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wolken1_final 1.0.0

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Author:      Chris Turner (chr1s)
Email:       [email protected]
Map name:    Battle of Wolken1 (First Encounter)
Map version: Beta 1

These maps are set in the vast land of Wolken, the soldiers
were dumped in this mysterious land after an incident during
an Allied investigation into the production of experimental
technologies by Axis forces. Firstly equipment and weapons
vanished into thin air, then vehicles started to disappear
and finally the soldiers themselves vanished, all of which
were deposited in what was named Wolken by the German soldiers,
this name was also adopted by the Allies.

Wolken is made up of various islands and each island may have
a different climate of it's neighboring islands, making Wolken
a strange place to live and fight in. However these islands
aren't floating around in some grand sea, oh no, they are
floating in what seems to be clouds but it was soon found out
that these clouds are dangerous as there is immense pressure
contained beneath the surface that can crush a man as one
unlucky pilot found out. Amungst the many mysteries of Wolken
is what happened to the people that once lived in this land
who built the vast structures and towns that occupy the islands.

***MAP INFO***

After a month of exploring the land of Wolken, Allied
forces have uncovered an Axis base in the Southern regions.
Located within this base is a prototype of a new weapon
named Turmfaust, first seen in development back on Earth
before the 'incident', which is to be test fired some
time today. Allies are planning to sabotage this test
fire and try halt the deployment of this new weapon
on the battlefield.


1) Capture the Forward Bunker.
2) Destroy the Main Entrance.
3) Destroy the Side Entrance.
4) Build the Command Post and Prevent Axis doing the same.
5) Destroy the Turmfuast test cannon.

1) Defend the forward bunker.
2) Defend the Main Entrance.
3) Defend the Side Entrance.
4) Build the Command Post and Prevent Allies doing the same.
5) Defend the Turmfaust test cannon.


Beta version, anything that needs changing just address the changes to
the email above and ill get it done before next version.


*Alpha 1/CPC:

  Spawn times made to 25/20, Axis/Allies.

  Third route to Turmfaust added neer the tank.

  Additional ladders over the wall at Axis 2nd Spawn.

  Second spawn exit at Axis 2nd spawn going to Turmfaust.

  Top Bunker added to complex.

  Fog/clouds replaced for water for benifit of competition configs

  Two team doors for axis at main entrance added.

  Clipping removed on some roofs on the side route.

  Stone ramp added to side entrance to prevent mine placement.

  Axis Spawn points fixed at their 2nd spawn.

  Missing light models corrected.

  Cushion added to ground on other side of wall at 2nd Axis spawn.

  The small building on side route given an inside next to the wooden platfrom.

*Alpha 2:

  Hatch added to the third route that was added in alpha 1.

  Map time limit made to 20 minutes.

  Allies first spawn moved backwards into the building it once was.

  Ladders in the complex fixed from the faults found with them.

  Very top of the complex was clipped properly and texture leak fixed.

  Drop down ladder from garage area removed.

  A route from main to the side entrance added with axis team door.

  Turmfaust objective room drastically re-designed with two floors and the plant
  location moved from controlls to the gun it self located on the lower level.

*Beta 1:

  Spawn times set to 30/20 Axis/Allies.

  Map time limit rediced to 15 minutes.

  Hatch at alternate route removed.

  The crouching bug near mean entrance fixed.

  One of the two team doors at main entrance removed.


  Additional details in the underground passage.

  Moved end of round camera to face the cannon for Allies winning.

  Added destroyed state for cannon for end of round.

  Removed textures from areas of map not seen by players or spectors.



Vowel, Kesnel, Splodge, Bobz, Photon, Bidy,
Bulld0g, Danl, Domi, FranQ, Burniole, wAndAA,
Robot, Pab, Adacore, R3ap4r, Azrael, lawley,
Cypher, Antalis, if your not here and feel you
should, don't take offence I just forgot you.


Some signs were made using Ifurita's blank sign collections.

Other signs made by myself using ET textures and editor images.

Windows and wooden frames from McNite's map Warbell.

Command map icons built myself with help of Burniole.


Burniole for the grand command map.

any suggestions please feal free to email me.



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