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sod2_rev1 1.0.0

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About This File

Author: -=AN=-Duke Life's a Beach

Email address: [email protected]    //can mail bugs here

Webpage: http://anclan.nl


Release date: 20st April, 2009

Filename: sod2_rev.pk3

Program: GTK-Radiant, Photoshop, gimb

Build time: started work 16-09-2008

Map information

Game: Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory

Map time: 20 min



Place the sod2_rev.pk3 in your *\instaldir\etmain folder, select it from the multiplayer->create

server menu or bring down the console and type: /map sod2_rev

Map Description

Duke s knife the Spear of Destiny is feared among many.

Last time the Allies were success full in stealing The Spear of Destiny.

The Axis HQ have learned where the Allies keep Duke s knife and gone try to steal it back.

The Axis need to repair the tank, take control over the city and use the tank to break into the bank.

If the Axis are successful then the train stands ready to bring them to safety.

Map Objectives

Allied objectives:

Prevent the Axis from fixing the tank!

Construct the Command Post!

Prevent the Axis from blowing up the bank doors!

Defend Duke’s knife The Spear of Destiny!

Prevent the Axis form securing the Spear of Destiny!

Construct the tank barrier!

Capture the flag and take control of the city!

Prevent the Axis form constructing the footbridge and destroying the footbridge gate!



Axis objectives:

Fix the tank you need it to blow up the bank doors!

Construct the Command Post!

Use the tank to blow up the bank doors!

Steal Duke’s knife The Spear of Destiny!

Secure the Spear of Destiny!

Prevent the Allies from constructing the tank barrier!

Capture the flag and take control of the city!

Build the footbridge and destroy the footbrigde gate to get a backroot to the train!

Changes since B1

*Flag added to the church and Allies Spawn.

*Tank stop fader form the tank barrier.

*Tank speed decreased.

*Map time changed form 30 to 20 min.

*Campaign and Arena files cleaned up.

*Textures cleaned up and added.

*Footbridge was added. (constructible for Axis)

*Footbridge gate was added. (constructible for Allies)

*Fence was added around the train.

*Your able to climb in trees.

*Team door (Allies, cvops) was added to the train yard.

*Players can changes spawns.

*CP sound fixed.

*New Flags on the top of the bank and church.

*Portals are looking better now.

*More light was added to the map.

*Secret rooms are looking better now.

*Sounds added and quality improved.

*Water was lowered.

*Goldbar in the bank has bin changed into a knife.

*Goldbar in the terain has bij changed into a safe.

*Command map marker safe added to the train.

*Spawn into a other player was fixed.

Changes since Final

*Map has bin rebuild so you will have a better FPS and less LAG.

*Missing texture added.

*Missing door shader added.

*New secreted sniper spot added.

*New footbridge added.

*Footbridge gate is deleted.

*new was to get into the secret rooms (there are 6).

*New sounds.

*New textures.

*Church and bank have bin rebuild.

*More fun stuff was added.

Special thanks

Thanks to:





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