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fa_bremen_final 1.0.0

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About This File

Remake by =F|A=Smiley.

Allied spies discovered details of an Axis plan to transport a fortune in gold to a more secure location. The Allies have planned an attack to intercept the gold during its stopover in Bremen

Change Log (b1)

Major Changes:

- Added extra exit out of 1st Axis Spawn to reduce blocking.
- Made building South of 1st Axis Spawn accessible.
- Made balcony East of 1st Axis Spawn easily accessible with small corridor.
- Made house accessible to help both allied in first stage and axis in last stage.
- With that, I made exit out of house easier.
- Added area to help axis during last stage.
- Added room with ladder to first floor in house opposite to CP room.
- Extended house opposite to CP room to come out next to keyroom.
- Added room West to CP room.
- Made stairs wider and created hole.
- Added second door frame to CP again for less blocking. Also made North Western door frame wider.
- Made courtyard easier to go about.
- Re-did lower level of house North East of keyroom.
- Lightened up corridor East to Truck and removed weird shape of it.
- Removed gate South to Truck and added back alley that comes out in Axis 2nd Spawn.
- Made truck room more balanced.
- Added stairs all around keyroom to create a "more open feel".

Minor Changes:

- Removed clip from rooftop of middle house.
- Removed hole from floor of middle house.
- Added low wall to second floor middle house.
- Raised wall looking over garage a bit in middle house.
- Made balconies accessible.
- Added Wooden Cover to arch.
- Removed useless background effects for improved performance.
- Replaced some spawns for both allied and axis.
- Added clipping to stairs and unregular surfaces.
- Added window to crossover above Main Gate.
- Lowered table and moved rubbel for statisfying jump.
- Moved wall a bit next to stair CP room.
- Re-textured roofs, doors and some walls.
- Lowered wall in hole to generator to not get stuck.
- Removed useless clutter in keyroom.
- Moved 1st Truck Barrier a bit.
- Removed door in Western Wall of truck room.
- Smoothened truck route.
- Added small detail.
- Caulked invisible faces of brushes for better performance.
- Made door under bridge team door for axis.
- Removed useless entities for better performance.
- Re-textured CP room.
- Changed loading picture.

Change Log (b2)
Major Changes:

- Added corridor connection house North East of keyroom to corridor East of truckroom.
- Bot waypoints added.

Minor Changes:

- Small bug fixes.
- Changed clipping.
- Added extra clipping to irregular surfaces.
- Moved box in garage a tiny bit.
- Tweaked mine spots all around the map.
- Fixed texture load errors.
- Readme file added.

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