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frost_comp_b4 1.0.0

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About This File

Mapname: frost_comp_b4
Status: beta 4
Mapper: CyburK
released: 21.03.2007
contact: [email protected]
website: www.cyburk.net

frost_comp_b4 is the competition Version of frost_final.

suggestions made by iTG`TosspoT, SPU9, Ronner

mandatory info

this beta is public cause people didnt really test the map.

have fun PLAYING the map
greets cyburk

beta4 Changes:

- Command Post is now back in the Ground Floor in the North Tower
- Terrain Texture and other Terrain changes
- Yard Doors are now closed until the Allies destroy the Door Controls by Satchel Charge.
- Door Controls can be rebuild by Axis Team
- other more ore less small Changes to the Rooms/Lightning
- Castle Gate doesnt get stuck half way down. (people not discovering the bug shows they really havent played the map)

beta3 Changes:


- Allies Spawn behind the Hills
- Axis Spawn in the Library
- When the Allies have built their Command Post they Spawn in the Towers. North by default, South as an alternative.
- Axis have a second Spawn near their back Spawn.

** Objectives

- There are now 2 !!!! Radar Prototypes that have to be stolen.
- Second Radar Prototype is located under the Radar Station.

** Other

- Axis have a team Door near the South Tower
- The Castle Gate can be closed and opend now. Allies can only open it Axis only close.
- The Command Post is now in the first Floor of the North Tower.
- Truck is much faster now.
- Changed the Sky to Nightsky.

** Fixes

- Roofs in the Second Stage cant be accessed any more.
- Engis dont get crushed when fixing the Truck on the loading Area.
- Swastika Poster removed.

beta2 Changes where:

- Stair Bug fixed
- Allies can stand on the Roof of the Truck and it will still drive

beta 1 Changes where:

- North Tower destructible Wall is moved to the Front and some of the Rocks have been removed
- Allies Spawn closer to the Castle and have two different Spawns on the Hills
- Ladders at the Bridge Tower are now at the Back. More Cover for the Allies on the Bridge.
- Extra Walls in front of the Main Gate are removed less Cover for the Axis
- All 2 MG´s where removed
- Axis Spawn closer to the Command Post and Spawn at the Back if the Allies construct the Command POst.
- The Door at the Radar can now be opened by everyone. (teamdoor removed)
- The Truck is moved more left so the Objective Run takes little bit longer.
- Its now impossible to climb the hills and jump over the Roof into the Castleyard.
- It doesnt Snow anymore. ( 1337 PG´s will disable it anyway :P)
- Windows in both Towers are bigger so Axis can stop Allies from planting Dyno. ( yes its a small pro-Axis change but i honestly
think its good cause the Allies now Spawn really close to the Castle.)

put the frost_comp_b4.pk3 in your Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/etmain folder and play.

If you have a ton of maps in your etmain folder its possible you cant run the map with the
ingame "host-game" option. In this case open the console and type "/g_gametype 2"
hit enter and then type "/map frost_comp_b4" hit enter again and check it out.

The Allies must steal 2 Radar Prototypes out of an Axis Castle and Escape with a Truck.

Objectives for Allies

- Destroy the North Tower Wall!

- Destroy the South Tower Wall!

- Open the Castle Gate!

- Destroy the Door Controls!

- Construct your Command Post! CP enables a forward Spawn in the Towers.

- Steal the Prototypes!

- Get away with the Truck!

Objectives for Axis

- Defend the North Tower Wall!

- Defend the South Tower Wall!

- Keep the Castle Gate closed!

- Dont let the Allies destroy the Door Controls / build the Door Controls!

- Construct your Command Post! CP secures the forward Spawn in the Library.

- Defend the Prototypes!.

- Dont let the Allies get away with the Truck

thanks and greetings

all people at level-designer.de / etmaps.de / M8D Nephilm / M8D clan /Northerner /Shazam /Pitsbrgparatrpr
/ Berserker from wolfmap.de / splash-damage / macbeth / MerCuryRisIng /nullskillz /Sonyfan
oak for the crucified model in the church http://www.planetquake.com/oakshiro/objects.htm

also check out

www.consolex.de / everthing for your x-box
www.stocket.biz / clothing for da fresh player


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