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  1. We have to wait months till oldest peepz, people who work in healthcare,police, etc. wil have their vaccin. If its not reliable we'll know.

    I was tested yesterday cauze 1 of my employees was tested positive. I was negative, so no worries for me now.

    Suppose I had my vaccin, no need to test at all. Also no issue that I can infect other people in my neighbourhood.

    About side effects: All of medicines have sideeffects. Just read the manual of paracetamol ...........  There is no medicine without sideeffects. Just a matter of how many people are getting this sideeffects. Years ago I was a Purchasing manager of the non prescription medicines. My suplliers all told me how good their products were, but also there could be sideeffects. They are all written on the piece of paper which is packed in any package of the medicine.

    The Mexican flue vaccin: There was indeed proved, that it cauzed Narcolepsy for children (not many, but still terrible) .Children wont get this vaccin

    So yes as soon as I can get it I'll show my upperarm.


  2. 1 hour ago, kate said:


    Been you  who made the YouTube vidéo ?

    No this one was made by Mason.  I made a lot, but the provider we kept all our pics and movies stopped cauze went broke. We lost a lot of material.

  3. I used to be a  member of the Pladin Warriors. Started playing on their servers around 2004 named Dreamskiller. Renamed myself in 2005 to mRcOOL.

    We had 40-60 members (you became a full member after you were knighted (nice procedure).

    Before you were knighted you became WAP. We had 10-15 WAPS during our best Years. Yes we were a big clan.

    A WAP was adapted by a full member, but should be granted by WD or higher.

    I found an old movie on Youtube.

    After knighting a few WAPS there was a new roster. I found 1 which was posted on YT.

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