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villa_france_beta1 1.0.0

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About This File

Large map

Author        : Hitman007
Email address    : [email protected]
Webpage        : http://www.hitman007.tk ( site closed )

                 Map Information
Game        : Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Title        : Villa_france
Filename    : Villa_france_beta1.pk3
Campname        : villa_france_beta1
Max Players     : 60
Release date    : 8/12/2004
Decription    : The allies need secret documents OSA

Final Build time: 3 weeks.
Compile time    : 1:30 hrs/min
Compile machine    : AMD AtholnXP 2200 1.8, 512MB

Installation    : Place the villa_france_beta1.pk3 to your etmain folder, select it from the multiplayer->create server menu or
                  bring down the console and type: map villa_france_beta1.

Textures    : 42 new textures for the moment
Sounds        : 1 new sounds.
Models        : 0 new model.

* Special thanks:

Drakir: www.drakir.tk For all help in forums and Sourcemaps
MarkoForums: All tanks-- http://swat-clan.com/marko/forums/index.php (site closed)
Elmapper ET: www.mapperet.tk //Mapping in spanish
Credits, Erik-FTN: Tanks For script help and Big12.map//-- http://user.tninet.se/~fzo823r
Goldrush:-- For source map ^^
PGRCLAN: Tanks Clan

MAP BY HITMAN007 www.hitman007.tk        -
VILLA_FRANCE_FINAL              -

Axis Objective Descriptions
1    "Primary Objective:**Defend the Artyllery Gun1"
2    "Primary Objective:**Defend The artyllery Gun2."
3    "Primary Objective:**Defend wall."
4    "Primary Objective:**Build Command Post aT bunker house."
5    "Primary Objective:**Defend the Documents."
6    "Primary Objective:**Dont let them escape with the Secret OSA documents."
// Allied Objective Descriptions
1    "Primary Objective:**Destroy the Artyllery Gun2."
2    "Primary Objective:**Build Command Post aT bunker house."
3    "Primary Objective:**"
4    "Primary Objective:**Capture documents in the bunker."
5    "Primary Objective:**Secure Documents in bunker house"
6    "Primary Objective:**"

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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great  map  a lil large

the original times limit is 40 mns but u can change it

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