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Found 21 results

  1. Guts from the unfortunate souls i trapped.
  2. Who want's fried Bat Guts!
  3. Cat Guts, after i zooka'd toppy with his own panzer!
  4. Austin's Guts after he fell off a cliff.
  5. oops...
  6. This guy made a mortar mistake.
  7. Its a path, of Guts!
  8. Guts on perfect display on a wall in goldrush.
  9. This is a list of demos that i recorded just for fun and some of them are awesome. My stunt in clavier: 2018-02-25-162254-clavier.dm_84 Capuzzo Plane (crush): 2018-02-26-131149-capuzzo.dm_84 Me, Napo, and LUIS, on the fan in clavier: 2018-02-27-203728-clavier.dm_84 Capuzzo, Plane (successful flight): 2018-04-06-181739-capuzzo.dm_84 Capuzzo, stuck laying down at the CP: 2018-05-06-191805-capuzzo.dm_84 Capuzzo, Plane Landing Roadkill: 2018-07-12-152819-capuzzo.dm_84 Capuzzo, Splatting for no reason while flying away on the plane with bier: 2018-08-03-202402-capuzzo.dm_84 Capuzzo, Me, Napes, and Bier flying on the plane together: 2018-08-18-201944-capuzzo.dm_84 Warbell, Bot Lemmings: 2018-08-12-213644-warbell.dm_84 Aldernest, New glitch discovery!: 2018-08-21-165327-adlernest.dm_84 Fasthold, pushing toppy off the mountain!: 2019-02-17-182645-fasthold_sp1.dm_84 Thud in the Sand, Luis (WARPATH) lost connection: 2019-06-03-191703-tits_b2.dm_84 Glider, me and austin riding on the wing of teh plaen: 2019-08-10-201219-glider.dm_84
  10. Accidents happen.
  11. This is my surprise crush on this map, the door closed on me! and what a mess lol.
  12. This guy made a mistake and now he's all over the ground! also he's smiling next to his helmet and intestine. :3 (Guts)

    © Public Domain, (Use Freely!)

  13. The brightest red Splat i ever seen! (Guts)

    © Public Domain, (Use Freely!)

  14. Construction accident, happens frequently. (Guts)

    © Public Domain, (Use Freely!)

  15. PsychoPappy 4

    Guts in mario

    He blew up, i had nothing to do with it i swear!

    © Public domain, Do whatever the hell you want with these images! :D

  16. PsychoPappy 4

    guts in cortex

    An accident took place in cortex.

    © Public domain, Do whatever the hell you want with these images! :D

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