignore the above

this is a misleading error msg aint it
gessing the server is down and thats y im getting the msg DOH!!!!

wanna play wanna play ;)
14-10-2003, 11:24 PM
The server is updated, and isn't running any mod that I'm aware of.

It sometimes swaps to RTCW for clan matches, but apart from that it's usually public (like now, except my crappy connection kept getting me kicked). Map / campaign voting is disabled, so I have to put me map on as ref, which I can only do in all fairness to the rest of the clan, when they aren't using it :(
16-10-2003, 1:10 AM
BTW we've made file of the week at www.rtcwfiles.com.
Helps a bit, and is basically a fringe-benefit of being hosted there :)

Without the servers of course, it's not going to help too much, but I'll keep swapping mine over as I can :D
chavo one
31-10-2003, 6:57 PM
Did you see this post by rivrstyx? I don't know what he's talking about, but he claims that mp_forum messes up other maps.

31-10-2003, 8:35 PM
Yeah he PM'ed me via SD forums.
I've not had a chance to look into it yet, but will obviously do so before I release the final version (which will include the source).

He posted the shader that's getting screwed (as far as I'm aware it's only one), and it's just plain strange - it has nothing at all to do with anything in MP forum.

I'm going to have a peek at it very soon myself - I'd hate to think there's some shitty shader bug in ET to go along with all the other ones :/

FYI here's the shader:

qer_editorimage textures/evil_1floors/woodvfloor3.tga
surfaceparm woodsteps
map $lightmap
rgbGen identity
map textures/evil_1floors/woodvfloor3.tga
rgbGen identity

And some piccies:



If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears :D
02-11-2003, 2:12 PM
That is rather odd, and from what I see in the piccies is a missing texture file, or a shader pointing to a misspelt or missing texture file. I really can't say more than that - cos I doubt it's what it seems to be.

How odd.
02-11-2003, 5:00 PM
That's a wolf shader, for ET it should be:

qer_editorimage textures/evil_1floors/woodvfloor3.tga
surfaceparm woodsteps
implicitMap textures/evil_1floors/woodvfloor3.tga

As to why its making an issue, mmm odd.

is "evil_1floors/woodvfloor3.tga" just in rivrstyx's map or is it from a custom texture pack?
13-11-2003, 5:20 PM
ARRGH back from 2 weeks without internet.
Downloading 1400 mails via 56k modem :/

Anyway - the shader should be fine, even in 'old' format - the only thing that's slightly dodgy (to me) is that the shader path is not in the correct (IE same) shader script - IE it appears under:

rivrstyx2 (from the shader name)

but is actually in a different file (can't remember off top of me head).

I seem to recall from RTCW there were sometimes issues with this - didn't ReyalP rather kindly sort out the old town_ shaders for RTCW precisely because of this issue?

Only test I've done so far was in a clean install of ET, and yep just res and forum cause this.
Next trick is to create my own minimal shader for the rivrstyx one and try doing some test maps to see what happens.

Not that I've even touched ET in about 3 weeks - deadlines eh? :(
13-11-2003, 10:50 PM
I seem to recall from RTCW there were sometimes issues with this - didn't ReyalP rather kindly sort out the old town_ shaders for RTCW precisely because of this issue?

I thought those issues were only in the tools.

That is very strange.

Could he have some common type shader of the same area, which is normally invisible, but is somehow broken by mp_forum ?

Oh, load up styx map and look at fs_referencedlist to see if the engine thinks it is getting anything out of mp_forum.

edit #2

LOADING... graphics
LOADING... maps/resurrection.bsp
WARNING: R_FindImageFile could not find 'textures/evil_1woods/woodvfloor3.tga' in shader
Shader textures/rivrstyx2/rivr_woodvfloor3 has a stage with no image
WARNING: R_FindImageFile could not find 'textures/evil_1woods/woodvfloor3.tga' in shader
Shader textures/rivrstyx2/rivr_woodvfloor3 has a stage with no image
WARNING: R_FindImageFile could not find 'textures/evil_1woods/woodvfloor3.tga' in shader
Shader textures/rivrstyx2/rivr_woodvfloor3 has a stage with no image
WARNING: R_FindImageFile could not find 'textures/evil_1woods/woodvfloor3.tga' in shader
Shader textures/rivrstyx2/rivr_woodvfloor3 has a stage with no image
WARNING: R_FindImageFile could not find 'textures/evil_1woods/woodvfloor3.tga' in shader
Shader textures/rivrstyx2/rivr_woodvfloor3 has a stage with no image
WARNING: R_FindImageFile could not find 'textures/evil_1woods/woodvfloor3.tga' in shader
Shader textures/rivrstyx2/rivr_woodvfloor3 has a stage with no image
WARNING: R_FindImageFile could not find 'textures/evil_1woods/woodvfloor3.tga' in shader
Shader textures/rivrstyx2/rivr_woodvfloor3 has a stage with no image
stitched 16 LoD cracks
...loaded 15549 faces, 623 meshes, 574 trisurfs, 0 flares 0 foliage
LOADING... entities
fs_restrict =
Referenced PK3 Names: etmain/resurrection etmain/pak0 etmain/mp_bin
]\condump res.txt
Dumped console text to res.txt.

Yet removing mp_forum clears up the problem. So my guess is some kind of overflow when the game looks through mp_forum.pk3, which leaves things corrupt when it gets to resurrection.

q3map -info on mp_forum.bsp might tell us something.

edit #3:
One thing to look out for is paths which are too long. ISTR texture paths being limited to 64 chars or so.
13-11-2003, 11:15 PM
E:\temp>c:\wolfdev\gtkradiant-1.3\q3map2 -game et -info maps\mp_forum_b1.bsp
1 threads
Q3Map - v1.0r (c) 1999 Id Software Inc.
Q3Map (ydnar) - v2.5.11
GtkRadiant - v1.3.13 Nov 12 2003 16:00:32
A well-oiled toaster oven
VFS Init: ..//etmain/

Abstracted BSP file components (*actual sizes may differ)
92 models 3680
216 shaders 15552
12684 brushes 152208
97742 brushsides 1172904 *
0 fogs 0
40488 planes 647808
346 entdata 36802

5161 nodes 185796
5254 leafs 252192
48484 leafsurfaces 193936
20659 leafbrushes 82636

27769 drawsurfaces 4109812 *
194924 drawverts 15593920 *
83226 drawindexes 332904


readme.txt   8/28/02
Added sounds by Det Pak
Visit the Domain at http://detpak.tripod.com
I would like to say thanks to Dan the man!! "RivrStyx" for letting me help out on this awesome map and listening to a few ideas to try out in it.
Big Thanks to Subwolfer and Thor2 for testing and ideas.
  "I'll swallow your soul" wave is from the awesome horror movie "Army of Darkness" property of Universal Pictures..go buy it today!


What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Script is not loading the skin, need to remove all the 0



remapshader "models/players/hud/eye03" "bunker1/hud/eye031" 0
        remapshader "models/players/hud/axis_cvops" "bunker1/hud/axis_cvops1" 0
        remapshader "models/players/hud/axis_engineer" "bunker1/hud/axis_engineer1" 0
        remapshader "models/players/hud/axis_field" "bunker1/hud/axis_field1" 0
        remapshader "models/players/hud/axis_medic" "bunker1/hud/axis_medic1" 0
        remapshader "models/players/hud/axis_soldier" "bunker1/hud/axis_soldier1" 0
        remapshader "models/players/temperate/axis/body01" "bunker1/temperate/axis/body011" 0
        remapshader "models/players/temperate/axis/engineer/acc/backpack" "bunker1/temperate/axis/engineer/acc/backpack1" 0
        remapshader "models/players/temperate/axis/fieldops/acc/backpack" "bunker1/temperate/axis/fieldops/acc/backpack1" 0
        remapshader "models/players/temperate/axis/soldier/acc/backpack" "bunker1/temperate/axis/soldier/acc/backpack1" 0

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